Did Colorado Just Snag the Delphi Double Murder Suspect?

TELLER COUNTY, Colo. – Disturbing news rocked Indiana when Carroll County Sheriff’s Department announced two teenaged girls were found murdered on February 14, 2017 in Delphi, Indiana.

Abigail Williams and Liberty German, two Delphi teens, were last seen hiking on a local wooded trail the Monday afternoon prior around 1 p.m. and were later reported missing by their family. They had no known plans of running away and were thought of as great friends and well liked. Their bodies were discovered by a volunteer in a remote part of the area near Deer Creek.

Some of the details were released very cautiously to the public by law enforcement officials which included an audio recording and a picture of a possible suspect.

Ultimately, a sketch of the man police labeled as the key suspect was released nationwide. The public watched with anguish as law enforcement officials tearfully spoke in press releases accompanied by heart-felt pleas from the families to assist in identifying the man.

I could see the emotional fatigue on many of the Indiana law enforcement officials as I watched the case details unfold on television. Those are not cases we like to work. In fact, they are deadly to our psyche.  They  are especially difficult in a small close-knit community.

Although the police were diligently working the case, little progress was announced to the public until the press releases became farther and farther apart.

1100 miles away.

On September 14, 2017, Timothy Watkins was last seen on his mountain bike north of Colorado Springs, Colorado. He was 61, well liked, and known as a local legend in the sport. His body was discovered by a hiker a few days later. His remains were covered by some natural debris and partially hidden near a trail. Law enforcement had released information that the victim had been shot, but no suspects nor any motive were known.

In these two very distal natural areas, two different local communities were now in fear and lacking the comfort and safety of a nice town.

El Paso County CO Sheriff’s department announced another case was being investigated near the area where Timothy Watkins was murdered. Descriptions and a public alert were issued on September 21, 2017. They reported several complaints had been received about a man threatening people in the area with a hatchet.

A picture of the suspect in a vehicle had been captured and turned over to police investigators. The vehicle had expired Indiana plates and the driver appeared to be a male. A physical description was issued for public safety and also some hopes that some tips would sift into law enforcement.

What kind of evil person carries out these horrible acts?

We do not know all the facts but WHAT we do know about these cases appears to be very sinister.

Now police have put two and two together and are working in conjunction to see if there is a link.  Two very different cases could very well have been committed by the same murder suspect.

Is this the doings of a serial killer?

What would trigger this guy? How does this kind of deviant behavior surface and what has been going on with such a person all this time?

Is it Nations? Some news outlets have already dubbed him ” The Hatchet Man.” (CBS Denver) We may soon have more information. But for now, law enforcement must preserve the integrity of the cases. However, circumstances are really pointing Nations’ way.

Did Colorado Just Snag the Delphie Teen Murderer?

Daniel Nations mug shot Teller County Sheriff’s Office Colorado

Historical data shows Nations has been in trouble with the law frequently and is a registered sex offender, but not compliant. If you were to psycho-analyze the facts, it would appear he has been escalating with his behavior.

What makes offender detection and apprehension difficult sometimes is a transient lifestyle with no settled roots. Family and friends are few and far between, or estranged altogether. In these brutal cases miles apart, Nation’s navigation from Indiana to Colorado and witness accounts of his presence near the wilderness areas where Watkins was found are evidence of opportunity and proximity. His police contacts and local problems show he was near the town of Delphi both before and after the homicides of the two teens.

He was in possession of a hatchet both in Indiana and in Colorado. Additionally, he had a rifle. Was it the same caliber found to have been used against Watkins? Early reports seems to confirm that evidence. It all sounds very convincing. Take a look at the sketch of the suspect against the face of Nations.

Victimology points to very different victim types. However there are similarities in the type of areas where the victims were enjoying their leisure days. Trails, wooded, somewhat remote, and isolated from crowds. Perhaps the whole story will tell more.

German, Williams, and Watkins were all innocent lives cut way too short by someone who decided to perpetrate evil. What happened? What do we NOT know about these tragic events?

Delphi investigators have landed in Colorado and inquiries are underway with Daniel Nations. (RTV 6 ABC)

Questions from the media and public are rapidly flooding the “interwebs” and perhaps the answers will be forthcoming for all the victims’ families soon. Could Colorado have snagged a serial killer? What do you think?

I happen to think they are on to something.