Navy SEAL runs for sheriff to preserve Constitutional freedom: ‘I’m called to protect it and I’m called to restore it’


JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL – In Democrat-leaning Jefferson County, Alabama, a conservative Christian, veteran Navy SEAL, tactics expert, and entrepreneur has put his hat in the ring for the position of Sheriff, promising to be tough on crime and strongly supportive of Constitutional rights.

This candidate, Jared Hudson, grew up in Alabama, where he played multiple sports as a high school athlete.

After the attack on the United States on September 11, 2001, Hudson decided he wanted become a firefighter, so after graduating high school, he met this goal and served his community while also going to college.

It was during this time, he told us, that he “felt a heavy calling from God to join the military.”

After exploring a myriad of options, he chose the toughest path he could find – the road to becoming a Navy SEAL.

After achieving this goal, Hudson was deployed as a SEAL multiple times during missions such as Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation Foal Eagle.

Hudson left the military after several years of honorable service with the SEAL teams. 

He was quite humble when it came to talking to us about honors, but his campaign website notes that during that time, “he received several Navy, Marine Corps, and Army Commendation Medals for Valor and multiple Navy, Marine Corps, and Army Achievement Medals.”

After his military service, Hudson was hired as a Sheriff’s Deputy for Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

He became a patrol deputy, but he became “disappointed when operational decisions were driven by petty political issues instead of fighting real crime.”  

He told us:

“I realized relatively quickly that I did not like the low-level politics of local law enforcement.”

Therefore, Hudson transitioned away from law enforcement and began to do private contract work.  

He also began to grow his own tactical training company, The Shooting Institute, starting with a small amount of money, and a large amount of prayer.

The contracts began coming in from around the nation, from agencies such as Bergen County, NJ, the New York Police Department, and the Indianapolis PD, which hired the company to train officers in tactics and shooting.

The Shooting Institute also added explosive breaching to its training, and contracts continued to flow in.

Meanwhile, Hudson was picked up by Jefferson County as a reserve with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, and he was tapped to train the SWAT teams.  He also completed a Master’s in Business Administration, all while running his company, training top-level tactical teams, and raising a family.

Through his educational connections, Hudson collaborated with experts in government contract work and honed his contracting skills under their mentorship. 

He thus furthered the success of The Shooting Institute by landing prime contracts with all branches of the military, the Department of Defense, and all levels of law enforcement.

Hudson credits not himself for the success of his company, but God.  He told us:

“The Lord grew it, and opened the doors…. and it was like God’s sovereign hand was on it….. 

“This was definitely from the blessing of God.” 

Navy SEAL runs for sheriff to preserve Constitutional freedom: ‘I’m called to protect it and I’m called to restore it’
Jared Hudson

During the rise of The Shooting Institute, Hudson also became heavily involved in fighting human trafficking throughout the world.

Seeing the need for an evangelical funding source for combating the scourge of human trafficking, Hudson established the Christian-based nonprofit, Covenant Rescue Group. 

This donation-funded group provides training and equipment to tackle the strenuous and difficult process of facing and stopping human trafficking.

Hudson told us:

“What our primary goal became was to go and give law enforcement training that they needed, whatever they required… free of cost to the agency.  

“They would let us come in and teach them how to do … a true pedophilia sting: folks who were showing up have sex with kids or folks who were trying to sell kids.”

Hudson’s involvement with this group is, in part, one thing that led him to his interest in running for sheriff.

Explaining that offering this training led him at times to butt heads with certain egos in law enforcement, he told us:

“The biggest problem with law enforcement across the nation is… their egos.  They can’t be told anything….

“Leadership has an ego.  It’s very much a ‘rules for thee not for me’ sort of attitude.”

Hudson added that there were many, many times that he would come in to do the training and was told by the leadership that the agency “already knew how to do that,” whereas he would subsequently find that, sadly, “they don’t have a clue.”

He continued:

“And they’ll come back and say, ‘Man, this was eye-opening.  We don’t have a clue.’”

Hudson noted:

“We need people in a leadership position who are willing to say, ‘Hey, I don’t know what we’re doing when it comes to X, Y and Z.”

Thus it is, in part, a willingness to set aside his ego and be open to new ideas and methods that has drawn Hudson prayerfully to run for the position of Sheriff.

In addition, Hudson has noted “an all-out assault on law enforcement” during the past year, often with little support of leadership, coupled with “an all-out assault on conservative values.”

He told us:

“I said, you know what, the only way that can be fixed is with proper leadership.”

Furthermore, Hudson told us, it is extremely important to him to get his own “house” in order, that is, his Jefferson County community, as a starting point to branching out and getting other communities in order.

Navy SEAL runs for sheriff to preserve Constitutional freedom: ‘I’m called to protect it and I’m called to restore it’
Jared Hudson and family

As far as getting his community in order, Hudson shared with us some particular priorities he will have if elected Sheriff of Jefferson County.

First, he discussed “safety and security” as a priority.

Hudson spoke of working with both law enforcement as well as civilians to work on changing attitudes toward the purpose of law enforcement.

He stated that currently, it seems to many that the purpose of law enforcement is to “police the citizens” rather than ensure the “safety and security of the citizens.”

Safety and security, Hudson says, occurs through two things:  First, targeting crime and not communities, and second, helping a community to build “safeguards so criminal activity cannot infiltrate that community.”

This, he told us, is what the military has done for years, and it needs to be done locally.

Elaborating further on targeting crime, he added that law enforcement should, and, under him would, make concerted efforts to target “real crime” such as rape, murder, and sex trafficking, rather than feel-good-legislation-based infractions that needlessly occupy the time and resources of law enforcement and the courts.

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Another priority for Hudson is “Constitutional Freedom.”

Noting that “our First Amendment and Second Amendment are under assault nationwide,”  he noted that “if they can remove Amendment 1 and Amendment 2, they can probably knock out everything else without much of a problem.”

As Sheriff, Hudson stated, he would uphold the Constitution, having already taken oaths to do so for the military and law enforcement.  He told us:

“If I’m going to uphold the Constitution, that means I need to uphold every aspect of the Constitution, to include the First and Second Amendments….

“A law enforcement officer is here to protect the Constitutional freedom of the citizen, and not to police morality….

“What’s the first thing that someone’s trying to remove from you if they come up and they rob you?  They’re trying to remove your Constitutional freedom, heck, your civic freedom, to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

“I’m called to … protect it and I’m called to restore it.”

A third priority for Hudson is to “Protect Our Families.”

Training and equipment for school resource officers is high on the list in this category.

To protect students and staff from active shooters, he told us,

“The [school resource officer] has to have the highest amount of firearms training of any unit of the Sheriff’s office.  Because that’s the one thing [defending against an active shooter] that they are really there being asked to do.” 

As such, he said, specially selected school resource officers should have a better budget than is typically awarded, and the highest level training and equipment.

Hudson’s work fighting human trafficking also plays a part in his priorities for protecting families.

He told us:

“We want to hunt those that prey upon our kids… We’re going to hunt, and we’re going to target those who are going after the weakest of society – ultimately, our kids.

“And that’s part of targeting specific crime.  I’m not targeting a community, I’m targeting a specific crime.”

Navy SEAL runs for sheriff to preserve Constitutional freedom: ‘I’m called to protect it and I’m called to restore it’
Hudson Family

Another aspect of protecting families, he told us, is “protecting those communities where the nuclear family is under assault.”

He added:

“If we can protect the nuclear family, or if we can keep the nuclear family intact, or at least do our best effort to keep some semblance of the nuclear family intact, I believe we can start dealing with a lot of the crime issues we see in some communities, before it even starts to bud and grow and turn into something.

“We want to protect the nuclear family by targeting crime that would infiltrate and try to destroy the nuclear family, in particular, gang crime in certain communities.”

A fourth priority for Hudson is “Community Partnership.”

Hudson told us that one shortcoming of the popular “community policing” concept is that it targets a community and not crime. In addition, it is impractical, if not “impossible,” to assure that police officers live in, and are a constant part of, a particular community.

Because of these shortcomings, he said, “We have to develop community partnerships.”

He continued:

“By this, we mean we develop partnerships with the community leaders…- the religious leaders in the area, the gyms in the area.”

He gave an example of a 14-year-old who is trying to deal dope, adding:

“Instead of trying to go through the law enforcement process, and try to get this kid in jail… why don’t we take him to the community leader and start trying to patch that nuclear family issue that we see, whether it’s an absent dad, a dad who’s not there, maybe a dad who is also slinging dope.

“Whatever it is, why don’t we, through a vetted community leader, a vetted community partnership, allow this community to work in this young man’s life?…

“We give the opportunity to keep people out of the system, because one thing I’ve noticed, after … 12 years working with law enforcement, is that once you’re in that system, it is almost impossible to get out.”

Navy SEAL runs for sheriff to preserve Constitutional freedom: ‘I’m called to protect it and I’m called to restore it’
Jared Hudson

A fifth priority for Hudson is “Accountability.”

Hudson told us:

“Elected officials are public servants, and I think there’s a frustration from folks of all political persuasions that too many elected officials act like royalty who are immune from public accountability. 

“That stops in my administration. 

“We are not above the law, and we will be mutually accountable to the citizens we serve.”

Under this accountability umbrella is “Organizational Transparency,” meaning that under Hudson, the Sheriff’s office activities and its use of funds will not be “shrouded in secrecy” like it is in some departments.

He explained:

“If everybody trusts me because they say, that guy, he’s an open book, he’ll tell you exactly how it is, he’ll tell you what’s going on, then I’m going to be able to be a better Sheriff for the county, and I’m going to be able to give the county a better end product.”

At the same time, said Hudson, accountability is a two-way street, and he will also expect the community itself to be accountable to the Sheriff, especially at times such as a family or neighbor dispute, when things could easily be settled without law enforcement resources.  

Citing an example of a real law enforcement call in which parents wanted a police officer to deal with a child who would not eat his green beans, he pointed out that in such cases, the circumstances might be unnecessarily escalated by the presence of an officer, simply because “now we’ve gone from targeting crime, policing real criminal activity, to community policing, just showing up because something didn’t work out the way somebody wanted it to.”

He added:

“You have to be accountable to me, too, and understand that we have so much money and so much time to hunt real criminal activity.  

“You want us to hunt murderers and rapists and robbers?  We want to do that too.  Don’t call us about your neighbor’s dog barking.”

Another priority of Hudson’s is “Impartial Policing.”

He told us:

“Impartial policing is taking away that idea of community policing and saying, ‘Look, we are targeting crime.  

“We don’t care if the crime comes from the highest member of society in Jefferson County.  I don’t care if the crime comes from the lowest member of society in Jefferson County….

“We are going to police them equally.

“If they are in there breaking the law, in particular raining on the Constitutional freedoms or the Constitutional rights of the citizens of Jefferson County, no matter who they are, we’re gonna get them.  That is impartial policing.”

Hudson will be running, probably unopposed, as a Republican in the primary election for Sheriff, which will be held in Jefferson County, AL, in November or December of this year.  He is then expected to face off with his Democratic opponents in May or June of 2022.

You can follow Jared Hudson’s progress at his campaign website, JaredHudsonforSheriff.


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