Mother of baby nearly hit in face by Antifa flash bomb at Christian event slams media for ignoring violence


PORTLAND, OR – An Oregon mother whose infant daughter was nearly injured when Antifa threw a flash bomb at her during a worship service earlier this month hijacked a city press conference to tell her story.

Jamee Anatello attended a worship service headlined as Courageous Truth Conference at Tom McCall Park in Portland with five of her children on Saturday, August 7. She told local media she was surprised when Antifa showed up at the event:

“I’ve always judged the events really well … what’s safe to take my kids to, what’s not.

“It never once crossed my mind that this would be an event they would show up to.”


She said she showed up to the event 20 to 30 minutes early, and Antifa was already gathering there. She said “there was probably more Antifa” there than Christians gathered for the event.

Anatello described how Antifa members threw a flash bomb at her and her 8-month-old daughter, who was only saved from injury by the quick action of a friend nearby.

The friend blocked the baby’s face wither arm, suffering bruises, welts, and blisters on her arms, hands, and feet.

After the attack, Anatello and her husband began videotaping the assault, capturing footage of Antifa members throwing flash grenades into the crowd.

Upset that local media refused to cover her story and tell the truth about Antifa’s dangerous behaviors, she said the media was more interested in reporting on the alleged presence of Proud Boys than the violence of Antifa:

“No local media has taken my story. I spoke with two different stations, and they rejected it.

“I believe that the reason they have not taken my story is because the narrative around here is that the Proud Boys are white supremacists when they’re not. And people around here just refuse to name Antifa as dangerous.

“Antifa has been praised as being … not just anti-fascist … they care about Black Lives Matter. … They’ve been seen on video harassing and being violent toward gay people, Asians, black people, transgenders, and the media has stayed silent toward that. … I want people to know that … that is who they are. They are racist and … dangerous.”

She heard about a press conference being held August 20 organized by groups that support Antifa, such as the Oregon Justice Resource Center, Don’t Shoot Portland, and the United Mutual Aid Network. Anatello decided to get her story out herself.

She interrupted the press conference by standing in front of the camera with three of her young children in tow. The angry mother began to lecture the media as the video cameras rolled:

“White supremacy is not the problem. Proud Boys are not the problem. Antifa Black Bloc are the ones who threw bombs, mortars, and pepper spray at me and my children.

My baby girl, eight-years-old, was nearly hit in the face with an explosive by white people dressed up in all black attacking me and my family!

“It’s not the Proud Boys. You and the people of Portland need to know this. My black children were almost hit with bombs and mortars. My nine-year-old son was drenched in pepper gas thrown by Antifa.”

As Anatello spoke out, the man she interrupted speaking tried to walk up to her. She turned her anger toward him:

“Boy, if black lives matter, you better back off.”

After the man backed off, she pointed to several of the news media present shouting:

“You, you, you, and you are the problem. Every single local news station denied my story. You rejected it in favor of one man with an airsoft gun. No Proud Boys were present that day.

“The event hadn’t even started yet. We were shaking hands, having fun. Black Bloc Antifa marched in chanting, ‘Hail Satan’ and screaming, ‘Where is your God now?”

Anatello said that Antifa had been trying to get her husband, the host of a Facebook and YouTube program called “The Black Conservative Preacher,” removed from his job. That is when a man associated with Antifa shouted back to her, “Your husband is very dangerous.”

In an interview following the incident, Anatello said she was not sure if the flash bomb was targeting her and her family for her husband’s work:

“My husband was standing in front of me and our children, and he was actually trying to catch some of the eggs and other things they were throwing to stop them from hitting us.

“And in the video, I show that we are dead center to the place that they were directing their projectiles, whatever they were throwing. They were throwing several different things: eggs, paint, bottles filled with feces and explosives.”

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LET Unity
‘You know what to do Portland’: Antifa once again threatening violence at upcoming patriotic event

July 23, 2021

PORTLAND, OR- According to a recent Twitter post from independent journalist Andy Ngo, Antifa accounts are threatening violence against an alleged upcoming Patriotic Event in Portland on August 22nd.

As stated in his tweet, it has yet to be confirmed who is behind the digital flyers for the reported “United We Win” event, but user @dakisback2, made a clear statement after re-sharing a tweet from @potato_bloc on how Antifa plans to show up:

“Far right nationalists are descending upon PDX on August 22nd. You know what do do Portland.”

The original flyer for the “United We Win” event was mimicked by Antifa members who plan to show up at the same place and time and as it states in their flyer, “Bloc Up and Bring PPE,” essentially threatening those at the “United We Win” event that there will be violence.

According to reports, last year, on August 22, 2020, there were dueling demonstrations in downtown Portland between pro-police and pro-Donald Trump supporters, and Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters. 

Reportedly, far-right organizers organized a noon event with the stated goal of “saying no to Marxism,” which drew multiple plans for counter-protests from far left-wing groups. Another event, called the “Mother of All Back the Blue Rallies” launched at the Justice Center, also around noon.

Within 15 minutes of the noon rallying launch, protesters changed “USA, USA, USA” and waved American flags on the steps of the Justice Center. Across the street in the park, others were chanting, “Black Lives Matter.”

By 12:30 p.m. that day, hundreds of people filled the park, streets, and sidewalks representing both sides. Both sides also equally used a variety of weapons and tossed numerous objects at each other. Video snippets on social media showed a handful of protesters from both sides clashing and pushing each other.

Numerous people had shields, wood or metal batons, and some on both sides carried paint ball guns. Reportedly, protesters on both sides thew rocks, water bottles, and shot paint balls.

As of this writing, it is unclear if the alleged upcoming “United We Win” event will be a protest or demonstration, but what is clear is that Antifa refuses to let people peacefully protest and exercise their First Amendment. They plan to be violent and cause destruction in a city that has seen over a year straight of nightly rioting.

In another recent Twitter post, Ngo shared how Antifa in Portland put out an “alert” about Canadian firebrand paster Artur Pawlowski’s planned event in Portland on August 7th. Antifa indicated that they would be there to “shut it down” and will use violence to do so.

A recent article in the Post Millennial proves just how destructive Antifa mob members are. An alleged Antifa member faces federal charges over $164,000 in riot damage.

The accused rioter was caught on surveillance video causing tens of thousands of dollars in damages to federal property at three separate Portland riots.

The suspect, identified as 33-year-old Aaron Amoss, of Fairview, Oregon, has close ties to Antifa. A masked man, identified as Amoss, was recorded throwing projectiles at the courthouse’s windows in the early hours of March 14th. 

That same week, federal officials began dismantling the heavy duty fencing that was erected last year to protect the building from rioters. Unsurprisingly, Antifa extremists gathered almost immediately to vandalize the courthouse again, forcing officials to put the fencing back up.

Amoss is accused of doing more than $143,000 in property damages that day. The federal criminal complain suggests that Amoss is affiliated with or is a member of Antifa. A senior special agent with the Federal Protective Service, wrote in the affidavit:

“Protest events in Portland are primarily attended by people in ‘black bloc,’ a term used to describe the all black, nondescript clothing. Antifa and other groups have stated that the intent of wearing ‘black bloc’ is to protect members of the group willing to take ‘direct action’ by making it difficult for law enforcement to identify individuals and further anonymizing them.”

Amoss’ social media posts further suggest he is an Antifa member. Reportedly, in a Facebook post at the height of the daily riots in July 2020, he instructed Portland protesters to wear facial coverings to evade identification and potential arrest by federal authorities. He wrote:

“Wear facial coverings everywhere and switch up your routes daily. Do not become predictable.”




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