An Open Letter To Cops On National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day


Why Do We Need A Special Day To Appreciate Law Enforcement?


Dear Police Officers (and their families),


National ice cream day, I get.  It’s a great excuse for us all to eat sundaes from every ice cream shop in America, (except of course that brand that rolls out anti-police flavors)It’s also a great marketing tool.


It’s the same with a lot of the “days”.  National taco day.  Pizza. Bagels.  You name it.


But National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day?  How did we get to a point in society where we need to remind everyone once a year that they should appreciate your sacrifices and those of your families?


Don’t get me wrong – I’m not knocking the celebration.  Just the opposite.  I believe that we as Americans need to work to extend the day to the other 364 days of the year.  And I also believe we owe it to your families to thank them as well.


And so today, I’ll share a few of our hopes and dreams at Law Enforcement Today not just for this one-day celebration… but for the rest of the year as well.


May your children come to know you not for your absence, but for your sacrifice.  May they see the support and love for you in society and be shielded from the hatred.  May they come to understand that the Thin Blue Line is a line you’ve drawn not just between good guys and bad… but good and evil in society. May they know that you’ve done this not to be away from them, but because of your deep love of them.


We hope you know that despite the garbage you see on social media, the overwhelming amount of Americans support you quietly.  We wish they’d step up and be more vocal… and we are making it our company mission at LET to bring those voices out loud and proud.


We pray not just for your safety, but also for the safety of your families.  We know that far too often, things happen at home that your spouse and kids wish you could be there for… but don’t even bother you with because they don’t want to put the burden of your absence on you as well.  We pray for their safety and their continued acceptance of the sacrifices you all make.


We hope that all of the same companies posting “Happy National Law Enforcement Day” on their company Facebook page today to look cool actually step up their game.  Donate to local law enforcement support organizations. Help them bridge the gap with the community.


We pray that politicians will stop using you, your families and your agencies as pawns.  That when they say they stand behind you, they start covering YOUR ass AND theirs instead of throwing you under a bus at the first sign of trouble.


We hope that locally, regionally and nationally more funding is allocated for proper equipment and training for you.  To not give officers the tools they need to keep themselves safe and the community safe is a travesty.


We pray that those elected to represent us do so by upholding law and order.  That means giving our law enforcement offices the tools they need to do their job, and then backing them when it comes to our judiciary system.  Putting the bad guys behind bars and actually KEEPING them there, not releasing them to make some grand statement against laws they don’t like or a President they don’t agree with.


We are going to do our part to help provide more financial security for LEOs and their families.  Later this year, LET will be launching a national initiative to help support and grow all of the side hustles that cops and their spouses have that are helping provide for their families.  We’re extremely excited about it and we hope that you are as well.


And finally…I’d like to leave you with an old Irish blessing that we grew up with.  This one is for you and your families, officers.  Thank you today… and every day.


May the road rise to meet you

May the wind be always at your back

May the sun shine warmly upon your face

And the dew fall gently upon your heel

May the Lord hold each and every one of you in the palm of His hand.



Our family at Law Enforcement Today.


Our friends at Concerns of Police Survivors outline on their website the “why” for the day:


On January 9th, 2019, partnering organizations in support of law enforcement officers nationwide will promote National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (L.E.A.D.). In light of recent negativity directed toward law enforcement nationally, there is a need to show law enforcement officers that our citizens recognize the difficult and sometimes impossible career they have chosen, in public service to us all.

They outline some things we can all do to pay tribute:

• Change your profile picture on social media to the .jpg image provided at

• Wear blue clothing in support of law enforcement.

• Send a card of support to your local police department or state agency.

• Share a story about a positive law enforcement experience on social media.

• Ask children in your community to write letters in support of law enforcement.

• Participate in Project Blue Light – Proudly display your blue light in support of law enforcement.

• Organize an event or a rally in support of your law enforcement officers.

• Advertise your support through local media outlets/billboards.

• Post the public service announcement supplied by C.O.P.S. to your organization’s webpage or social media pages.

Most importantly, if you see a police officer, thank a police officer.



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