Officers nearly murdered in SWAT incident after new state law goes into effect banning less-lethal weapons


LONGVIEW, WA- On Wednesday, August 4th, multiple officers were injured and a police K9 was bludgeoned with a pool cue after SWAT team members were unable to respond with less-lethal options on an armed-suspect thanks to state law changes aimed a “police reform.”

According to a press release from the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO), the incident began at approximately 10:10 a.m. when a woman called 911 to report that her husband was chasing her around their home with a knife while threatening to “sacrifice her to God.”

Authorities stated that deputies responded to the two-story residence, which was located in the 2000 block of 46th Avenue and were luckily able to rescue the woman and get her to safety.

However, in its press release, CCSO stated that her 55-year-old husband only briefly exited the residence and refused to comply with commands to surrender.

The husband turned and headed back inside of the residence, challenging deputies to follow him into the house. He then began throwing various items and shattered glass in the driveway near the location where the deputies had parked their patrol cars.

By that time, the deputies had developed probable cause to arrest the man for second-degree domestic violence assault. In the press release, CCSO said:

“Negotiators spoke with the suspect by phone and deputies gave commands over a public address speaker, but they were unable to convince the suspect to surrender.”

While on the phone with the negotiators, the suspect allegedly told them that he was going to get his shotgun – a weapon his family members confirmed was inside the home. CCSO immediately contacted the Lower Columbia SWAT team to assist with the standoff.

CCSO also obtained a search warrant for the home. The sheriff’s office stated that the team came under attack as soon as they entered the house to take the violent suspect into custody. In the press release, CCSO said:

“The suspect attempted to gouge out one officer’s eye by putting fingers inside the officer’s eye socket between his skull and eyeball. The suspect also spit in the officer’s eyes and bit the officer’s hands.”

The violent suspect also allegedly bashed a CCSO K9 in the head with a pool cue, lacerating the K9’s ear. The suspect continued to fight with the officers, who eventually managed to get him handcuffed in front of his body.

The officers moved the suspect outside and tried to reposition the handcuffs to his back. In the press release, CCSO added:

“The suspect then tried to cut officers with a glass shard has he continued to resist efforts to secure him.”

According to CCSO, by the time the team had the suspect in custody, more than three hours had passed since the initial 911 call. In the press release, CCSO noted:

“This incident is one of many instances that highlight the negative outcomes of legislation that went into effect on July 25th, 2021. There were several opportunities during this incident to utilize less-lethal options, but those options are not longer available due to House Bill 1054.”

The press released added:

“During the initial contact, the suspect exited the home and refused to comply with commands. Bean-bag munitions could have been deployed at this point to take the suspect into custody.”

House Bill 1054 also prohibits officers from using beanbag rounds to breach windows. The sheriff’s office stated:

“During this incident, SWAT members had to fill buckets with rocks, which were thrown by hand to breach window.”

The press release said that another less-lethal option eliminated by the new law was the use of 40mm gas munitions:

“This less-lethal tool is also prohibited by HB 1054, as it is over .50 caliber. The 40mm launcher can also be used to deploy less-lethal foam rounds, which could have been used when the suspect threatened SWAT members with a pool cue.”

Deputies are also banned from using vascular neck restraints in any situation, which means they could not legally use that tactic even as the suspect was trying to murder them with a glass shard. In the press release, CCSO pointed out:

“This tactic could have been used to quickly and safely stop the suspect from attempting to slash SWAT members.”

CCSO added:

“This incident highlights the need for the legislature to immediately correct deficiencies in recently passed legislation so that law enforcement officers can have the tools they need to serve their communities safely and effectively.”

According to authorities, the unidentified male suspect has been charged with two counts of second-degree assault, two counts of third-degree assault, domestic violence, harming a police dog, obstructing a law enforcement officer, felony harassment, and resisting arrest.

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“Police reform” in Washington make it nearly impossible for troopers to pursue wrong way driver

August 1st, 2021

EVERETT, WA- Washington State Patrol troopers stated that they were unable to pursue a driver who reportedly refused to stop while driving erratically on southbound I-5 on Thursday, July 29th, because of a new law that recently wen into effect.  

According to reports, State Patrol stated that the driver refused to stop and then turned the vehicle around on the on ramp to southbound I-5, traveling the wrong way on the interstate and hitting another vehicle head on.  The person who was in the vehicle that was hit suffered minor injuries. 

House Bill 1054, which was signed by Governor Jay Inslee in May and went into effect on Sunday, July 25th, bans the use of choke holds, neck restraints, no knock-warrants and limits the use of high-speed pursuits. 

Under HB 1054, law enforcement cannot pursue a vehicle unless there is probable cause that someone in the vehicle is believed to have committed or is committing a violent or sex offense or if there is reasonable suspicion that the person is driving under the influence, among other reasons.

HB 1054 has raised concern amongst law enforcement, as Sergeant Darren Moss with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office stated:

“So, basically, is it worthwhile to pursue this car knowing that it’s rush hour? Most of the time officers will say ‘no,’ but at three o’clock in the morning or two o’clock in the morning? There’s no one on the road and we used to have the ability to say, ‘yeah, I think it’s still safe to do so.’ At this point, it’s just going to be a solid no.”

Moss said it is a risky move to not go after potential suspects at the scene. He added:

“You have that, not necessarily all that gut feeling, but there’s enough information to connect two and two together and figure out, OK, yeah, this is probably my car.

I don’t have enough to say for sure, but there’s a good instinct there, inclination that this is a vehicle I’m looking for. And now the vehicle took off when I turn my lights on; that’s an even better clue that this is probably the car I’m looking for. Unfortunately, we can’t use that feeling anymore.”

This is a sentiment shared by Kent Police Chief Rafael Padilla. He stated:

“There are exceptions in the law, but to get those exceptions, it’s extremely rare when it comes to pursuit and the public needs to be aware of that.”

As for other concerns about HB 1054, Padilla said that the Kent Police Department got rid of chokeholds last year, so that does not impact their work, but vascular neck restraints will. He stated:

“There are some life and death situations when an officer might be able to use that technique instead of using deadly force. With that option pulled away, the officer will have less options on what they can do, which means they may have to resort to deadly force.”

He added:

“At the end of the day, we are here to follow the law and protect and serve and we will train our officers to do that moving forward.”

Sergeant Pruneda from the Pasco Police Department agrees that police will continue to do their jobs. He said:

“Change will always come and these are not the last police reform bills that will come into law. There will always be change and police will have to adapt, but we will always be police trying to keep the community safe.”

Pruneda wants to reassure the community to not be concerned that these new laws will keep police from doing their jobs. He added:

“We want everyone to know we will still be responding to 911 and crisis calls. There may be times where the way we respond might be different, like redirecting to a service that could better help your situation.”

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Antifa celebrates murder of Washington state deputy sheriff who was shot in the head and executed

July 25th, 2021

EAST VANCOUVER, WA – A deputy was killed in a shooting on Friday in East Vancouver, and left-wing radicals including Antifa celebrated the tragedy on social media.

The Clarks County deputy sheriff was shot and killed about 7 p.m. at The Pointe Apartments. The shooting resulted in a massive police response from several agencies.

Police issued a bulletin reporting they were searching for three suspects following the shooting, saying the suspects were considered armed and dangerous.

Two of three suspects were captured in a yard following a pursuit from the scene and a subsequent manhunt.

A woman in the apartment complex was also arrested, according to police.

Clark County Sheriff’s Sgt. Brent Waddell confirmed Friday night that a deputy was seriously injured in the shooting. The Sheriff’s Department later announced that the deputy had died from his injuries:

“It is with great sadness the Clark County Sheriff’s Office is informing the community a deputy was killed in the in of duty this evening. This is a difficult time for the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, law enforcement agencies in Clark County and the surrounding Clark County, Portland metro area.

Clark County law enforcement appreciates the support and understanding of the community in these tough times. The investigation is in its early stages and information will be released as it becomes available.”

The notice indicated that no further information would come from the Clark County Sheriff’s Department, and that the Vancouver Police Department would issue any updates.

The deputy was later identified as 46-year-old Detective Jeremy Brown. Detective Brown was a 15-year veteran of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. 

In a display of hatred and lack of common compassion, the Twitter post was riddled with Antifa and other left-wing radicals celebrating the announcement of the officer’s death.

One post read:

“It says a lot that upon scanning ‘sheriff / shot / died’ my blood pressure skyrocketed in anxiety, then when reading my thoughts were ‘good’ shortly succeeded by ‘…good?’

“Murder is bad, but if it prevents multiple other murders… & 12’s whole thing is saying that that’s okay….”

In a shockingly heartless post, a user called “Cassie” wrote:

“I’m sorry for the loss of the potential he had to stop being a pig of his own volition, and for his loved ones who are hurting. Also, ACAB.”

“ACAB” is an acronym used as a political slogan by anti-police groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter. The letters stand for “All Police Are Bastards.” The letters are often seen on graffiti, tattoos, and at other locations written as the numbers 1312, representing the order of the letters in the English alphabet.

Other posts included someone asking, “Who has the officer down meme??” answered by two disturbing posts.

The other was a meme of a cartoon sun displaying the thumb’s up sign saying, “Officer Down!”

Another was a cartoon of a smiling face saying, “Noice,” slang for nice.

Other users who commented on the Clarks County notice expressed sympathy for the officer and shock at the inhuman left-wing behavior on display.

Poster Peter Jackson did not hold back his distaste for the horrendous comments being made:

“You have the empathy of a serial killer and the morals of Hitler.”

Another poster recognized the absurdity and predictability of the comments, posting a meme and saying:

“Oh, man.  This post is an Antifa scum gold mine.”

Although Twitter allowed the negative and hostile comments praising the death of a law enforcement officer to show freely on the thread, most comments defending the officer and calling out the hateful comments were hidden under a warning saying:

“Show additional replies, including those that may contain offensive content.”

Twitter censorship (Screenshot Twitter Page)
Twitter censorship (Screenshot Twitter Page)

Some of those “offensive” comments included:

  • “That’s terrible to hear. To all the scum celebrating this officer’s death, I challenge you to talk this way one on one with a person of opposing view (me) without your group of idiots behind you. I guarantee (that) after slapping you multiple times, you will dial 911.”
  • “Y’all cheering the loss of human life need some serious mental health intervention.”
  • “Lots of incel pieces of sh** in this thread. All Commies Are Bastards.”

Despite the political censorship, Twitter allowed such comments as death toll scorekeeping and calling the deputy’s death “Karma” to remain in public view:

“So, it’s what, 3-1? They’ve killed like 3 people in the last year so I’m not gonna question karma.”

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Group of patriots that publicly humiliated Antifa go all-in for Portland police: ‘We’ve got your six’

June 18, 2021


PORTLAND, OR – Longtime Portland resident and activist Chandler Pappas has a positive message for the beleaguered Portland Police Department on behalf of police supporters and patriotic Americans.

Pappas came to widespread public attention, especially in the Pacific Northwest, when he and a group of fellow patriots removed a statue dubbed the “Nightmare Elk” from its location in downtown Portland in October of 2020.

According to Oregon Live, this “makeshift metal elk” was created by an unknown artist to replace a 120-year-old elk statue that was removed by the city after rioters targeted it with fires and graffiti.

The Portland Tribune notes that the “Nightmare Elk” sculpture was “presumably” placed in Portland by “protest supporters.”  Oregon Live reports that a Twitter account called “PDX Frontline Alerts” claimed that the statue was a “memorial for Black victims of police violence.”

Pappas and his cohorts removed the statue, dressed it in Trump decor, and took it on a flatbed to a pro-Trump drag-the-interstate event, documenting their prank on social media.

Saying that the group was “having fun,” Pappas described their actions as “a little push back to Antifa.”

A Portland Police Bureau spokesman stated that no one reported the incident as a theft.

Pappas has been involved in many protests in opposition to widespread leftist violence and anti-police riots over the past year in the Pacific Northwest, marching alongside fellow patriots, and helping to protect store owners from looting and violence.

Although Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt has declined to prosecute Antifa and BLM rioters, Pappas has not received similar dispensation from Marion County for his own protest activity.  He has been indicted on several charges following an unlawful assembly event at the Oregon Capitol building.

While awaiting trial, he has relocated to Arizona, but his heart is still in the Pacific Northwest, and with Portland police.

He told us:

“I’m somebody who is anti-Antifa and pro-police.  I want my freedom.  I want order restored to the street, and I’m somebody who is willing to take action.”

Pappas added:

“I know a lot of guys [on the force] who have quit and a lot of guys who have been struggling in Portland with everything that’s been going on.  They’ve been handcuffed, metaphorically, their resources are completely restricted.  

“There are so few things that they can actually do, and it puts them in danger.  

“And when people are just mocking them and assaulting them day in and day out, I think it would be hard to remember that 99 percent of America, 95 percent at least, really wants to see order restored.”

Pappas’ sympathies for the Portland Police Bureau have especially been triggered lately in the wake of the actions of Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt against Rapid Response Team member Corey Budworth, in connection to a riot response last year.

As Law Enforcement Today previously reported, on the night of August 18, 2020, Antifa militants hurled a Molotov cocktail into the County Sheriff’s Department Headquarters. 

Heavily outnumbered, the Rapid Response Team, tasked with riot and demonstration response, sought to gain control of the situation.

In the melee, Response team Officer Budworth struck a protester with a baton in the head.

Budworth stated that the strike was accidental, and an independent investigation cleared him as compliant with use-of-force policy.

Nevertheless, in a move that the Portland Police Union called “politically-driven,” the district attorney’s office indicted Budworth on one count of fourth-degree assault.

In a show of solidarity and support for Budsworth and against the actions of the D.A., the 50 members of the Rapid Response Team voted unanimously to resign their positions on the team.  They will continue to be employed by the Portland Police Bureau.

Regarding this mass resignation, Pappas told us:

“Generally I just want police to know that we support them in stepping up against people like Mike Schmidt, people like that D.A.”

He continued with the following message for the Portland Police Bureau, which he believes speaks for at least 95 percent of the country:

“To the men and women of the Rapid Response Team in Portland, the bell has not rung for you.  We the people recognize and appreciate, beyond what words could express, the sacrifice that you have made today, as well as the innumerable sacrifices and hardships you endured and persevered through over the last year.

“We the people acknowledge that heart is required to make such a bold and brave statement in the face of the adversity that are the policy makers in Portland, which have had your resources restricted, your courage mocked, and now your jobs and even freedoms put in jeopardy.”

He went on to add:

“It is choice that makes a man, it is by choice that you sit behind a badge, by choice that you took up a fight every single time it was called upon you to do so, and it is by choice that you have embraced the agency that you were endowed with, by choice that you stand in line with your brothers and sisters, and by choice you have boldly disregarded the demands of the corrupted office in Portland, and once again you have chosen the righteous path before you.

“It is held in the highest order of importance to those of us who would see peace and order restored to the streets, that you know in your hearts that we the people have your back.”





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