“You made them think”: Mother writes letter to thank state trooper for pulling over her speeding son


COLORADO – In July, a State Trooper with the Colorado State Patrol conducted a traffic stop on a speeding motorist.

The driver’s mother, who was in the car, wrote a letter to the Colorado State Patrol – not to complain about the Trooper, but rather to praise him.

The traffic stop happened on July 22nd when Colorado State Patrol Trooper R A Voss observed a speeding vehicle. Voss did as all law enforcement officers would do and pulled the vehicle over for the excessive speed.

According to the driver’s mother, identified only as Ronda, Trooper Voss approached the vehicle and began what ended up being a very impressive life lesson.

Ronda started off her letter by noting that any officer who stops a car has no idea what is going on with the person or persons they have stopped. In the beginning of her letter, posted on Facebook by the Colorado State Patrol, Ronda starts to give a little explanation:

“My sister and I had taken our 3 kids to Colorado. We are from Kansas. Both my sister and I had lost our husbands to cancer. Mine, 9 years ago and hers, 4 years ago. These 3 kids in the car had all lost their dads.”

Ronda then went on to explain how Trooper Voss treated she and her family with respect and dignity. Trooper Voss took the time to explain not only the violation to her son, Zane, but also what could happen if he continued speeding, especially through the mountainous area. Ronda wrote:

“We all really appreciated your kindness and advice. You made them think about what may happen if they couldn’t slow down in the mountains. You showed genuine care and concern for us!”

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While officers conduct traffic stops for various reasons, one of the biggest ones is to get the public to drive safely and avoid crashes (and not fill some unlawful quota).

Many officers choose only to write citations when they do not believe that the message of driving safely has been received by the driver they have stopped and when they believe it has, they typically let them off with a warning.

While it is unknown if Trooper Voss issued a speeding citation or not in this case, he is most likely very happy to know that not only did he make a positive impact on Ronda and her family, but that the message to drive safely was seemingly taken to heart.

Ronda wrote:

“As we drove away, we were all in awe at what had just happened. My son drove much slower and was cautious. It kind of felt like their dads had sent you to teach them a valuable lesson. Oh- and the math lesson was great too!”

When the Colorado State Patrol received the letter, they posted it on Facebook so that Trooper Voss could be praised, and the public could learn about positive interactions with law enforcement.

No doubt the State Patrol is proud of the job that Trooper Voss did in this circumstance, but we are also sure that he is not the only one that set a positive example for someone.

Often, supervisors of police officers only hear from the public when they feel wronged in some manner. Hardly ever does anyone take the time to call a police supervisor, or in this case, write a letter or email to thank the officer for their professionalism and impact they have made on someone.

Taking the five minutes it would take to talk to a police supervisor or send in a compliment through a department’s webpage may seem silly, but trust us, the officers need to hear praise more so than anything else.

Officers are human and when they hear all the time how awful they are from the mainstream media and other sources, they can get disgruntled or want to switch professions because they feel unappreciated.

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Not all heroes wear capes: Officers offer to pay phone bill so elderly woman could call for help

DETROIT, MI – The average police officer helps their communities in countless ways throughout their career.  Whether it is putting a violent offender away or paying for a traveler’s hotel stay, it happens more frequently than you realize, and the good deeds officers do reported on even less. 

Which is what makes this recent report out of Detroit, Michigan so heartwarming.

Detroit police officers from the 8th Precinct encountered an elderly woman who told them that she was afraid that someone had tried to break into her home.  The officers stopped what they were doing and offered to give her a ride to her home and check it out for her.

On the way to her residence, the woman expressed to the officers that she felt concerned for her safety because she would be unable to call for help in the event of an emergency because she could not pay her phone bill. 

Instead of walking away or simply avoiding the situation, the officers did what most police officers do, come up with a way to make the citizen feel safe in her home.

Detroit Police Officers Daniels and Robinson spared no time in coming up with a way to give this woman some type of feeling of security.  Both officers decided that her bill had to be paid, and if she could not afford to do it, they would.

The officers took the woman by the nearest phone company office so that her phone could be turned back on.  When they walked inside, with the woman, they both offered to pay her bill so that her phone could be activated and she could feel safe.

The Detroit Police Department tweeted about the situation, saying:

“Officers Daniels and Robinson assisted an elderly citizen.  She feared her home had been broken into and was unable to use her phone to call for help.  Officers drove her home and checked her house.  On the way, they stopped at the phone store and offered to pay her bill.”


The officers then took the woman to her residence where they checked out her complaint.  Officers Daniels and Robinson were able to not only clear the residence and make her feel safe inside of her home, but they also offered a key ingredient to law enforcement – compassion.

The majority of reports from the public regarding police are negative in nature because, more often than not, people rarely call to compliment an officer’s actions because they are happy with the service they received. 

However, when someone feels wronged, justified or not, they are more apt to make their experience known.

In this instance, Officers Daniels and Robinson did what they probably do on a daily basis, show care and compassion to those that are in need.  In law enforcement, the need to connect with the community and let them know you care is paramount to overcoming the negative media attention that is typically the focal point of any reporting.

While we do not know how the police department became aware of Officers Daniels and Robinson’s attempted good deed, odds are they did not report it themselves.  Very few officers want any type of attention on them, especially when it comes to helping others in this way.

The reason why is simple, the majority of officers, and in this case, specifically Officers Daniels and Robinson, got into law enforcement not only because they liked the job, but because, they had a desire to help others.  And when you help others, it isn’t done because you want the attention, it is because you have a big heart.

Bravo Officers Daniels and Robinson for doing the right thing and showing care and empathy for this person.  Although we are sure you have done it a million times, this time, you are given the recognition you deserve.

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