More than 40 acts of violence against Trump supporters so far this year on college campuses


If you ventured to any campus that is overwrought with vocal, fringe leftists, they’d regale you with how dangerous anyone right of center is.

You’ve heard the names and insults thrown frivolously toward those attending conservative speaking events or who happen to be donning the MAGA hat: bigot, racist, xenophobe, nazi, white nationalist; not to mention the lemmings gathering around to chant “shame”. 

Yet since 2016, there have been 117 acts of reported violence and harassment committed against conservatives on college campuses. Within the last few months, 41 of those 117 have occurred, meaning the aggressors are getting bolder and more brazen.

In some cases, it’s the faculty that are to blame whereas most instances you can point towards a fringe element of the student body as being responsible. In some cases, albeit rare ones, even teachers and faculty members that lean right of center have been the victims of the hostility created by the Antifa-esque student body.

Another worrisome aspect to consider is that this behavior is making its way into high schools as well.

We’ll take a look into some of the acts perpetrated over the last six months so as to illustrate what it means to be a conservative on campus in 2019.

Just eight days ago, Chico State protester took a sign from a conservative student and struck him in the face with it.

Then on November 19th, far-left protesters managed to shut down Art Laffer’s planned speech at Binghamton University.

Just one day prior to that, a mob of leftist students surrounded and harassed members of College Republicans and Turning Point USA at the very same college where Laffer planned to speak.

November was filled with all sorts of far-left lunacy, including when a North Carolina State University student sprayed paint into the face of Rep. Dan Bishop’s son Jack Bishop.

Of course, this was the same university that had a teaching assistant earlier in the month compare conservatism to “white supremacy”.

Then on November 8th, some University of Florida students demanded the impeachment of the student body president over a visit by Donald Trump Jr. to campus.

November’s icing on the cake is non other than Pacific Lutheran professor Troy Storfjell, who stated: “I have no problem” with Antifa violence.

October was inundated with incidents as well where on the 31st we saw a University of Michigan student dismantles an entire Turning Point USA recruiting table and steal all of the group’s supplies, including their snacks.

The day before at the University of California Riverside, some student destroyed a conservative group’s sign promoting the Second Amendment.

The tolerance didn’t end there in October as on 22nd some University of New Hampshire students destroyed a Turning Point USA display and then one said “I hope you die” to the conservatives.

On October 21st some University of Minnesota Duluth student admitted to tearing down Turning Point USA posters of an advertised event they disagreed with.

Three days prior to that, some leftist students stole a Michigan State pro-life display.

October was a real active month for those who despise conservatives, as we also saw a man steal some Turning Point USA signs at UNLV and punched them into a trash can.

The on the 11th, a student covered the University of Wisconsin college GOP office with accusations of racism.

Seven days before that, a student was arrested for attacking conservatives on University of Nevada, Reno campus; while on the same day some Georgia Tech students called for the university president’s firing over supporting Kavanaugh. Quite an active month for those who #Resist.

September wasn’t far removed from October either, as on the 30th the University of Minnesota College Republicans’ mural was vandalized for a fourth straight year.

On September 24th, the Colorado State University president compared the organization Turning Point USA to blackface and swastikas.

The day before at the University of Maryland, students act as “Free Speech Zone” police by stealing conservative signage and running away.

That very same day, someone dressed as a clown shut down a Georgetown College Republicans event. On the 19th, someone really upped the ante as there was a man arrested for a bomb threat at a pro-life event at Rochester Community and Technical College.

Also, on the 19th, some conservative students were harassed at Irvine Valley College by students, as well as adults who appear to be professors.

Seven days before that at the University of Maryland, an official accused conservative activists of “trespassing”.

We also saw in September when Jones County Junior College faced a lawsuit after threatening students with arrest for exercising their First Amendment rights on campus.

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More than 40 acts of violence against Trump supporters so far this year on college campuses


Police were used as a means of intimidation as well at the University of Wisconsin when an official told a conservative student to move or the police will be called. Of course there was always that College of Charleston professor who celebrated the death of their political opponents.

On August 22nd, University of Kentucky staffers mocked and elongated the application process for a conservative club on campus.

Then on August 19th, a University of Houston student leader apologized after defending free speech, because his defense created calls for his removal.

Then the NC State Vice Chancellor Mike Mullen resigned on August 16th after calling the GOP “Neo-Nazis” and “KKK,” but still somehow remains a professor.

Mullen must have been following the trend set the day before by instructor Alex Wild from the University of Texas, who said Trump and his supporters are Nazis.

July saw its fair share of activity as well, when Ole Miss professor James Thomas compared pro-Trump teenagers to young Hitlers.

In UC Santa Barbara, a teaching assistant was under fire for simply saying that men are not women.

On July 11th, we saw a woman assault a pro-life activist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Don’t forget the time when a conservative student was assaulted at Bentley University while promoting a Tomi Lahren event.

Then there was the Colorado State professor Oi Yan Poon who said “I’m ready to punch” political opponents “in the neck”.

Of course, we wouldn’t have a proper Fourth of July without a student attacked for a MAGA hat which happened at the University of Florida.

The Che Guevara enthusiasts were busy in June too, while on the 23rd, far left students at the University of Texas at Austin threatened to dox students for joining conservative groups on campus.

On the 20th, Whatcom Community College student destroyed a pro-life display, saying they did it “because I disagree”.

The University of Illinois faced a lawsuit in June for allegedly installing a campus “Speech Police” system.

Then on the 10th, students at Georgia Gwinnett College wanted a legal immigrant professor fired for criticizing illegal immigration.

On the 7th, a man was arrested after attempting to chain the doors to University of Washington conservative event.

I worry just how much worse college will become for those anywhere right of center. Parents, and young students, give great thought before deciding on which school to join to further your education.

The more these environments are funded, the more they believe that they’re doing the “right thing”. Yet, if you’re at a school at loathes your perspective, never allow intimidation to halter you from expressing your views.

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