HANANAN, S.C. – Police in South Carolina say a naked woman tried to bite off a man’s genitals and then rushed on all fours at responding officers, who deployed the Taser, which helped bring her into custody.

It’s a quirky world, and police officers respond the strangest calls for service. This one certainly fits the category.

 WCSC-TV reports that a man called police for help, saying the woman tried to bite off his penis during sex with him Monday night. Ah, but they were not alone, there was another man present as well participating in the threesome.

female drug dealers


Hananan Police Chief Dennis Turner says officers shocked the bloody woman with a Taser, and then used an overdose-fighting drug to revive her. Officers were told she was high on heroin and methamphetamine, reported ABC News.

Turner says the body camera recording was bizarre, according to WWATV3.

“Honestly, it’s one of the most disturbing videos, body cam videos, I have seen in my career. It honestly reminded (me of) something you would see off of a horror movie,” Turner said.

The woman was hospitalized; charges are pending. There were no details provided on the condition of the man’s genitals.