NAACP President to Portland Rioters: Stop creating a ‘white spectacle’ that takes attention away from the movement


Portland OR –The NAACP Portland President, Rev. E.D. Mondaine, recently produced an editorial in the Washington Post in which he voiced his concern over Antifa and what he believes are ‘privileged’ white Americans “with their own agendas taking away from the Black Lives Matter movement after the murder of George Floyd. 

Mondaine describes the riots that have been going on in Portland for nearly two months as “largely a white spectacle” that has taken over the BLM movement in Portland. 

He calls on those involved to refocus on what he feels should be the real reasons for the riots and protests, to stop what he believes is racial injustice and inequity.

Mondaine believes that the protesters (when peaceful) took to the streets in order to give our country “a nationwide reckoning with the original and savage crime of slavery. 

“That monstrous crime has finally caught up with us as a nation.  I do not believe it is a time for spectacle,” he wrote. 

“Unfortunately, ‘spectacle’ is now the best way to describe Portland’s protests.  Vandalizing government buildings and hurling projectiles at law enforcement draw attention – but how do these actions stop police from killing black people? 

What are antifa and other leftist agitators achieving for the case of black equality?  The “Wall of Moms,” while perhaps well-intentioned, ends up redirecting attention away from the urgent issue of murdered black bodies.” 

Mondaine also took time to voice his displeasure of the move by President Trump to send in federal police in order to protect federal property and officers in the area. 

On this past Friday, almost 4,000 people showed up against curfew in front of the federal buildings where the police are located.  They began yelling “feds go home, black lives matter.” 

As federal police stood by, the “mostly white anarchists” began throwing fireworks toward the building and officers, forcing the officers to move in to break up the crowd.  Mondaine, who apparently has not be watching the nightly news or reading any mainstream media articles, states:

“There is more at stake here than who appears most often on nightly TV broadcasts.  Right now, there are unmarked, unnamed federal forces kidnapping our citizens off the streets without justification or authority.” 

Apparently, Mondaine does not know the difference between a kidnapping and an arrest.  A kidnapping is when anyone grabs a person and takes them away against their will with criminal intent. 

An arrest is when a police officer has probable cause that a crime has occurred and the person whom they are arresting committed the crime, and since they are duly sworn federal law enforcement officers, they do have the authority to do so. 

Because the officers were not in a marked vehicle means nothing as they are widely utilized by almost every agency throughout the United States. 

He does, however, have one point, the officers uniforms did not have their last names on them as is normal protocol – but they are not there for good reason.  Recently, as previously reported in Law Enforcement Today, 40 federal officers had their personal information leaked online. 

This information being leaked could lead rioters to their houses and endanger the officers families for them simply doing their job. 

Mondaine was asked on Fox 12 on Friday what he thought the solve would be as far as terms of action in Portland.  He believed that the area surrounding the courthouse should still be held by protesters and that people should be reaching out in their community to support the Black Lives Matter cause. 

Mondaine said:

“We need to be in other places.  We need to go to Gresham where our constituency lives and let them know, ‘hey, we’re here and there’s hope.’  We need to go into the white neighborhoods where our white sisters and brothers live and sit down and have that conversation in full force with them right there in their backyards. 

We welcome all of the help that we can get from our very well-meaning, and I call them sisters and brothers, and allies and accomplices, we need them.  But we need them to show up like we need them to show up and not how they think is best.” 

Also in Portland in case you missed it, people are now attacking the police while they are trying to stop dangerous criminals.

Recently, Portland Police were called to the scene of a man who had apparently lost it with workers in a laundry mat, or, was just mentally unstable and the people in the store took the brunt.  The man, seen on video, walked into the laundry mat carrying a long saw and walked up to the first person he sees, a woman, and struck her on the head. 

The man, later identified as Shane Vordelmichia Green, then attacked another woman who was trying to flee behind the counter.  Green then walked out of the store towards other bystanders who backed up. 

If this was not bad enough, reports show that when Portland Police showed up on scene, their efforts to deescalate the situation resulted in the bystanders jeering police and riling up the man who was obviously in some type of mental break from reality. 


Police were called to the scene to protect the innocent victims in the area from a man who had already struck two women with a saw, and when they arrived, the man wanted officers to shoot him. 

Portland Police advised that when they made contact with the male, he refused lawful orders to drop the weapon and told “officers he was going to make them shoot him” according to a press release. 

Green walked into traffic in the roadway, still carrying the weapon in his hand.  Instead of the crowd being silent and letting the officers do their job, or at least, be good witnesses to what happened, the crowd began anti-police jeering, which caused Green to be more resistant to the police’s lawful efforts to get him to drop the weapon and be taken into custody without bloodshed. 

The Portland Police released a statement regarding this incident, which read in part:

“The suspect continued his erratic behavior and officers used a less lethal munition at the suspect.  The suspect threw the handsaw to the curb and officers once again began dialog with him in an effort to deescalate the situation. 

“As officers spoke with the suspect, several bystanders interrupted their conversation with him by screaming and taunting officers, only increasing his level of agitation again.  Eventually, through calm conversation and active listening, officers were able to place the suspect into custody safely.” 

The statement continued:

“Officers frequently deescalate situations such as this.  It is unfortunate that some community members chose to try to escalate the situation.  These incidents seldom make the headlines, but illustrate the excellent training and restraint officers use to deescalate a person intent on forcing officers to use lethal force.” 

Green was able to be taken into custody for three counts of assault II, six counts of unlawful use of a weapon, attempt assault I, strangulation, four counts of menacing, two counts of attempted assault II, harassment, disorderly conduct II, interfering with a peace officer, and four counts of reckless endangering. 

In a normal society of civilized people, officers of the law who are working and placing themselves in danger would laud the selfless behavior.  Even though that is and what should have been done in this incident, lawless society has given people the belief that police do not obey the law and only wish to harm minorities. 

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In this case Green, who was black, was most likely viewed to the bystanders as some “innocent victim” of police misconduct who had no idea what had transpired or caused the police to be called. 

Rhetoric from the mainstream media and those that believe in the lie that police target people of color will cause a rise in police officers and civilians in being harmed and killed. 

This is due to police waiting too long and second guessing themselves before using force, and because of this, innocent bystanders will be attacked and hurt or killed. 

This is also where it becomes so important for police to have continued and updated training. These officers practiced extreme patience and self-control in their ability to de-escalate the situation. Green was literally begging them to shoot him, had already shown the propensity to attack people with a weapon, and walked into traffic.

Even though there was so much extra noise going on around them, the officers involved were able to control the situation through the use of de-escalation techniques. 

Training companies, like VirTra, that offer simulation training incorporating all that extra “noise” that officers may encounter in high-tension situations like the one outlined here, give officers the tools they need to end incidents without more bloodshed at a higher rate.

Having the experience of going through situations like this with a mentally unstable person, as well as bystanders around making the situation worse, will allow more officers to utilize de-escalation techniques so important to policing.

This was a great example of officers de-escalating what could have been a fatal encounter.

However, it’s time for the adults to take back control of Portland and put an end to the chaos that they have allowed to occur for far to long, before another innocent is harmed. 



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