Identity of Mystery Cop Revealed – Who IS Sgt. A. Merica??


Over the past month or so, millions of readers at Law Enforcement Today have read articles by Sgt. A. Merica.  And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the good Sergeant was using a pen name of sorts.

We’ve been inundated with people asking… just who IS Sgt. A. Merica?  Is he a real person?  Does he exist?

The truth is that he does… he is YOU.  He is each of US.

sgt a merica
Active members of law enforcement risk their jobs by telling stories… so we’re here to give them a voice. (Richmond-Virginia Police Department SWAT)

When we launched Law Enforcement Today, we did so to be the voice of police officers across America, along with the voice of their supporters.

But the truth of it is that while there are countless stories out there in our departments, so many of them haven’t come out because officers can’t put their names on them.

The truth of it is that so many officers would risk losing their job by sharing their stories or even their innermost thoughts and demons.

sgt a. merica
We are ALL Sgt. A. Merica. (Richmond-Virginia Police Department)

It created a real challenge. How do we share those stories when those stories seemingly can’t be shared?

And so we decided to give a voice to LEOs and supporters who need to hide their identity.

Here’s how it works.

People submit articles. Once we verify their identity and background, we post the content anonymously to protect them, while still giving them a platform to share their stories.

We have a private email address set up that goes directly to our Founder for these stories. Send them to [email protected]

sgt a. merica
Submit your stories to have your voice heard. (Kevin Schofield)

Here are some of our favorite articles submitted.  Check them out, give us your thoughts and send us yours today.

We are ALL Sgt. A. Merica. These are OUR voices.


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Stay Safe.

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