“Mostly peaceful” caravan continues to surge towards our southern border, violence included


Note: Some of the video in this piece may be hard to watch for some. 

CHIAPAS, MEXICO – As politicians in Washington, DC continue to play games with our national security, and the the Biden Administration does nothing to secure our southern border, another large caravan makes its way north.

Despite the claims from many on the left that these are just people looking to come to America to seek a better life, people who are escaping poverty, brutal government regimes and the effects of “climate change,” the harsh reality is: there are some really bad people making their way to our country.

And they will get here at all costs, violence included. 

And why wouldn’t they? It is being rewarded. More on that below. 

As initially reported by Breitbart, here are the tweets showing the violence occurring to our south. 

“Some members (stragglers) of the migrant caravan strike with everything in their path They left Pijijiapan, Chiapas Thus, they confronted elements of the National Guard and the National Institute of Migration.”

Armed with only riot shields, the small number of Mexican National Guardsmen are forced to retreat. 

“This is how the migrant caravan faced elements of the National Guard in Chiapas.”

Members of this caravan pulled this soldier from the back of the truck, hitting and kicking him. At one point you can see the size of the rocks he is being pelted with.

He was beaten into unconsciousness before stripped and robbed of his gear.  

“This is how some of the members of the caravan beat an element of the National Guard who was on the ground, immobile. The brutality.”

If only it stopped there. 

“The migrant caravan brings many criminals, since they not only beat the #NationalGuard, they also rob them.”

We should all be disturbed by what we see and what is happening.

Meanwhile, this is what American media coverage looks like. Keep in mind, this is just a sample of mainstream media outlets, this is not exhaustive…but it is representative. 

"Mostly peaceful" caravan continues to surge towards our southern border, violence included
Screenshot of ABC News search results


"Mostly peaceful" caravan continues to surge towards our southern border, violence included
Screenshot of CNN search results


"Mostly peaceful" caravan continues to surge towards our southern border, violence included
Screenshot of MSNBC search results

So, as politicians and the media in the US continue to ignore the reality of the existing border crisis and the influx yet to come, the Biden administration wants to hand some illegal immigrants close to $500,000 a piece. 

They continue to point to the Trump administration as the reason all of this is happening. 

After saying that paying massive amounts of money to illegal border crossers was garbage, Biden reversed and said: 

“If, in fact, because of the outrageous behavior of the last administration, you coming across the border, whether it was legal or illegal and you lost your child, you lost your child, he’s gone, you deserve some kind of compensation, no matter what the circumstance.”

But they seem to forget that these separations were happening long before Trump took office. Not only did this practice pre-date Trump’s presidency, they found ways to justify it.

Only Trump was vilified. 

And people wonder why migrants will attack police, soldiers and anyone else who stands in their way to get here. 

Here is an indication. 

Karine Jean-Pierre said, “The President is perfectly comfortable with the Department of Justice settling with individuals and families currently in litigation with the U.S. government.”

“Why would we be giving people who came here the right way money? I don’t understand the question.”

This was the response from the White House Deputy Press Secretary after she was asked by Fox News’ Peter Doocy if people who came here legally would also be receiving any money.  

This administration has said that there is no reason to reward people for coming here the right way, but if you come here illegally, you just might get paid. 

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Report: Biden team considering paying $450,000 to illegal immigrants ‘”separated from families” at border

WASHINGTON, DC – Multiple agencies within the Biden administration are reportedly in talks to hand of large sums of taxpayer money to illegal immigrants for the “psychological trauma” caused by being separated from family members at the border.

According to reporting from the Wall Street Journal, roughly 940 families have filed claims, via the American Civil Liberties Union, against the US government for their “suffering.”

The Departments of Justice, Homeland Security and Health and Human Services are looking into these payments. 

Some figures estimate that the average family claim consists of at least one adult and one child, and each individual could receive $450,ooo – meaning that the minimum amount of money that could be doled out would equal $846M. 

Let me repeat that. The Biden administration wants to hand out at least $846M to individuals who entered our country illegally.

If even half of those claims include an additional child or adult, that total increases to $1.3B.

Other reports say that they ACLU is seeking roughly $3.4M per family affected. That math adds up to almost $3.2B. 

Whether it is $846M or $3.2B, that is a lot of American tax dollars being spent to placate individuals who were breaking the law. And now the president and those who serve at his pleasure want to reward them.

Rest assured, there are plenty of people who believe that this payout will set a revolving door precedent.

Come to America illegally.

Claim to suffer some sort of trauma.

Sue the federal government.

Get paid a fortune.

Welcome to America.

You can stay.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat. 

To make matters worse, the lawsuit details that each of these families dealt with the separation that caused their mental health issues starting in April 2018 as part of the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy.

Nevermind the fact that family separations of children and their parents at the border were well-documented as having been an issue going back to the Obama years and beyond.

Lee Gelernt, deputy director of the ACLU’s immigrant rights project, said that not only must the government provide a monetary compensation, but a pathway for remaining in the country.

“President Biden has agreed that the family separation policy is a historic moral stain on our nation that must be fully remedied,” Gelernt said.

It is important to note that while this lawsuit focuses on roughly 45 days in 2018, family separation has been taking place for much longer than just the Trump administration.

“Under all four administrations I have worked under, we have separated families for different reasons,” former CBP Chief Carl Provost said in an interview in August of 2018.

“Obviously, the welfare of the child is of utmost concern for us. And we are still separating if that is of concern. If the parent or the guardian has a serious, criminal history, we will still separate them as well.” 

She continued:

“Let me be clear, there was never a family separation initiative, there was a prosecution initiative under zero tolerance.
Under that initiative, when we first kicked that off, the intent was to prosecute all amenable adults, so there was no group that was excluded from that. I can tell you during the 45 days that family groups were included in there, about 85 percent of who we prosecuted were single adults.
We’ve separated families throughout my entire career for various things,” she added. 

Again, we must point out that this is all revolving around people who broke the law to enter our country. 

Let’s compare a few things, just to stir the pot a little deeper. 

Texas Congressman, Navy SEAL and disabled combat veteran, Dan Crenshaw pointed out: 

“Biden wants to pay illegal immigrants $450,000 for their hardship while breaking our laws. For perspective, if a service member is killed in action, their next of kin gets an insurance payment of $400,000. Let that sink in.”

Hey Congressman, that is a valid point, and should cause all of our blood to boil. But, let’s look at this a little deeper. 

These payments to illegal immigrants aren’t based on giving their lives for this nation. The lawsuits specifically point out that is is due to psychological ramifications. So, we need to compare apples to apples. 

The average rating through the VA for military veterans for PTSD (psychological ramifications) is 70%. That equates to $1,444 per month for a single veteran with PTSD.

It would take 311.64 months, or nearly 26 years for that veteran, who fought to defend this country, to receive the same level of compensation ($450,000) as the illegal immigrant getting paid as part of this settlement. 

According to a 2017 study, there are approximately 1.8 million veterans in the US diagnosed with PTSD. Based on the above averages, it would take 

But, to be fair, those “separated” at the border were not single.

So, what about a veteran with a spouse and a child? They would receive $1,656.71 per month until the child turned 18. After that, the monthly payment would go down to $1,566.71. Assuming the child was 10 upon award, that would give that family the higher payment for 8 years. 

Based on those figures, it would take that veteran’s family 71.3 years to reach the same level of payment ($1.35M) as the family of 3 that broke our laws coming here. 

Hopefully, this provides a little perspective on what we are talking about here. 


House minority leader Kevin McCarthy may have summed it up the best, tweeting:

“Pure insanity.”


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