Spec Ops Veteran Turned Musician Releases Highly Anticipated New Single


Brad Thomas, a ‘special mission’ unit veteran and his all-veteran band and supporters of the LEO community finally released their highly anticipated new single, more on the way.

New York, NY: Brad Thomas and his all veteran band, Silence & Light, just released their hit single Slinky from their  upcoming album “Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda…”

Brad Thomas, retired career special operations soldier for the U.S. Army, and Silence & Light have been working on their second album for over a year.

“We all worked hard on this album and were in no rush to get it out. We wanted to make sure it was just right. And so far the feedback has been incredible,” Brad said in an exclusive interview with Law Enforcement Today.

Brad and Silence & Light’s music style is inspired by the famed 90’s grunge music that was born in the infamous Seattle area music scene. Bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and many other legendary bands all came from the Seattle area and  have a distinct sound to them. And Silence & Light pays homage to the widely popular era by sounding very similar – which is a part of the reason for their success.

Spec Ops Veteran Turned Musician Releases Highly Anticipated New Single
Artistry completed by retired LEO and artist Matt Rendar, follow him and his awesome art on IG @mattrendar

Brad Thomas’ Original Album

Their first album, Volume 1, released in 2019, did very well and exceeded all expectations. But the songs themselves are largely geared towards the military and first responder community.

As a former career special operations soldier, Brad knows all too well what the struggles are facing soldiers coming home for combat.

“I consider myself fortunate for not having too many personal struggles from years of combat deployments, but I can’t say the same for many of my colleagues,” Brad said. “I’ve known too many guys that have struggled with mental health issues after coming home… many severely. And some are no longer with us because they lost their battles with their demons.”

Mental health is a topic that is near and dear to Silence & Light’s heart, which is reflected in their first album, Volume 1. One of their more somber songs, entitled “22” is a reference to the amount of veterans who take their own lives per day. Another song “War” is exactly what it sounds like as it carries heavy and fast instrumentals – and war can be fast and heavy.

There’s also “Look After Me”, a deeply moving tale of a struggling veteran searching for hope – a song sure to bring tears.

Spec Ops Veteran Turned Musician Releases Highly Anticipated New Single
The term ‘Silence & Light’ is a subjective term that could mean different things to different people.

Since Brad understands the mental health challenges facing law enforcement, first responders and veterans, his band have committed to helping out.

“We dedicate a large chunk of the proceeds we get through our merchandise and downloads to nonprofit organizations like Warriors Heart Foundation. They help those who serve our community and country recover from post-traumatic stress and bring them to a much better place mentally,” Brad said.

Brad Thomas and the “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda…” Album

Brad and Silence & Light’s next album is due out June 23rd. And if you want to get a taste, check out their new single Slinky. It’s an angsty but upbeat song that taps into the band’s roots in the 1990’s grunge movement – a sonic throwback. The song is a tale of the all-too-familiar issue of parents divorcing, but from a child’s perspective.

However,  the song doesn’t have the same veteran/ first responder undertone as all the songs on their first album did.

And that’s by design.

“Our goal for the second album was to reach far beyond the first responder and veteran audience.  We want to connect to a broader, more mainstream audience,” Brad said.

On the surface, one might assume that Silence & Light forgot their roots and where they came from. But in reality, it’s the exact opposite.

“We will always support veterans, law enforcement officers and the first responder community. By reaching a broader audience and pursuing the mainstream listeners, we will sell more albums and downloads. And in doing so, we’ll be able to better support nonprofit organizations,” Brad said.

Spec Ops Veteran Turned Musician Releases Highly Anticipated New Single
Brad was in the Battle of Mogadishu as an Army Ranger, here he holds the US flag with a follow soldier. Mogadishu, Somalia.

Brad Thomas and Silence & Light deserve all the support they can get so they can continue their mission of helping others. It’s a noble cause and one that is needed in these difficult times.

The law enforcement profession continues to be a difficult one for a host of reasons. But there are still people, groups and organizations that will support us – like Brad and Silence & Light.

Check out their single on YouTube, follow Silence & Light and Brad Thomas on Instagram for the latest updates. And go to their website, www.silenceandlightmusic.com to learn more.

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