Mother furious with Soros-backed prosecutor for offering son’s killer a sweetheart plea deal


ST LOUIS, MO – A mother who lost her son back in February of 2020 is furious with St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner after she says prosecutors have struck a deal with her son’s alleged killer, not only without her knowledge, but the deal would see the man accused of killing her son going to prison for only eight years.

Shortly after 10:00 p.m. on February 15th, 2020, St. Louis Police arrested 27-year-old Jarmond Johnson for allegedly assaulting 35-year-old Dwight Washington at the Civic Center Metro Transit Center.

According to police, Johnson and Washington are familiar with each other and had gotten into some sort of verbal altercation outside the transit center that turned physical.

The fight resulted in Washington being taken to the hospital in critical condition, where he later succumbed to his injuries.

Shirley Washington Cobb recently found out that prosecutors with Gardner’s office plan to ask Judge Rex Burlison on July 26th to accept a plea deal that would see Johnson go to prison for eight years in connection with Washington’s death.

Cobb does not support the deal at all, writing to the judge the following about the matter:

“Judge Burlison, I would get on bended knee if necessary, to beg that you review the leniency of the request proposed by this defendant’s attorneys. My son’s life was valuable to his family and many others.”

“As his mother, my heart is now irreparably broken as a result of the actions of Jarmond Johnson.”

The grieving mother says she was kept in the dark about the plea deal, having only found out about the arrangement when calling the prosecutor’s office ahead of her travelling from Texas to St. Louis in preparation for what she thought was going to be a trial:

“Had I not called on my own that day by chance, I would have never known this was happening.”

Cobb says that she doesn’t think Gardner cares at all for the impact violent crime has on the loved ones of victims:

“Kim Gardner, it appears to me, could care less. I wish, and it would be my hope, that she would be fired immediately and not covered by the people who think that she represents the community in a positive way.”

“Because if one thinks about this logically, about the black community, if you allow people to get off with an 8-year sentence, which might end up being 2 or 3 years, what is your motivation not to kill anyone who annoys you?”

The victim’s mother says that Gardner isn’t “worthy” to hold the title of a representative in St. Louis:

“I pray with all that is within me, I beseech the judge to give me more time to provide documentation, if that is necessary, and to prove Kim Gardner – and I will call them accomplices – are not worthy of being called representatives for the people of St. Louis please don’t vote for her at all.”

After Cobb had written the letter to Judge Burlison, Cobb said that Gardner, her Chief Warrant Officer Chris Hinckley and Gardner’s Director of Community Engagement Khatib Waheed called her directly and claimed the evidence wasn’t strong enough to go to trial:

“They basically threatened me and told me if I didn’t agree to this, then he could get nothing. And they tried to blame the police saying the video didn’t have sound and it was hard to tell if this was just a scuffle.”

Gardern’s staff had reportedly told Cobb that there were no witness statements connected to the death of her son, which Cobb claims homicide detectives told her otherwise during the investigation.

Cobb also said that the medical examiner’s report regarding her son’s death noted that his injuries appeared “purposeful”.

Cobb said that Gardner’s office took her objections and treated them as they were nothing meaningful:

“They brushed it off like it didn’t matter.”

The mother of the victim has since sent another letter to Judge Burlison, reiterating that she cannot stand idly by while this plea deal is offered to her son’s alleged killer.

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Outside of intense scrutiny over lenient plea deals being handed over to alleged murderers, Kim Gardner has mounting issues of her own that could result in her losing her license to practice law. 

Back in May, we at Law Enforcement Today shared a report regarding Kim Gardner’s controversies over misconduct allegations she’s facing. 

Here’s that previous report. 


ST LOUIS, MO – According to a recent court filing, St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner is alleged of engaging in dozens of instances of professional misconduct – primarily revolving around a 2018 investigation into former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens.

If these misconduct allegations turn out to be true, Gardner could very well lose her law license and effectively be removed from office as a result.

Reportedly, there was a 73-page court filing alleging “more than 50 rule violations,” lodged against Gardner that allegedly occurred during the 2018 investigation and eventual botched prosecution attempt of former Governor Greitens.

The allegations within this court filing are pretty severe, proclaiming that Gardner engaged in practices where she “delivered false statements,” and failed “to disclose evidence,” between the months of March and April of 2018 with respect to the aforementioned investigation.

The allegations contained within the filing came following an investigation into Gardner by the state’s Chief Disciplinary Counsel – which Chief Disciplinary Counsel Alan Pratzel proclaims that there’s ample probable cause that Gardner committed professional misconduct.

Records show that Gardner is slated to stand before a disciplinary hearing panel regarding these alleged instances of professional misconduct.

However, the date of said hearing is unclear as of this time. 

St. Louis University School of Law Professor John Ammann commented on the severity of these accusations against Gardner, referring to them as “very serious,” and that any lawyer faced with the gravity of misconduct alleged would be rightfully worried.

As mentioned earlier, these misconduct allegations against Gardner stem from the investigation and indictment of former Governor Greitens, where he was indicted under charges of felony invasion of privacy charges relating to an extramarital affair dating back to 2015.

The basis of said charge revolved around the former governor allegedly taking illicit photos of his then-paramour and threatened to blackmail the woman if she ever spoke of the extramarital affair.

The initial indictment against Greitens came in February of 2018 and all charges related to the matter were dropped by the prosecutor’s office by May of that same year.

Reportedly, prosecutors were unable to locate evidence of any such illicit photos existing, which is what prompted the dismissal of the charges.

Following the dismissal of charges, Greitens’ lawyers filed a police report in May of 2018 that alleged the former lead investigator for the Circuit Attorney’s Office of committing perjury relating to the criminal proceedings against Greitens.

That former lead investigator, William Tisaby, has since been indicted for multiple counts of felony perjury.

Moving back to the allegations against Gardner, she has since responded to the alleged misconduct, denying that she willfully engaged in any sort of practices.

The attorney representing Gardner, Michael Downey, proclaims that Gardner should not be sanctioned for any alleged misconduct for numerous reasons – going so far as to say that even if minor mistakes were made by Gardner during the proceedings against Greitens, those mistakes “were not deliberate, they did not undermine justice and they did not deny the defendant a fair trial.”

Gardner’s counsel further alleges that these misconduct allegations are merely “another attempt by Ms. Gardner’s political enemies – largely from outside St. Louis – to remove Ms. Gardner and thwart the systemic reforms she champions.”

Reportedly, court filings show that Gardner had asked the courts that these proceedings against her be sealed from the public purview, but said request was reportedly denied.

J. Bradley Young with Harris, Dowell, Fisher & Young L.C. commented on the case, saying that this matter is going to result in one of three outcomes for Gardner:

“The Missouri Supreme Court would have the option to either sanction Ms. Gardner, they could also suspend her bar license, they could revoke her bar license or, if they found that Kim Garnder did not engage in any ethical misconduct, the charges could be dismissed.”

According to Young, if this investigation winds up resulting in Gardner’s law license being suspended or revoked, she would effectively be removed from office and the state governor would have to appoint someone to take over her role.

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