Email: Our Spokesman To Be Arrested Because He Hurt Some Feelings


It’s been pretty well established that our National Spokesman, Kyle Reyes, has a take-no-prisoners kind of attitude.  And it’s apparently that attitude that lead to an email to Law Enforcement Today letting us know that he is apparently going to be arrested this week (scroll down for the email).

Reyes unabashedly pro-cop.  We met him years ago because he runs a national marketing agency called The Silent Partner Marketing headquartered in Connecticut that’s filled with a bunch of hardcore patriots. 

toxic masculinity

Last week, one of his employees submitted an article to us about a company memo that went out.  In the memo, Reyes told his staff he’d be offering cash bonuses to any employee who gets their concealed carry permit:

Attention: All Employees 

Re: Bonus Opportunity

Effective for 2019, The Silent Partner Marketing is offering a bonus opportunity for those of you who want to secure your concealed carry permit.

The company will pay for you to take the NRA course and issue you a bonus in the amount of $200 upon issuing of the permit.  Furthermore, the last Friday of the month every month we will be spending the second half of the day with a licensed instructor for personal training, on the company dime.  All firearms and ammo will be supplied by the company.

Why are we doing this?  For the same reason why we aren’t afraid to take on clients in the firearms industry.  For the same reason why we do pro-bono work for police and fire departments and veterans organizations across America.  Because… ‘merica.  Because the Second Amendment secures the rest of The Constitution and ensures the safety and security of our families and our freedom.

This new policy does NOT replace our sick time policy – it adds to it.  You can still trade a “sick day” for half of a “shooting day”.  The company will continue to pay for all training, firearms and ammunition.  As a reminder, you can bring your spouse or significant other by trading in a second sick day.  Any of your children can attend for free – we’ll take care of their costs as well.

 Any questions… don’t hesitate to ask.

The day after the article hit, Law Enforcement Today received a “tip” through our email that Reyes is going to be arrested.  The writer claims to be a Democratic state representative. Their identity and email address, however, were left anonymous.

From: Anonymous <[email protected]>

Message Body:
I’m a Democratic state representative in Connecticut.  I saw the article about the marketing agency in my state that forces employees to handle firearms if they aren’t comfortable around them.

I’d like to thank you for making my fellow reps and I aware of it.  We’ll be investigating the company and their illegal practices and contacting local police.  The owner will most likely be arrested this week for this discriminatory move.  

By the way, tell him to enjoy the offensive thin blue line flag that was put back up at the state.  He might have won the battle, but we’ll make sure to win this war.

The Thin Blue Line Flag Backstory 

The “offensive thin blue line flag” the writer is referring to is presumably the handmade flag at the center of a recent controversy in Connecticut that Reyes and his team revealed.

Read: Police Demand Retraction From TV Station That Called The Thin Blue Line Flag “Controversial Artwork”

The officer makes wooden Thin Blue Line flags in honor of the men and women who protect and serve our communities. When he donated a handmade flag to the State Capitol Police Department (SCPD), a group of officers got the proper permissions to get the flag mounted at the Connecticut State Capitol building in honor of the Officer Down Memorial Tunnel.

Email: Our Spokesman To Be Arrested Because He Hurt Some Feelings

The flag had been hung for about a month. That was until a number of Black & Puerto Rican Caucus members reportedly got together and lodged a formal complaint to their legislative leaders, asking the Executive Director to have it taken down.

And he did.

Without any explanation to the officers who donated it, without any transparency to the public, the flag was suddenly removed and placed in a storage closet, waiting to be returned to the man who created it.

Read: Company Creates Snowflake Test After Getting Anti-Police Applicant

Our team at Law Enforcement Today continuing covering the story throughout the week, resulting in a tremendous amount of pressure being put on lawmakers.

A week later, the flag quietly was put back up… despite earlier suggestions to high level lawmakers in Connecticut that the lawmakers who had it removed would be formally apologizing.

They did not.  There was no apology.  No press conference.  Just a flag quietly put back up… just as it had been removed.

The Pending Arrest

As far as Reyes and his “pending arrest” goes, our team at Law Enforcement Today decided to do some research.

We reached out to our own “sources”, who all got quite the kick out of the email.  We haven’t been able to confirm that he’s going to end up behind bars for his new company policy.

We forwarded the email to Reyes and asked if we should be concerned.  His response?

“I hope someone at least gives me a heads up a few minutes before I get arrested so I can wear my Ronald Reagan tank top and M.A.G.A. hat for my mug shot.”

He’d better be careful.  That shirt and hat could add jail time for him in Connecticut.



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