Report: ‘Mostly’ single male illegal immigrants being bussed to Louisiana cities without advanced notice


BATON ROUGE, LA – Biden’s “catch and release” immigration program has angered Louisiana leaders and residents after dozens of mostly single male border crossers were dropped off by the feds in cities across the state without warning.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul received a phone call on Friday, July 16, asking if they could accept around 60 immigrants in their shelter.

Michael Acaldo, President of the organization, said their organization was not prepared for the immigrants:

“Unfortunately, our shelter at that time had all filled up and I understand that those being dropped off were single men mostly, maybe some single women.”

Federal authorities placed the immigrants on Greyhound buses and sent them to places like Baton Rouge without warning, telling them to go to St. Vincent de Paul for shelter.

Unable to house the immigrants, the volunteers provided them with gads of goods and toiletries. The group was eventually aided by another organization, Louisiana Advocates for Immigrants in Detention.

The organization said they were notified by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that immigrants were on their way to the city.

Frances Kelley, who is a volunteer with Louisiana Advocates for Immigrants in Detention, told WAFD 9:

“We had volunteers there and there were volunteers in New Orleans that housed the ones that couldn’t get plane tickets out that same day. We want as much notice as possible when people are coming, and more volunteers are always welcome to help.”

Kelley added that at three other drop-off sites in Shreveport, Natchez, and Monroe, the group was not told in advance about immigrants seeking asylum in those cities:

“I don’t know if there is a legal requirement for ICE to notify the elected officials, but I always think that better communication will help ensure the safety.”

Some state leaders said they were not notified of the impending arrival of immigrants en masse. Mayor Sharon Weston Broome, Senator Bill Cassidy, and Congressman Garret Graves each said they had no advance notice.

Congressman Graves told local media:

All of a sudden if you see a surge of people that potentially don’t speak English, people who don’t have (any) idea where in our community they can be going for help, or what types of assistance are available…these people are potentially homeless like this is just unjust to be doing to folks.”

Louisiana Advocates for Immigrants in Detention has filed a civil rights complaint accusing ICE of not following proper guidelines for transporting immigrants to cities inside the United States. The complaint was sent to Homeland Security and to ICE.

Neither agency has offered a response.

President Biden’s “catch and release” program has led to hundreds of thousands of border crossers being bussed and flown into the interior United States. Immigrants are briefly detained, housed in local hotels, and then sent to cities across the country with a promise of showing up at asylum hearings months or years later.

According to figures cited by Breitbart News, From February 19 to April 22, the administration has flown about 7, 200 border crossers into the U.S. interior on domestic commercial flights. Immigrants are permitted to bypass security measures such as photo identification, possession of identification, and testing for COVID-19.

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Report: Illegal immigrants pouring into the United States under Biden’s ‘Catch and Release’ policy

February 6, 2021


 UNITED STATES – In a stark turnaround from the Trump Administration’s hardline immigration policies, the Biden Administration has re-instituted the “Catch and Release” policy that dominated the Obama White House.

The reversal comes as a surge in illegal southern border crossings is overwhelming ICE detention facilities.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is reimplementing an Obama-era policy of releasing newly apprehended migrants back into U.S. cities. CBP blames a rising number of apprehended migrants and pandemic concerns at detention facilities.

 The border rush is in part a response to President Biden’s promise of a path to citizenship and his recent executive orders limiting enforcement against illegal immigrants. On Tuesday, Biden signed another executive order ending Trump’s “zero-tolerance” policy on prosecuting illegal border crossings.

Under President Biden’s immigration policy, CBP is only permitted to hold an illegal immigrant caught crossing the border for up to 72 hours before they must be released.

After signing the order, President Biden told reporters:

“The last president of the United States issued executive orders I felt were very counterproductive to our security, counterproductive to who we are as a country, particularly in the area of immigration.

“We’re going to work to undo the moral and national shame of the previous administration that literally — not figuratively — ripped children from the arms of their families, mothers, and fathers at the border, and with no plan, none whatsoever to reunify children.”

Just after taking the oath of office on January 20, President Biden promised amnesty to all migrants living inside the United States before January 1.

The Coronavirus pandemic has also hampered the CBP’s ability to transport and house detained migrants just as a spike in border crossings is happening.

Some of the migrants now arriving at the border have expressed hope for a more welcoming arrival under the Biden administration as a reason for making the journey north.

CBP Public Affairs Officer Rod Kis said that balancing the pandemic, President Biden’s new policies, and the rush of illegal immigrants at the boarder is creating a situation where some illegal immigrants must be released into the United States. He said:

“CBP has seen a steady increase in border encounters since April 2020, which, aggravated by COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing guidelines, has caused some facilities to reach maximum safe holding capacity.

“Per longstanding practice, when long-term holding solutions aren’t possible, some migrants will be processed for removal, provided a Notice to Appear, and released into the U.S. to await a future immigration hearing.

“As the Administration reviews the current immigration process, balancing it against the ongoing pandemic, we will continue to use all current authorities to avoid keeping individuals in a congregate setting for any length of time.”

Todd Bensman, a Texas-based expert on migration with the Center for Immigration Studies, said what is happening presently is open borders:

“Catch and release, and what you’re seeing right now with no deportation or detention, that is the definition of open borders. They’re doing catch and release, which is the most powerful incentive for mass migration that exists in the world…

“[Because it ensures migrants] can live and work indefinitely inside the United States without authorization. There’ll be no kicking out of anybody, ever, under this administration. They’ve made that clear. They won’t be doing any deportations.”

CBP is faced with a difficult situation, especially since Mexico’s government is refusing to accept migrants rejected by the U.S. Unable to detain or arrest large numbers of illegal immigrants, the CBP has begun issuing Notices to Appear and then releasing them back into U.S. border cities.

President Biden added to the pressure facing CBP by announcing that he would increase the number of refugees permitted to legally enter the country to 125,000 annually, a steep rise from the Trump Administration’s 18,000 limit.

The White House has also sent a request to Congress to pass legislation to create a pathway to citizenship for an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants already living inside the United States.

According to a report in Breitbart, a Border Patrol agent told the Center for Immigration Studies:

“We are releasing hundreds from many different countries of origin because we simply don’t have enough room to hold them all. They are being released under what is called an O.R. which means ‘Own Recognizance’ – basically, a promise to arrive for their immigration hearing at some future date.

“We can’t hold them because they are crossing all day long in groups of 20 to 40, men, women, children.”

The Director of Val Verde Border Humanitarian Coalition in Del Rio said the Inauguration of President Biden fed the surge of illegal crossings at the border.

Shon Young said his organization began receiving mostly Haitian and Cuban migrants since the day after President Biden took office:

“For some reason, the day after the inauguration, we had a big influx of people coming. So, we fired up the coalition at full speed.”

Former Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf issued a warning that the rise in border crossings is creating a “very dangerous” situation.

He explained that CBP is facing between 3,000 and 3,500 illegal crossings per day. He also mentioned that eleven Iranian citizens were arrested Monday night near San Luis, Arizona after crossing the border illegally.

Iran is one of four countries currently designated as State Sponsors of Terrorism by the United States Department of State. The three other countries are Cuba, North Korea, and Syria.

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