Most gun control zealots have no moral courage because they can afford their own private security


The following includes editorial content which is the opinion of the author, a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

USA- The truth about those who push for gun control is that they tend  to be the least educated about the subject they are attempting to regulate.

Take for example so-called “gun free zones,” of which schools, churches, many stores, and government buildings are part of. Now where have the most horrific mass shootings taken place, by and large?

“Gun-free zones.” Why do you suppose that is? Could it be perhaps that the bad guys, who don’t follow the law, expect to be unopposed when they decide to start shooting? It sure seems that way.

According to a piece in The Washington Standard, the Daniel Greenfield writes  that in New York City, the police department has issued something in the neighborhood of 40,000 handgun permits in the city, which has a population of around eight million. In other words, that is one handgun for every two hundred residents of the city.

So that must mean New York is a pretty safe city, correct? And that the most dangerous parts of the Big Apple are the areas which have the most pistol permits issued, right?

The article notes the borough of Staten Island has the vast majority of gun permits, yet for some odd reason has the lowest crime rate in the city. The Bronx, meanwhile, has the highest. Manhattan meanwhile has very few guns relative to its population, while Brooklyn, in particular the white working-class areas, have some of the most legal guns.

The Daily News, as a good leftist rag, interviewed a criminologist during a series pushing its anti-gun agenda. The “expert” claimed to be “puzzled,” noting that “Some people see a mugging in the Bronx, and they want to get a gun on Staten Island. That’s not rational, but some people really want guns.”

No, people want to protect themselves. Has this person seen the crime rate in New York City? Has he seen people getting stabbed at random, pushed onto subway tracks, and beaten up over five dollars? Has he seen the New York District Attorney’s office releasing criminals back onto the streets before the ink on the arrest report is dry?

One of the reasons, the Washington Standard proposes, that the crime rate is lower in Staten Island than other parts of New York City is because more people there are more likely to be packing heat. Even most muggers know where the soft targets reside, and that isn’t in Staten Island.

The anti-gun crowd, who don’t know a semi-automatic from an automatic from a revolver only know that most guns are black and scary looking…especially those evil AR-15s. Did you know that “AR” stands for “assault rifle?” It doesn’t but liberals think it does.

Anti-gun liberals, many of whom have their own private security, are fine with guns, as long as they’re being used to protect them. It’s just the peasants, “Joe Six Packs” that liberals want to be sitting ducks.

The article reminds us of leftist Michael Moore’s documentary, “Bowling for Columbine,” in which he asserts that people who live in communities surrounded by guns have created the conditions for mass shootings. And he asserts, they somewhat have it coming.

To be sure, New York does have plenty of guns. Unfortunately for most city residents, those guns are kept by gang bangers or muggers looking for a quick few bucks. Many of those gang bangers reside in the area of the 73rd precinct in Brooklyn, where there were around 100 shootings in just one year alone.

A couple of years ago, an app was released called “Bond,” which is referred to as the “Uber for Bodyguards. The app allows New Yorkers to order up their own security personnel.

To be sure, most citizens of New York City don’t have the financial wherewithal to afford their own private bodyguards, but this allows those who claim to hate guns allow someone else to carry them to protect them.

For those who live in the poorer neighborhoods of the Bronx or Brooklyn, too bad. Police in New York, defunded by around a billion dollars in 2020 and with a number of officers choosing to retire or quit are no longer able to protect their most vulnerable residents. That doesn’t matter to the wealthy who can afford to hire someone through “Bond.” They’re protected.

The sad fact of the matter is police cannot be everywhere. And as we’ve seen in the two most recent high-profile mass shootings—one in Buffalo, the other in Uvalde—law enforcement doesn’t always do what we expect them to do. The facts in Uvalde are still fluid, however it was reported that in the Buffalo shooting, a 911 operator hung up on a store employee calling for help.

This is a part of the “gun control culture.” These by the way are the same people who excoriate the police, pass “criminal justice reform” measures which ties the hands of police officers and removes their qualified immunity, elects prosecutors who refuse to enforce the law, and puts judges on the bench who refuse to hold criminals accountable.

Yet they want to take away our God-given, constitutionally-protected right to self-defense. All while dismantling the criminal justice system piece by piece.

It wasn’t until Democrats stuck their finger into the wind and realized they’re looking for a thrashing in November’s midterm elections that they all of a sudden decided that the American people were actually paying attention to the crime “pandemic” across our country. Suddenly, “defund the police” has been replaced with “refund the police.”

Gun control zealots somehow believe that if they take away guns from law-abiding citizens, suddenly crime and mass shootings will be a thing of the past. That is obviously absurd. What would end up happening is instead of gun violence being primarily concentrated in places such as New York and Chicago, it will be across the country.

People would have to rely on overmatched police to protect them and be defenseless if they were unable to. Those who currently bear no concern over breaking the law will be further empowered. The US will turn into Mogadishu.

When Rudy Guiliani became mayor of New York, the city wasn’t much unlike it is today. Crime was out of control and criminal gangs ruled the streets. After Giuliani (and to a lesser extent, Michael Bloomberg) cleaned up the streets, New York was overall a pretty safe place to walk the streets. That is no longer the case.

Those who can afford to live elsewhere (and there are many) are fleeing the city in droves. Or at least they are relocating to more wealthy gated areas or secure buildings in other areas of the city. New York is a city in decline and the new mayor, Eric Adams, has done nothing to fix it.

As the article notes, the gun control culture is populated by people who are if not physical cowards, moral ones. These are the people who pay other people to do the things they don’t want to do. They want their physical protection because they can afford it, but they don’t want it for you and me.

They have no problem with our military being sent off to fight in foreign wars which have no bearing on the national security of the United States because it isn’t their sons and daughters who are sacrificing their lives from their brownstones in Georgetown or their Brookline apartments a few train stops from BU or BC.

The events of the past few weeks have once again shone a light on the Washington, DC, and Hollywood elite, who continually look for “easy” solutions to gun violence while ignoring the root causes, the realities of why these things occur.

Republicans, who suggested issues such as mental health as a possible cause of mass shootings were summarily criticized and dismissed. Yet, every time a police shooting occurs, liberals say that police officers need to be replaced by “counselors” in responding to some calls. In other words, they are abject hypocrites. Mental health only matters when it fulfills an agenda.

An overwhelming percentage of legal gun owners are mature, responsible, and accountable, likely in excess of 99%. Owning a gun is a sign of personal responsibility. A majority of gun owners practice their craft and use them either for target shooting or personal protection. They realize that they need to take care of their own personal protection and that of their family because they know police are overmatched. It is, as Greenfield writes, “an act of personal responsibility.”

He further notes that for gun control zealots, it isn’t about “stopping gun violence,” but instead blaming everyone else for the issue, “passing the buck to the cops, to society, and to some force out of our control.”

Some of those who seek gun control certainly have a reason for wanting to put some reins on the spate of gun violence. Parents from Newtown, Connecticut for example know firsthand the horrors of gun violence and mass shootings. However their anger is pointed in the wrong direction.

It wasn’t a lawful gun owner who went to Sandy Hook and killed 20 first-graders and six school staff members, including teachers. It was a mentally disturbed monster who killed his mother, then stole her gun and committed his crime. Not one single gun control measure proposed since then would have prevented that atrocious crime from happening.

Those who use tragedies such as Sandy Hook, Buffalo, and Uvalde to push their political narratives are, as Greenfield defines them, moral cowards. They virtue signal on the graves of children and others who have been killed and most people can fortunately see right through them.

“Disarmament, national or personal, is not a moral stance, but the abandonment of morality,” Greenfield writes.

These same people have Monday-morning quarterbacked the police in Uvalde (as noted, the jury is still out on that issue) like to criticize the police response to the event, but had one person in that school possibly been armed, much of the deaths may have been prevented.

In fact, Biden’s mouthpiece gave the gig up when she was questioned about “hardening” schools in order to prevent incidents such as these from happening. Karin Jean-Pierre told Peter Doocy of Fox News that Biden “isn’t interested” in hardening the schools.

Because at the end of the day, it’s not about safety or protecting anyone…it’s about control. It’s about blaming people who have taken steps to protect themselves and have a fighting chance against the very people…the criminals…who they have empowered.

Greenfield closed with:

“Gun control is the moral idiocy of the irresponsible blaming those who have taken responsibility.”


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