Mother and son, 7, executed in Baltimore to keep them from talking to police – “shot in mouth and head”


BALTIMORE, MD – In 2015, a mother and her young child were murdered in Southwest Baltimore.  Over the years, the family members of these victim’s must have thought that justice would never be found.  That is, until recently, when police were finally able to make an arrest.

Federal law enforcement announced the indictment of the suspect, Andre Ricardo “Poo” Briscoe” on September 23rd

Police released shocking details regarding the case, including that Briscoe allegedly shot the child, Kester Browne, multiple times to prevent him from talking to police.  US Attorney Rob Hur said:

“These murders are shocking and unconscionable.  This indictment should make one thing crystal clear: If you touch a witness, especially a child, the full weight of federal law enforcement will be harnessed to find you and bring you to justice.  And we will not stop investigating until we bring to justice anyone else who was involved.”

An attorney for Briscoe, William Purpura, told the Sun that his client was initially questioned by law enforcement for his possible involvement in the case.  He wondered why the police would now bring any charges against him, because of the statute of limitations involved federal charges. 

Purpura said:

“It’s kind of perplexing and mysterious and concerning to Mr. Briscoe.”

Typically, there are no statute of limitations for the crime of murder, however, when federal charges get involved there must be another federal crime involved, i.e. drug trafficking. 

Briscoe was first arrested in May of this year for firearm and drug charges related to the original homicide.  As far as how those charges were related, that remains to be seen as they were not made public.

Judge Richard D Bennett looked at some of the facts of the case and determined that the mother, victim, in this case, Jennifer Jeffrey, “was a heroin dealer and that Defendant Briscoe was her weekly or twice weekly customer.”

Briscoe’s attorney’s alleged that he had been with his cousin on the morning of the murder, May 27, 2015.  At some point, he had been dropped off on Broadway Street near the Perkins Homes neighborhood in East Baltimore which would have allegedly, excluded him from involvement.

Purpura was confident on the 23rd that he would be able to show that Briscoe was nowhere near the homicide when it occurred.  Rather, he was in Cambridge, where he was living at the time.  He said:

“There’s going to be an issue of when the killings actually occurred.”

The mother and son were killed during the violence that followed in the aftermath of the Freddie Gray death.  42 people lost their lives in Baltimore that year in the month of May.

The small child, known as Tony, was murdered while still in his pajamas.  His principal knew him as a gentle child and a standout in the second grade.

Family members had initially stated that they believed whoever the murder was could have been identified by Tony which is why he was killed.  They believed that if that was accurate that the murderer had to be close to the area.

Briscoe is now in federal prison on his original charges and could face the death penalty for witness tampering murder, conspiracy to distribute and for possession with the intent to distribute 100 grams or more of  heroin; and being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm.

Briscoe will remain in federal custody until his initial appearance on his new charges are decided.  He will face the US District Court in Baltimore on the new murder charges he is facing. 

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Police: Young mom of two, 23, found murdered – all of her teeth, part of scalp were forcibly removed

August 18, 2020

BROWNSVILLE, TX – A 23-year-old American mother of two was found dead in Mexico after having traveled there from Texas to reportedly visit her boyfriend.

Reports say that the woman was found dead just one day after being reported missing, with the victim’s teeth removed and signs of her being tortured before killed.

Lizbeth Flores last spoke to her mother Mario Rubio on August 9th, telling her mother that she was headed Matamoros, Mexico and would be coming back to Brownsville, Texas later on that same evening.

From then on, Rubio was unable to ever get ahold of her daughter again.

The mother of the victim contacted the Brownsville Police Department to file a missing persons report on August 10th, and just one day later, authorities in Mexico found the Flores’ body.

Police in Matamoros determined that Flores had been beaten to death with a rock that was found at the scene where her body was discovered. Investigators listed the cause of death as numerous head injuries, but there were signs of gruesome torture as well.

A portion of Flores’ scalp had been removed from her head and that her teeth were also taken out by force.

Rubio spoke about the loss of her daughter and the heartache she’s experiencing now knowing what horrors her daughter must’ve suffered before she died:

“Losing a child is like having your heart ripped out… I feel very sad for what they did to my daughter. How they left her is what pains me. The pain that my daughter went through there at that time is what pains me.”

The grieving mother is trying to get assistance from both Mexican and U.S. officials to have her daughter’s body sent back home to Texas.

There have been no arrests in the case as of this time.

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