SUFFOLK COUNTY, N.Y. – Suffolk County police commissioner Timothy Sini said the MS-13 gang was dealt a “huge blow.” The damage occurred when the police agency recently arrested 17 individuals in connection with a string of murders in Long Island, New York.

Of those arrested, six were juveniles, reported Fox Insider. More importantly, Sini announced, all of those arrested are connected to five murders that have occurred this year.

MS-13 originated out of Central America. Eight gang members in the unsealed indictment are in the U.S. illegally according to the report. Since September 2016, Sini said Suffolk County has arrested more than 230 MS-13 gang members for various charges in two major RICO cases.

One of the murderous crime sprees made national headlines in April. Four men were lured to a park in Central Islip, N.Y., by two teenage girls and then ambushed with knives, machetes and clubs by a group of MS-13 members.

Sini said the aggressive, collaborative effort targeting this gang has had a tremendous impact reducing violent crime in New York.

(Photo: Screenshot Tucker Carlson Show)