HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – The suspect in the murder of Pct. 3 Asst. Chief Deputy Clint Greenwood killed himself the day after the murder, Baytown police announced Monday.

William Francis Kenny, 64, (pictured) was identified as the suspect in Greenwood’s murder Sunday night after a weeklong investigation, reported KHOU.

Yet police revealed, and records on the Harris County Medical Examiner’s website show, Kenny fatally shot himself outside a hospital last Tuesday, just 24 hours after Greenwood’s murder.

Investigators confirmed that at the time of his apparent suicide, Kenny was not identified as a suspect.

Baytown police spokesman, Lt. Steve Dorris, confirmed Kenny took his own life near Ben Taub Hospital in the Texas Medical Center.

“Investigators also learned that the weapon Mr. Kenney used to take his own life is consistent with the weapon that was used in the murder of Assistant Chief Deputy Greenwood,” said Dorris.

Baytown PD says Kenny was tracked down with additional surveillance video not released to the public. Authorities managed to track down his car to a convenience store, which had more video that gave investigators a clearer picture of his face. And finally after hours of labor-intensive review, the positive identification was made Sunday night.

Lt. Dorris discounted the rumors that Kenny worked in law enforcement. Furthermore, he had no apparent connection to police work. He also eliminated rumors regarding a “hit list.” Police say at this time it does not look like any other people were targeted by Kenny.

The motive remains under type wraps as investigators move forward with their work. However, authorities confirmed Kenny filed numerous complaints with the sheriff’s office prior to Greenwood’s murder.

Earlier Monday morning, before all law enforcement authorities and the public learned that Kenny had been identified as a suspect and committed suicide, deputies swarmed the historic 1910 courthouse in downtown Houston believing that Greenwood’s killer may have been in the area, according to chron.com.

But the dots were eventually connected and Baytown police provided details regarding Kenny’s demise at his own hands.

(Photo courtesy Baytown Police Department)