Navy SEAL Destroys Chelsea Manning Over His Anti-Police Post


As a Navy SEAL, veteran biz owner and a leader in veteran advocacy issues I am overall humbled and amazed by the progress, innovation and the continual leadership shown by our nation’s veterans. We have vets succeeding in entrepreneurship, politics, medicine, education, and every other career field imaginable.

It is because I care so much about our country, our communities and the transition process of vets everywhere that I am very disturbed and disappointed to see vets who tarnish our name, our community and our way of life.

Recently a friend shared a social media post from a fellow veteran who many of us wish we could jettison from our ranks.

Chelsea Manning, the traitorous, transgender activist who spent their last years behind bars before an unsuccessful Senate run again posted a very disturbing tweet about the police on National Law Enforcement Day.

I am honestly not surprised to see someone with such a despicable resume posting such things. I think the thing that bothers me the most is that we continue to tune into the disappointing train wreck that is Chelsea Manning. Chelsea Manning will really only surprise me if this individual ever reversed course and promotes anything patriotic, moral or unifying.

The other thing I find so disappointing is that someone who once put on a uniform and swore to defend and protect others could promote such hatred and contempt for another group of our brothers and sisters who have sworn to do the same.

I have so many friends that wear a badge. I have had many deep conversations about life, family and community with them. Believe it or not, they are just like the rest of us. They get hurt, they feel pain, they worry about their children, finances and the future like the rest of us. The major difference between those who wear a badge and those who don’t is that they will show up in your darkest hour and in your worst moments to protect you and those you love from injustice and evil. Far too many of them have sacrificed their lives in the pursuit of our safety.

I won’t speak for every veteran but I know I speak for many when I say this:

Chelsea, you don’t speak for veterans or for most of this country. We respect our fellow service members who are dedicated to a legacy greater than themselves. Though you seek to lead we will never follow your confused, ignorant and divisive rhetoric. You will probably continue to make headlines but only because you’re inflammatory and destructive and never as an example of what to aspire to.

God bless our men and women in uniform.


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