MSNBC contributor: “We need to abolish American policing as it currently exists”


During a recent airing of MSNBC’s “Deadline”, network contributor Jason Johnson said that in light of the controversial in-custody deaths of individuals like George Floyd and Daunte Wright, that “we need to abolish American policing as it currently exists.”

The comments from Johnson were aired during the April 13th broadcasting of “Deadline” on MSNBC, where Johnson was responding to the recent comments made by former President Obama regarding the deaths of Daunte Wright and George Floyd.

After the show host read former President Obama’s comments, she turned to Johnson for comment, where he stated:

“I’ve been saying we need to abolish American policing as it currently exists. It doesn’t work. And we don’t seem to have this sort of difficulty when we’re talking about any other government agency.”

Johnson then went to critique modern policing by comparing the high school graduation rate of the city of Baltimore to that of police departments’ ability to solve/clear criminal investigations:

“I teach my class with Morgan State students before this, we were having this discussion with a bunch of 19 and 20-year-olds, and I pointed out to them, I said, what’s the graduation rate for high school kids in Baltimore? The Baltimore graduation rate is only about 80%.”

“People are always screaming, oh my gosh, Baltimore public schools are terrible. They need to be taken over by the state. They need to be taken over by the government. Only 80% of these kids graduate.”

“Do you know the average homicides that are actually solved by police departments? Only about 35%. You know the number of rapes and sexual assaults that are solved by police departments? Less than 60%.”

It seems like Johnson has some of his statistics mixed up, as homicide investigations have a clear rate in the United States of about 61%; and rape/sexual assault investigations have a clear rate of roughly 32%.

Johnson continued from there, alleging that “unarmed” black men are “five times” more likely to be fatally shot by police than white people:

“You know the percentage, likelihood of being shot unarmed as a black person is, like, five times as likely than a white person? Policing doesn’t work the way we’re doing it right now.”

One could only arrive at that “five times” more likely figure by engaging in manipulative data interpretation because, according to the Washington Post’s police shooting database, from January 2015 up until this writing, 135 unarmed black suspects and 168 unarmed white suspects were shot by police.

The fact is, a white suspect who encounters police will be more likely to get shot by police – whether armed or unarmed – in the United States.

Where one could arrive at this “five times” more likely figure is by, in bad faith, manipulating the data of unarmed suspects shot via adjusting for population size (since the black population in the U.S. is about 13.4% and the white population is about 76.3%).  

However, if one wanted to be nefarious, someone could just as easily paint a damning portrait of black Americans or enable a victimhood portrait of white Americans by interpreting data and adjusting for population size.

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LET Unity

MSNBC has a history when it comes to contributors making some outlandish, and usually unsubstantiated, claims. 

Back in February, we at Law Enforcement Today shared a report on another MSNBC contributor alleging that there’s white supremacy basked into the military and police departments across America. 

Here’s that previous report. 


WASHINGTON, D.C.- On Friday, February 19th, MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch appeared on “Dateline” and said that one in ten Americans, policemen, military members believe it is “acceptable” to have the “white supremacists or nea-Nazi’s values” of many of the militia groups that took part in the storming of the U.S. Capitol back on January 6th.

During the appearance, anchor Nicolle Wallace said:

“You know, Donny, I share what I think is a universal assessment of most viewers of this network that it is time to move on from the other guy. But, I think that if we ignore who and how and why what happened on January 6 happened, it would be like ignoring 9/11.”

Wallace added:

“The charges and the charging documents are really all that we know. But, they are charging militia groups, member after member  and what they’re saying is, ‘I came because Donald Trump told me to come.’ You add that with the news of 36 members of the Capitol Police under investigation. The pictures getting more disturbing, not less.”

Deutsch responded by saying:

“Nicolle, it’s a question of moving on from the other guy, but not moving on from the problem. The other guy stood for, magnified, illuminated and certainly exacerbated. ABC News ‘Washington Post’ poll from 2017 a couple years back, one in ten Americans think its OK to have white supremacists or neo-Nazi values, points of view.”

He added:

“The word was acceptable to them. 17% of Trump supporters, almost one in five Trump supporters said it’s acceptable to have neo-Nazi white supremacist views. Let that sink in for a minute.”

He continued by saying:

“We can not in anyway shape or form move on because this problem you are talking about now, if you put the numbers to it, 25, 30 million Americans are kind of in this camp. They weren’t necessarily storming the Capitol themselves, but a piece of them was there with them or they would not share those views.”

Deutsch said:

“We cannot move on from this. This is the number one terror threat to our country now. It is not longer not threats from overseas, it is domestic terror. That is what HHS has said. This very division was set up to fight terrorism from around the world now its number one priority is terrorism within.”

He reiterated:

“We cannot move on. If you go back to what I saw about one in ten Americans, that’s one in ten policemen, one in ten people in Armed Forces.

You know, these groups that are meant to protect us are certainly not in any way absent from being represented of this problem. So, no, we cannot move on from the other problem, the other guy, whatever you want to call it.”

According to the U.S Capitol Police administration, 35 individual Capitol Police officers are under internal investigation, six of them are suspended with pay, for alleged misconduct during the storming of the Capitol on January 6th.

The entire department is currently under investigation by four Congressional committees and an inspector general.

According to the police union, several officers were hospitalized for serious injuries suffered during the riot; the force lost two officers, one who allegedly died during the attack and another died by suicide following the attack.

When asked what reforms she wanted to see in the department, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said:

“I have asked retired Lieutenant General Russell Honore to lead an immediate review of security infrastructure, interagency processes, and command and control.”

Acting Chief Yogananda said in a recent video statement:

“We’ve also reinstituted critical emergency training and will be providing officers with additional training based on the lessons we have learned.”

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