Navy SEAL and team aiming to set skydiving WORLD RECORD to raise money for LEO families


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Worldwide: Mike Sarraille, a former Navy SEAL who’s spent a career protecting America has recently decided to shift his focus to helping the children of fallen heroes pursue education. And he and his team of mostly former special operations soldiers are planning on setting two incredible world records in the process.

Sarraille, who’s earned a Silver Star and six Bronze Stars for Valor, is a notable member among an already highly distinguished community, the Navy SEALs. He and his team are on a mission to set two world records of skydiving seven times, from seven continents, in seven days; Antarctica, Chile, Spain, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Australia, and of course the United States.

Now that’s an extremely challenging way to raise money.

His mission is to raise money for Folds of Honor, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charity, who provide life-changing scholarships to the spouses and children of America’s fallen or disabled military and the families of America’s first responders.

Law Enforcement Today sat down with Mike and discussed what led him to this fascinating mission and noble cause- and some of his reasons were quite profound.

Exclusive Interview

The first question was simply ‘why’- why do this mission?

It all went back to a skydiving trip at Mt. Everest- the Earth’s highest mountain.

Navy SEAL and team aiming to set skydiving WORLD RECORD to raise money for LEO families
Former SEAL Mike Sarraille takes to the Mt. Everest sky. Click image to follow his IG page. Image provided my Mike Sarraille.

Mike told LET:

“When I went to Everest and jumped in, I had like 12 dudes that I served with reach out they’re like ‘hey dude, I need this, how do I get on it.’”

He continued:

“That’s what sparked this Legacy Expedition thing.”

Mike’s Legacy Expedition is an organization that plans and coordinates extreme skydiving trips for veterans. The idea is to create a life changing experience to help them stave off the demons and renew their outlook on life.

Legacy Expeditions conducts these missions in partnership with other charitable organizations to raise money and awareness for various causes.

His jump from Mt. Everest was at the forefront of why he decided to create Legacy Expedition.

Mike told LET:

“It is such a spiritual thing when you jump into a place like Everest or Antarctica. I’m like ‘I need to create a model to get more vets out to experience this.’”

Since the onset of Legacy Expedition, Mike has continued to expand on his idea to help veterans discover themselves with incredible adventures.

But the next adventure of seven jumps, in seven continents in seven days, which he refers to as the Triple 7, wasn’t born out of nowhere- it’s been around all along.

Mike told LET:

“That [Triple-7] concept has been around for a long time. From certain crown Princes to guys who are renowned in the skydiving industry, have been trying to do this. So it’s not new, but nobody has ever pulled it off.”

Although seven days is a very high bar to set, falling behind on schedule doesn’t matter.

He said:

“Even if we don’t do it in seven days, say we do it in 14 or 21 days, we set the record because we completed it.”

Navy SEAL and team aiming to set skydiving WORLD RECORD to raise money for LEO families
The TEAM poses for an epic picture. Like most missions, this one requires a TEAM effort to accomplish.

Folds of Honor

There are hundreds, maybe more non-profit organizations out there who provide services and products to the law enforcement, first responder and military community.

However, Mike didn’t just pick Folds of Honor out of a hat, he has specific reasons for doing so. And those reasons are quite compelling, starting with Legacy Expedition.

Mike told LET:

“The reason I named it Legacy is because I believe legacy is all you have at the end of the day. When you leave this Earth, the only thing you can leave behind is your legacy. For guys that died, their legacies depend on us telling their stories. ”

He continued:

“No matter how hard it is, no matter how many times it brings tears to our eyes, we have to tell their stories. When I think of some of the guys, I’m like ‘oh dude, they’re the most disciplined person, they were so kind, respectful, and empathetic’. These are all the lessons that we would want to teach our kids.”

And that is what Folds of Honor is designed for- the kids.

It provides support for the children of fallen servicemembers, disabled servicemembers and the families of the law enforcement and first responder community.

Mike said:

“That’s why Folds of Honor was so perfect because they do educational scholarships.”

Navy SEAL and team aiming to set skydiving WORLD RECORD to raise money for LEO families
Mike understands what it’s like to lose someone in the line of duty- part of the reason they want to support the families of the fallen and disabled.

A Generous Organization

Another reason Folds of Honor was chosen by Mike and his team is how much of the donations go to the actual cause.

Unlike the Wounded Warrior Project (who’s CEO was generous enough to drop his salary to only $281,000 per year), Folds of Honor has a much higher return for every dollar raised.

Mike told LET about the process of how Legacy Expedition chooses a charity to raise money for. He told LET:

“We are going to be very specific in making sure that they [a charity] have a high rating. Like Folds of Honor, .91 cents of every dollar goes to actual programs. We make sure that these organizations actually put their money where their mouth is.”

Navy SEAL and team aiming to set skydiving WORLD RECORD to raise money for LEO families

Support for the LEO Community

Although Mike has come from the military community, the law enforcement profession holds a special place in his heart.

He wants to share a message to the LEO community as it relates to Folds of Honor and their mission to help support families of first responders.

“If we can just alleviate a little stress- like an officer who’s on the beat worried if he get injured or worse killed, who’s going to care of his wife and kids, we got you! If something happens to you, we have you on the backside.”

He continued:

“That’s extremely important to me especially because you took care of and protected my family while I was overseas.”

He continued:

“To the kids that no longer have their fathers and mothers- you’re loved… you’re loved. They may no longer be here, but you’re loved and we’re going to make sure that you have everything you need to get an education.”

His team’s mission to break a skydiving world record is a testament to his commitment to help others, especially the law enforcement community.

And to check out his world record mission and/or to donate to the Folds of Honor visit

You can check out more of his incredible life journey on his website,

Also check out his NY Times best selling book, click HERE.

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Navy SEAL and team aiming to set skydiving WORLD RECORD to raise money for LEO families

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