MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch declares Trump supporters are ‘jerks’ who ‘really suck as human beings’


NEW YORK CITY, NY– MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch was a guest on Thursday’s “Deadline: White House” when he stated that the more than 50 million Americans who support President Donald Trump are “jerks” and “really suck as human beings”. 

Why?  Because they support the President of the United States and have different personal opinions about the restrictions mandated by certain leaders of some states in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The interview took place on Thursday, December 10th. The host of the show, Nicole Wallace, began replaying the way in which current Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden spoke after tragedies. 

She replayed some clips of Biden speaking after the 9/11 attacks, turned to Deutsch and said:

“Donny, it’s almost eerie to hear someone talk like that.  We are so starved of this sort of language of grief and loss.”

Deutsch acknowledged and then began talking about Biden’s ability, in his opinion, to run the country during a devastating tragedy.  He said:

“One of the traits of a leader is three things – it’s honesty, it’s empathy and it’s having a vision.  It’s an honesty to confront a problem and say we have a problem and say here’s the loss and here’s the problem. 

“The empathy is the most important part, and ‘I understand and I can feel it.  I feel you.’  And you feel for them.”

Deutsch then continued to attack those who support President Donald Trump and said too many of them, whom he referred to as “the ungreatest generation”, will not be open to Biden’s policies regarding the pandemic should he win the election.  He said:

“Here’s the problem.  In one of your earlier segments, there was a – you were showing a crowd at a Trump rally or an anti-corona rally, and somebody held up a sign that said ‘99 percent survival rate is not an emergency.’

“Which – that’s the mindset of somebody, if you were in a movie theatre with 100 people and one person was going to die, the other 99 shouldn’t care – shouldn’t huddle around. 

“And that’s the problem in this country, is that we have a part of this country called ‘the ungreatest generation’ and that is a ‘me’ culture, and ‘if it doesn’t affect me, I don’t give a damn.’  I mean, that sign says it all… 

“And that’s the problem.  Even if you have Biden’s leadership and it has those three traits, if you have a huge part of this population – and we do…And what it comes down to is, certain people can’t be led. 

“If you have enough people who don’t give a- don’t give a damn unless it affects them, it’s hard to solve the problem. 

“And we have a segment that is ‘the ungreatest generation’ and that’s the sadness that we have here that can’t feel – can’t look at that number, 3,000, and go, ‘Those are people.’ 

“They can’t – they can’t process it.  If it doesn’t affect them, they can’t process it.  That’s sad.”

Wallace responded to Deutsch’s comments and said that she found it difficult to believe that so many people seemingly did not care about others.  Deutsch then added:

“But maybe we have to get to a point that maybe there are 50 million jerks in this country – maybe that’s the sad truth, and how do we manage that?  Because Joe Biden is doing everything right. 

“And when you see that sign, and when you see – maybe there’s a chunk of us that really suck as human beings.  Maybe that’s a reality.”

The reality is that millions of Americans, not only Trump supporters, are experiencing extreme financial hardship under the stringent pandemic lockdown measures in some states. 

They are not being “jerks” as Deutsch says, but rather, these people are beside themselves with worry about how they are going to be able to provide for their families during this crisis.

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Second grade homework assignment tells students: Joe Biden is your President, not Donald Trump

December 11, 2020

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Talk about revisionist history, a second-grade class assignment in San Antonio, Texas, wanted to make sure that they understood that current Democratic Presidential candidate is their President, disregarding that President Donald Trump, regardless of the results of the election, is currently the President.

Despite the fact that he has not been in office previously and that Presidential election results have not been certified, a second-grade teacher took it upon herself to declare that Biden was the new President.

In the assignment, the teacher asked students to name the current President of the United States.  Regardless of where the election falls, the current President is Donald Trump.  Whether that changes next month or not, the fact remains the same, Donald Trump is the current President of our country.

And yet, these young children were given only one choice when it came to naming their current President.  They could only choose Joe Biden.    Dismayed radio personality, Kenny Webster,  tweeted:

“A Texas public school (Pierce Elementary in Southside ISD, San Antonio) asked 2nd grade students to complete a homework assignment that suggests that Joe Biden, not Donald Trump, is the name of America’s President.  This is 100% false – Trump is president.”

The incident caused a stir on the KPRC AM 950 Radio show of Walton and Johnson.  The clearly false narrative was reported from a parent to the show.

A parent who saw the worksheet, which not only did not list President Trump as an option, but there was also no mention of Mike Pence as the current Vice-President, reported the issue to Texas State Representative, Briscoe Cain, a Republican.  Cain said:

“This kind of assignment has no place in the classroom.  There’s no way this was an accident or some oversight.  It’s an overt act of brainwashing children.”

While, some people would not be surprised that Democratic leaders want to quickly forget about President Trump and Vice-President Pence, teaching children that they are not our current leadership is wrong. It is a blatant attempt to rewrite history. 

Whether or not Biden wins the election, there is no disputing that President Trump is, in fact, our current President.

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