COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, Ohio — A mom followed her intuition and called Colerain police on a man she says trailed her around last week. Police identified the man as Matthew Kemper, 44, a registered sex offender in Hamilton County, reported WLWT.

Kemper was arrested earlier this week. He was booked for failing to register his address, which is required under Megan’s Law.

The mother, who only wished to be identified as Morgan, was running errands. She was in the process of getting gas and playing with her toddler at Triple Creek Park in Colerain when she noticed the man had continued following her and watching her for the previous 30 minutes.

“It was scary, it was very scary and also he just had that unsettling vibe that you just knew it wasn’t OK,” Morgan said.

The man even grabbed her car keys while at the gas station and tried making small talk. Yet the alert mother was able to get a photo of the man’s license plate and called police.

It was the license plate that helped police identify the man.

“You just think about this man sexualizing your child. Your innocent beautiful child,” Morgan said.

Kemper was convicted of rape and unlawful sexual conduct with a minor in 2005, according to WLWT.

“Something came of it, you know. He is in jail. So that’s the good part of it is he’s in jail,” Morgan said.

Morgan is happy that she followed through on her gut and called police. She is thankful that Kemper is behind bars, nowhere near her or her daughter.

“We need to know that, you know, you should always be able to know who’s around you. In general, let alone someone who might take off with your kid,” Morgan said.

Colerain Township police are investigating the incident initially reported by the mother further. Officials said Kemper could face more charges.