There have now been more than 300 murders in once city this year, including 31 kids and a child who loved to dance.


MEMPHIS, TN – Violent crime has risen in many areas across the country and cities like Memphis, TN, are no exception. The total number of people who have been murdered in the city as of Dec. 5 has now reached 302. Of those 302 murdered, a startling 31 were children.

Fox News spoke to the family of Jordyn Washington, a young girl who is the most recent in the spate of homicides. Sammie Washington, the grandmother of Jordyn, called her the shining light of the family. 

She said:

“She was my dancing ballerina ’cause she loved to dance.”

Jordyn’s father, Jasen Washington, said that he is doing the best he can under the circumstances to stay strong after losing his baby girl. 

He said:

“I think me and God talked a lot. Enough. Not enough but enough to stay grounded and be there for the people, like my mom.  She was there.”

Jordyn was shot and killed on Nov. 22 when a stray bullet struck and killed her. The Memphis Police Department was able to identify the suspected shooter, 43-year-old Cedric Conley. 

Police said that Conley was suspected of shooting at other people and did not intend to strike Jordyn. Sadly, one of the bullets Conley is alleged to have fired entered the apartment where Jordyn was staying and struck her.

Sammie spoke about the day of the shooting and said she was inside the apartment in Raleigh when it happened. 

Sammie said:

“I would just let him [Conley] know what he took from me.  He took my little shining light.  She was a beautiful black baby.”

Jasen also spoke about Conley and said that in spite of it all, he somehow has no feelings of ill will against him. 

Rather, he said:

“I would just ask him why.  Just try to talk to him as a man.  Just ask him why that anger was so much on him.”

Jordyn’s aunt, Ivy Houston, has been living in the city since the 1980s and said typically, it’s a great city to be in. However, seeing the violence that has occurred throughout the year has been disheartening. 

Houston said:

“Memphis is a great city.  Got good people here.  But you know you’ve got a few bad apples.”

Sadly, the Washington story is not the only one regarding the number of people who were needlessly killed in Memphis this year. The most recent homicide of an adult was reported on Dec. 5. 

Memphis officers responded to Haynes Street in Orange Mound for a report of a man who had been stabbed. When they arrived, they discovered that the victim, Calvin Jones, a father of eight children, had been stabbed repeatedly until he died. Police identified a suspect, Kevin Boyd, in that homicide.

Chris Smith, a neighbor of Jones, said:

“I mean he was a cool cat.  He was a cool person, he was a father.”

Memphis police allege that Boyd stabbed Jones multiple times during an argument over a bottle being thrown into his yard.  Boyd was arrested at the scene for the murder.

Responding to the rise in violent crime, the Memphis City Council discussed the merits of creating a task force, which would bring in people from various organizations in an attempt to stop the crime. The council wanted to address the murder rate in the city which, in November, had risen 26.2 percent over last year.

Councilman Dr. Jeff Warren introduced the measure hoping the task force could curb the numbers. 

Dr. Warren said:

“It’s my understanding after talking with the [Mayor Jim Strickland] about this, I think they’re dying for us to be able to nominate people to fill these positions because they need our observations on the ground to get the correct people on this task force to make it work.”

He continued:

“What we’ve done isn’t working as well as we would like. We already have parts of this puzzle working separately out there and if we could get this task force designed to be the integrating force that pulls things together.”

Warren added:

“We need community members, we need church members, we need people who have contact with gangs on here in addition to all the various organizations of our government that will make this task force work. But it’s got to be developed in Memphis with people in Memphis on the task force.”

What remains clear is that there is a violent issue when it comes to crime in the city of Memphis.  Regardless of whether a task force is the answer or not, the city leaders need to come up with a plan to address the issue and ensure that citizens feel safe.

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Firefighter murdered in Memphis, marking second murder of a firefighter in the city in the past month


August 25, 2020

MEMPHIS, TN – The city of Memphis has been rocked again with another murder of a firefighter on Aug. 16, making this the second Memphis firefighter killed within roughly one month’s time.

Officials confirmed that the man shot and killed in Whitehaven on Aug. 16 was 31-year-old Courtney Anderson. The shooting happened at approximately 4:50 p.m. in the 4100 block of Eastwind Dr., according to the Memphis Police Department.


Anderson, who served with the Memphis Fire Department for nearly five years, leaves behind a wife and a three-year-old daughter.

Police have now arrested Delvone Williams, 18, and charged him with murder in perpetration of a felony and criminal attempt of aggravated robbery, court records show.

According to witnesses near the scene, Williams and two other suspects were overheard talking about robbing Anderson, then he was shot.

An affidavit shows that Williams and the other suspects fled the scene before police arrived.

Court documents show a witness asked Williams what happened and he said “he didn’t know he had shot him.”

Police say the two other suspects are still on the run.

Gina Sweat, the Director of the Division of Fire Services for the MFD, released the following statement in the wake of Anderson’s murder:

“Words cannot express our sorrow over the tragic off-duty death of one of our own, Firefighter Courtney Anderson assigned to Truck 17 B-Shift.

“Courtney began a promising career with the Memphis Fire Department on September 8, 2015, and he had worked extremely hard to live up to his pledge to serve and protect the citizens of Memphis.”

The statement released from Sweat continued, offering condolences to the family and loved ones that Anderson leaves behind:

“It was a pleasure to have Courtney on our team and he will be greatly missed. Our heartfelt condolences are extended to his family, friends and his Memphis Fire Department brothers and sisters.”

vigil was held in remembrance of the firefighter on Aug. 22 outside of Melrose High School.


We at Law Enforcement Today would like to extend our condolences to Anderson’s family and those who knew and loved him. We hope that whoever is responsible for this hero’s murder is found and brought to justice.

As mentioned earlier, this marks the second murder of a firefighter in Memphis in roughly a month’s time.

According to police, two suspects have been arrested in connection with the murder of an off-duty firefighter who was found shot to death inside his car on July 15. The Memphis firefighter, identified as Mack Bond, had reportedly been a firefighter for 21 years.


When Joe Norman from the Memphis Firefighters Association heard about the passing of his friend Bond, he was struck “speechless”:

“I’m speechless. He was a great firefighter. I worked with him many a time. He was always outgoing energetic happy.”

An affidavit revealed that Danielle Mack and Carlton Wells were both arrested on July 17 for the murder of Bond. From what the affidavit claims, Wells was initially identified as a suspect by way of obtained surveillance footage reportedly captured near the scene.

After Wells was taken into custody by police, he openly admitted to being the gunman who killed Bond.


However, the suspect gave further insight into the events that led up to the murder, claiming Bond was making some rather bizarre requests to him and Mack.

Wells told investigators that he and his girlfriend, Mack, were inside their parked vehicle at Kennedy Park on Raleigh Lagrange Road when Bond parked his car next to theirs.

According to Wells, Bond had asked for Wells and Mack to have sex with each other, presumably in front of him. After Bond allegedly requested said act to be performed, Wells claimed that he became uncomfortable and opened fire on Bond.

It’s a rather strange version of events – and even if there is just a shred of truth to said interaction – that still wouldn’t absolve someone from criminal charges of murder, which is what Wells was charged with.


Mack, Wells’ girlfriend, was charged with tampering of evidence. The rationale for the charges against Mack stem from the vehicle that Mack and Wells were inside during the time of the murder.

It turns out that the car was a rental, and shortly after the shooting took place, Mack returned the car to the rental location to exchange it for a new rental car.  

With so many unknowns in this case, one thing that is certain is that Bond, a veteran firefighter, did not deserve to be murdered. We at Law Enforcement Today will keep family and those close to this fallen firefighter in our prayers.


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