FOP calls out Nashville public defender for inflammatory comments about police: ‘Vile and disgusting’


NASHVILLE, TN- One thing about Democrats…they do not handle rejection very well.

The latest example comes to us from the Davidson County Public Defender’s Office in Nashville, Tennessee.

That’s where the Nashville Fraternal Order of Police has filed a complaint against a public defender who made inflammatory comments about police officers in the wake of the grand jury decision in the Breonna Taylor case in Louisville, Kentucky.


The Tennessean reported that Chad Hindman, an assistant public defender in that office, went on a profanity laced tirade in a since-deleted Facebook post.

FOP calls out Nashville public defender for inflammatory comments about police: 'Vile and disgusting'
Chad Hindman Facebook Post Internet screenshot

“I’m a god damn criminal defense attorney, and I can’t begin to imagine the rationale that leads to this result,” Hindman ranted. “We truly live in a madhouse of a system in this country. Fuck the police and fuck this ‘criminal justice’ system. #acab #blm #blacklivesmatter”

There is probably medication for whatever anger issue Hindman possesses.

Taylor of course is the 26-year-old woman who was fatally shot this past March during the execution of a drug-related search warrant.

During the course of the search, Taylor’s boyfriend opened fire on police, shooting one in the leg. Police returned fire, during which Taylor was shot six times, and succumbed to her wounds.

On Wednesday, a Louisville grand jury did not return charges on Taylor’s actual shooting and indicted one of the Louisville officers on wanton endangerment charges unrelated to Taylor’s death.

That of course set the mob off and has led to rioting in the ensuing nights in Louisville and other Democrat-controlled cities throughout the United States.

The president of the Nashville FOP, James Smallwood said that several officers with the Metro Nashville Police Department saw the post Thursday, screen-shot it and forwarded it to him.

In a letter sent to Nashville Metropolitan Chief Public Defender Martesha Johnson, Smallwood blasted Hindman’s comments, stating: “the men and women who have sworn to serve this community find to be vile and disgusting.”

FOP calls out Nashville public defender for inflammatory comments about police: 'Vile and disgusting'
Nashville FOP Letter

The Tennessean reached out to Hindman for comment, however he was not able to be reached. Johnson meanwhile refused to comment, saying the issue is a “personnel matter.”

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Johnson replied by email, saying:

“I have received reports of the social media post and we are looking into it. Since it is a pending internal personnel matter, I will not respond publicly at this time.”

In his three-paragraph letter, Smallwood wrote:

“Justice demands that those involved in the pursuit thereof maintain a level of professionalism, fairness and impartiality.

“It appears that Mr. Hindman has since removed his post, but the damage with the rank and file police officers of this city has already been done,” Smallwood wrote.

“His emotional reaction begs the question: if he cannot support the justice system, can he effectively operate within it?”

Smallwood demanded an apology from Hindman, along with accountability for his words.

“If a police officer had disparaged all public defenders, or anyone for that matter, they would demand we be held accountable. He needs to apologize and be held accountable by his supervisor,” Smallwood told The Tennessean on Friday morning.

One person who defended Hindman’s words was the Rev. Davie Tucker Jr., who is the pastor of Beech Creek Missionary Baptists Church and the vice president of the Interdenominational Ministers Fellowship, who said the post reflected anger the minority community feels after the grand jury decision in the Taylor case.

“He had an emotional reaction—like so many people—to the injustice of the grand jury’s actions regarding Breonna Taylor’s death. While his comments are graphic and shock some of our pietistic pretensions, I understand how he feels,” Tucker said in an email.

Tucker continued, saying that public defenders “regularly witness the dehumanization of black people and other marginalized community members in a criminal legal system that many feel is standing against them. His comments were not directed at any individual person or people, but at institutions and systems of oppression.”

Tucker said that calling out so-called oppression can be necessary, “even when it’s unwise.” He also said to those who condemned Hindman for his comments, perhaps he should be shown “grace and compassion.”

“We, including the FOP, could seek to understand where he was coming from, and why he reacted the way he did. My conscience is clear in this regard, everything legal ain’t right.”

Rev. Tucker might take those thoughts and extend them to police officers, to the 99.9% of police officers who are good, hard-working men and women, and not to the one or two out of a thousand who shouldn’t be cops in the first place. Grace, Rev. Tucker is a two-way street.

The fact of the matter was in the case of the grand jury, it was a group of citizens who are in Taylor’s peer group, who made the decision, after weighing all of the facts and circumstances of the shooting, that the case did not give rise to criminal charges against the Louisville police officers specifically related to Breonna Taylor’s death.

In a statement to News 4  in Nashville as cited on, Smallwood said he understood that emotions were high over the Taylor shooting, however he said it was important to trust the system.

“This whole thing is a tragedy for everybody involved,” Smallwood said. “And I understand that people’s emotions are high, and that’s why we ask people to look at the facts and have reasonable fact-based discussions and trust in the system.”

“I think it’s certainly worthy of an apology from this public defender, and I think this guy needs to be held accountable.”

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