In Denmark, nearly two-thirds of Somali migrants convicted of at least one crime by age 30.


Famed “squad” member and congresswoman from Minnesota, Ilhan Omar is a Somali refugee, as she likes to remind us on a regular basis.

Minneapolis is a major part of the district that she represents. It is also the home of an estimated 74,000 Somalis, and has the largest such concentration of Somalis in the United States.

An interesting statistic has come out showing that in Denmark, over half of all migrant men from Somalia, Lebanon and Morocco who live in that country have been convicted of at least one crime by the time they reach the age of 30.

A think tank called Unitos released the figures which looked into crime statistics kept by the Danish Ministry of Justice and which looked at crime rates for men born between 1985 and 1987.

The analysis found that migrants from certain backgrounds were prone to criminal behavior, showing that 222 of 357 Somali young men, or 62 percent have been convicted of crimes ranging from violence, vandalism and theft before the age of 30, according to Jyllands Posten.

For migrants from Lebanon the rate was 60 percent, while Moroccans had a 52 percent rate.

Iraq, Iran and the former Yugoslavia saw rates of 40 percent.

In contrast, only 18 percent of Danish-born citizens had received convictions by the age of 30.

The co-founder of Unitos, Lasse Birk Olesen said about the results, “The figures show that a very large proportion of young men from some of the major immigrant countries have been convicted of breaking criminal laws.”

David Sausdal is a criminologist, however he expressed caution at the conclusions of the results, saying that other factors also needed to be examined, citing socioeconomic factors and said that more research needed to be done into migrant crime statistics.

Last June, Danish Justice Minister Soren Pape Poulsen noted that the country had a problem with migrant criminals following a media investigation where it was revealed that Somali migrants were vastly over-represented in cases of violent crime.

Poulsen admitted that the data “clearly shows that there is a big problem with criminal foreigners that we should not have in our society.”

Earlier last year, the Danish government at that time said it would not rule out deporting Somali migrants by force, with then-Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen saying:

“We have an increasingly good cooperation, which the Somalis attach great importance to in confidentiality. Therefore, I cannot go into detail with it. But it is a collaboration that also makes it possible in certain situations to force people to Somalia, if necessary.”

The former Danish migration minister, Inger Stojberg said: 

“If you no longer need our protection and your life and health are no longer at risk in your home country, and specifically in Somalia, you must, of course, return home and rebuild the country from which you came from.”

In addition to the crime issues, Somali migrants have also been shown to have much higher rates of welfare use and unemployment in countries such as Switzerland, where more than 80 percent of Somalis do not work.

In Sweden, things have gotten so bad with getting Somalis to work instead of living on welfare that some municipalities have asked the national government for aid due to the enormous financial burden that has been placed on taxpayers as a result of taking in too many non-working, welfare dependent Somalis.

It is also noted that the failure of most Muslim migrants to assimilate and integrate into European society is a huge problem that most liberal parties and center-right parties refuse to deal with.

As reported in Voice of Europe last year, until more European governments adopt sensible policies on migration, Islamic extremist attacks, mass rapes, sharia patrols, sharia courts, no-go zones, female genital mutilation, child marriage and anti Semitism will continue to rise.

The Somali problem is not limited to only Europe. In Minneapolis’ Cedar-Riverside neighborhood, which is nicknamed “little Mogadishu,” violent crime increased more than 50 percent in 2018.

A Star Tribune article from late 2018 showed that violent crime jumped from 54 in 2010 to 84 in 2018, an increase of about 56 percent. Police attributed the increase in violence to rival Somali gangs, such as the Somali Mafia, the Somali Outlaws, the Hot Boyz, and Madhibaan with Attitude, according to Alpha News.

Minneapolis violent attacks
Minneapolis violent attacks

Somali gangs in Minneapolis were tied to a sex-trafficking ring that recruited and prostituted young girls, some under the age of 14, between 2000 and 2010. The ring operated out of Minneapolis, Columbus, OH and Nashville, TN and resulted in 30 people being indicted.

In 2008, the Minneapolis Police Department created a Somali liaison position to focus solely on addressing the issue. The department currently has 5 Somali-speaking officers to assist in outreach to the immigrant community. According an MPR report from the time, officers began to notice that Somali gangs were dividing themselves along the same clan lines of their war-torn country.

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The issue first garnered national attention after a 2009 CBS News report titled “Rise of Somali Gangs Plagues Minneapolis,” though officers were still hesitant at the time to pin the crimes on Somali gang activity.

“It was all gang activity, totally, 100 percent,” Shukri Adan, a Somali community organizer, said of the murders of seven Somali men in a 10-month period. Adan was tasked with drafting a report for the City of Minneapolis in which he estimated that between 400 and 500 Somali men were involved in gangs.

“The police don’t want to say that but everybody else knows that,” he added.

It is interesting that while Ilhan Omar likes to interject herself into all matters nationally and especially anything concerning President Trump, and likes to get her share of television time with other members of the “squad.”

Omar also likes to take shots at law enforcement, while ignoring the criminal problem within her own community. After a Somali-born Minnesota police officer shot and killed an unarmed woman who called to report a crime near her house, Omar decided to launch on all police officers, as she always does.

“The idealist in me continues to be surprised, but I know this incident is another result of excessive force and violence-based training for supposed peace officers,” she said in a statement after the shooting. “The current officer training program indoctrinates individuals of all races into a system that teaches them to act first, think later, and justify with fear.”

Responding to another incident, more than a thousand miles from her district, Omar tweeted “Seriously, where are the police with full riot gear? #hypocrisy #law&order,” in response to unrest in Philadelphia that broke out after the Eagles won the Super Bowl in February, 2018.

But that’s Omar for you. Instead of bridging a divide between Somalis and law enforcement, she doubles-down on it.

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