NEW YORK – A Muslim student who said she was harassed on the subway by drunken, hate-spewing white men shouting “Donald Trump!” lied to police because she broke her curfew, law enforcement sources said Wednesday.

Yasmin Seweid, 18, told police in New York she was taunted Dec. 1 on the No. 6 train by three men who called her a terrorist and tried to snatch her hijab from her head while other passengers idly stood by, reported the New York Daily News.

Seweid claimed a white trio mocked her and tried to tear the religious garb from her. She provided police with a description of the suspects, and they actively sought to solve the alleged crime by checking for witnesses and looking through surveillance videos.

“She had numerous opportunities to admit nothing happened and she kept sticking by her story,” a police source said, according to the Daily News.

Seweid even posted an emotional account of the attack on Facebook.

“I was harassed on the subway last night,” she wrote. “And it was just so dehumanizing I can’t speak about it without getting emotional.”

The inconsistencies in her story were attributed to trauma. But doubts developed when detectives could not find witnesses or any significant video.

Then she left home and was reported missing on Thursday — only to turn up safe Friday. Suspicion then significantly increased.

On Wednesday, after again being confronted with questions from detectives, Seweid said she had made it all up, citing family problems, reported the Daily News.

She admitted the story was a lie. “Nothing happened, and there was no victim,” a police source said.

The teen admitted that she lied to throw off her parents, who are Egyptian immigrants, because they disapproved of her boyfriend, a source said.

Seweid’s father, Syeed, 55, said he didn’t know why his daughter made up the story.

“I have no idea,” he said. “She’s the one that can speak for herself.”

Police sources say Seweid made up the story to avoid getting into trouble for breaking her curfew after being out late drinking with friends, according the News report.

Her strict, Muslim parents reportedly forced Seweid to shave her head over the incident and were upset that she was dating a Christian, sources said.

Seweid was charged with filing a false report and released after her arraignment early Thursday in Manhattan Criminal Court; her shaved head exposed, as she was not wearing her hijab.

As Seweid left court, she was escorted into a waiting SUV with a jacket covering her face.