Big tech interference? Nearly every Trump email we signed up for went to spam folder – but not a single Democrat email did.


What we are about to tell you could be nothing more than an anomaly, just two people out of hundreds of millions of Americans with email addresses getting the exact same result. 

Or, this could be happening to the vast majority of people who vote a certain way. 

Several days ago, I got a text from my good friend, and national spokesperson for Law Enforcement Today, Kyle Reyes.  He mentioned that he had signed up for some newsletters from some conservative sources, using his Gmail account.

He then did the same with some liberal outlets. Somehow, he was only getting the emailed newsletters form the liberal sources in his inbox.

All of the ones he subscribed to from Republicans or conservatives where going straight to his Spam folder.

Below is a screenshot of his junk mail.

Big tech interference?  Nearly every Trump email we signed up for went to spam folder - but not a single Democrat email did.

That got us thinking.

Was it just a coincidence that this occurred on the same day that Big Tech executives were testifying before the United States Senate, trying to convince everyone that they had no pull in the election and that they are all for free speech?

Or was it just one more piece of evidence that they are doing everything they can to control what conservative Americans read and hear. 

So, we decided to do a controlled experiment. 

Using my Gmail account, I registered to receive newsletters and updates from three sources on the left, five more on the right. Wait, three and five? Yes.

I don’t want my inbox filled with progressive liberal garbage.

To make sure that it was a legitimate test, I registered on sites I had never been on before. Then, I sat back and I waited. 

Within 10 minutes I started receiving emails to my inbox, and as of this writing, I have received 21 in all. 

In the same time frame, I have received exactly ZERO from the conservative sites. 

Hang on, let me check my Spam folder. 

Oh wait. I have received eight.

Big tech interference?  Nearly every Trump email we signed up for went to spam folder - but not a single Democrat email did.

Ironically, I received as many Democratic emails on Saturday alone as I received from Republicans overall. Even more ironic? All of the liberal messages went into my inbox without any problems. 

All of the conservative ones went to my junk.

Every. Single. One. 

Big tech interference?  Nearly every Trump email we signed up for went to spam folder - but not a single Democrat email did.

Hmm, does that seem odd to anyone? 

While there is very little difference in the messages themselves, with both parties asking for donations to close out the election period.

Of course, I did receive an email from Kamala Harris (yes, I know she didn’t write it or send it). It landed in my inbox at 9:37 AM on Saturday.

The subject line said, “one last time I will ask.”

Well, at least she wouldn’t ask me again…she promised this was the last time. 

But, nine hours and 12 minutes later, she sent me another one, this time telling me “It’s now or never.”

So, what happened to “this is the last time?”

So, obviously the content itself wasn’t an issue. So, what else could it be?

First, each of these Democrat sent emails alludes to ActBlue as the financial fundraising arm. If you do not know who they are, try going to the Black Lives Matter website, and click the donation button and see what page it takes you to. 

You will be redirected to the ActBlue Biden-Harris campaign fundraising page. 

But that still isn’t the reason behind the disparity. The issues at hand are the sender and the server. 

Again, the score in the Inbox versus Junk Mail matchup, the Democrats are leading 21-8. 

Let me remind you, that this is via my Gmail account. 

Google is no stranger to the recent conversation about Big Tech censoring conservative speech. They were called to testify virtually in front of the United States Senate, along with Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.

While Google wasn’t the primary target in the Senate Republicans crosshairs (Twitter was the biggest target), if the details we shared in this piece are not anomalies, perhaps they should have been. 

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WASHINGTON, DC – Did Jack Dorsey sit in front of the Senate, under oath and lie? It certainly looks that way.

Executives from Twitter, Google and Facebook all appeared before the United States Senate this week, and they faced a completely different line of questioning from the members of the Senate Commerce Committee.

The Democrats applauded the efforts of the “Big Tech” platforms for limiting, and in some case freezing, the reach of the New York Times story about alleged corruption by the Biden family. 

They appeared to call for even more censorship of any information shared on social media or searched on Google that could paint members of their party in any negative light. 

The tone of the Republican members was markedly different. While they all had their different approaches to the conversations, none sums up the sentiment better than a single question asked by Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

“Mr. Dorsey, who the hell elected you and put you in charge of what the media are allowed to report and what the American people are allowed to hear, and why do you persist in behaving as a Democratic super PAC, silencing news to the contrary of your political beliefs?”

Dorsey, sitting behind a computer screen, on what appears to be a park bench somewhere in California, finally responded.

“We’re not doing that. And this is why I opened, um, this hearing with calls for more transparency. We realize we need to earn trust more. We realize that more accountability is needed to show our intentions.”

While that was the question that summed up the attitude of conservatives across the nation, it was not the one that Dorsey was caught lying about. 

In a strange set of responses surrounding the now infamous New York Post tweet with the article exposing the alleged corruption of Joe and Hunter Biden, Dorsey lied about Twitter user’s ability to share the link to that article. 

As witnessed in the tweet above, Twitter was still actively blocking that link from being shared on its platform. 

If you pause it and read the message that pops up, it states: 

“Your Tweet could not be sent because this link had been identified by Twitter or our partners as being potentially harmful.”

Abigail posted that moments after Dorsey testified that they had changed their policy and the link was clear to be posted. 

After detailing how the New York Post piece was only flagged for 24 hours and they changed their policy the very next day. Dorsey then continued to respond to Cruz’s line of questioning in a rather odd way. 

Cruz asked him of they were not censoring the media, was the New York Post able to tweet. Keep in mind that the Post has been locked out of Twitter since the 14th of October. 

Dorsey said they could, if they were to log in and delete the offending post. He then said that they would be able to repost it since they have changed their policy. 

Cruz also asked him if he thought Twitter had the ability to influence elections. Dorsey said, “no.”

Without skipping a beat, Cruz then asked, “if you don’t think you have the power to influence elections, why do you block anything?”

Turns out that Senator Cruz wasn’t the only Republican calling Dorsey on the carpet. 

Florida Senator Rick Scott highlighted tweets from the heads of state from Iran and Venezuela, and from the Chinese government that amounted to threats against the United States or its own people. Why were those not taken down?

Dorsey said that while the platform does monitor heads of state and government officials, they believed that those violent calls to action and terrorism were nothing more than saber-rattling.  

The phrase that Dorsey used is defined as talk or action that indicates the use or threat of use of military force. 

So, I guess what Dorsey is saying is that Iran and other terror-supporting regimes are allowed to spew vile “death to America” comments on Twitter, cause, I man, it is only saber-rattling. Just so long as no one tweets stuff about the Biden’s right before the election, everyone else can kind of do what they want. 

But it isn’t just Twitter that is doing what it can to limit the reach of the Hunter-Gate stories. Keep reading to see our coverage on Google and their search engine results on that very topic. 


MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – Americans want more information about the allegations of corruption surrounding former the Vice President and current democratic presidential contender Joe Biden. 

According to Google trends, there has been spike in the search for “Joe Biden corruption” between October 4 and October 24, and they’re still surging, though at a lower rate, today.

The chart, labeled “interest over time,” dates back to November 3, 2019.

The recent surge in searches directly correlates with the timeline of also recent bombshell reports on Biden and his family, as documents revealed his alleged ties to Burisma, the Ukrainian company which formerly employed Hunter Biden.  The even more recent scandal surrounding the Biden family links Hunter Biden to a Chinese energy firm.

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon tweeted about the connection Tuesday from an account tied to his podcast. He posted: 

#HUNTERBIDEN AUDIO: “I have a NYT reporter calling about my representation of Patrick Ho– the f***ing spy chief of #China who started the co my partner, who is worth $323B, founded” PROOF #BidenCrimeSyndicate works for #CCP Intel TODAY- 5+ HRS of audio…” 

Searches show that voters are desperate for information related to the younger Biden too, as election day nears.

Former Attorney General of Nevada, Adam Paul Laxalt, tweeted: 

“Google Trends listed “Hunter Biden emails” and “Hunter Biden” as the twelfth and fourteenth most-related search queries when people ask about changing their votes!” Can’t change in NV but many voters left. Vote accordingly! ⁦ @realDonaldTrump 

While Google has not directly linked the headline grabbing corruption accusations to the uptick in searches, the timing coincides.

The search engine company does, however, break down where the searches are geographically located. The data shows the most interest in Delaware and the least interest in Maryland.

The high level of interest comes despite the fact that Google allegedly fails to display search suggestions or autofill phrases like “Joe Biden corruption” and “Joe Biden Burisma,” according to Breitbart.

It is reportedly the same stunt that the tech giant pulled in 2016 when it failed to display negative search suggestions about then presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Instead of auto-filling searches from “Joe Biden cor-” to “Joe Biden corruption,” which is notably popular right now, the search auto fills to “Joe Biden corvette.”

Reports say, when users type in “Joe Biden corr-” there is no autofill suggestion at all. The same appears to be happening for searches for “Joe Biden Burisma.”

Breitbart reported that, unlike Google, competing search engines Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo all feature search terms containing the word “corruption” in their top suggestions.

On social media, there has been substantial backlash making it apparent that Google has not been able to pull a fast one on its users.

Chief Creative Officer for Turning Point USA, Benny Johnson, tweeted:

“SPIKING GOOGLE TREND: “Joe Biden Corruption” Big spike in swing states. Not a good sign for @JoeBiden #TonyBobulinski #Tucker Richard Grenell, the former acting director of national intelligence for the Trump White House tweeted:

“Make no mistake, the public sees the Hunter Biden and Joe Biden family corruption story. The DC media lost control over the public awhile ago. This story is now about WHO is trying to hide it.” 

The whole scandal is no deviation from what has been status quo this election season, as many critics have pointed to the lack of coverage on the Biden family’s corruption allegations in the mainstream media.

Constitutional law attorney Jenna Ellis tweeted on Tuesday:

“The same political party that impeached President Donald Trump over a phone call about Joe Biden’s foreign corruption is now telling you to blatantly ignore Joe Biden’s foreign corruption. This is insane.”



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