The data is enough to make anyone feel outraged.

In 2018, more police officers died in the line of duty or by taking their own life than the entirety of people killed by rifles across the same time span. 

Yet, lawmakers are still making it clear that they want to ban these “assault weapons” and remove personal defense from millions of law abiding Americans. 


Beto: “Hell yes we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47!” (Flickr)


Instead of going after the people who follow the law, why aren’t we going after the people who kill our police officers? The ones who will find any means necessary to commit evil?

Let’s go to the numbers. 

In 2018, 166 members of the law enforcement community were tragically killed in the line of duty. We can never repay them for their sacrifice, but we pray for their souls and for their grieving families.

And in the same year, we saw a staggering number of those that held the Thin Blue Line lose their own battle with their personal struggles. It’s no secret that post traumatic stress combined with the lack of support from departments is leaving officers in a situation where they feel that no one has their back.

In 2018, a sobering 167 law enforcement officers died by their own hand. 

That’s a total of 333 heroes that we will never see again. 333 brave men and women who gave their lives for something bigger… to defend the weak and protect the innocent. 

333 smiles that we’ll never get to see again. 

And yet, barely any lawmakers raise their voices in order to create more stiff penalties for those that attack and harm a police officer. 

Instead, they’re too busy calling to confiscate rifles. But how big of a threat do they actually pose? 

Let’s go back to the numbers.

According to the FBI’s report from 2018, 297 people were killed by rifles. 


But wait, aren’t weapons like the AR-15 responsible for mass carnage and the deaths of tons of Americans every year?

Negative. But lawmakers would have you believe that rifles are evil and need to be taken out of the hands of every American – no matter whether they follow the law or not. 

More cops died in 2018 than all people killed by rifles. But lawmakers still want to ban your AR-15.

Officer Jonathan Diaz was killed when he tried to break up a fight at a birthday party. (Lamoore Police Department)


We’ve seen time and again that an evil person who wants to kill someone is going to find a way. It doesn’t matter if we outlaw rifles, handguns, machetes, or even spoons.

Hell, the data also shows that in 2018, there were even 672 deaths from “fists, feet and other ‘personal weapons’” – which is once again more than with rifles. 

Let’s go deeper. 

Officers are laying their lives on the line every single day without a shred of support from half of the nation’s leaders and yet we’re still trying to demonize weapons instead of the evil people who get their hands on them. 

Why is it that attacking an animal is a federal felony but attacking a police officer is not?

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More cops died in 2018 than all people killed by rifles. But lawmakers still want to ban your AR-15.


Last month, Senate lawmakers unanimously passed a bill that would make animal cruelty a federal felony, which was also passed on a voice vote in the house.  

It was sponsored by Florida Reps. Ted Deutch and Vern Buchanan.

Deutch, a Democrat, said it:

“Sends a clear message that our society does not accept cruelty against animals.” 

Buchanan, a Republican, said;

“The torture of innocent animals is abhorrent and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.”



Great. Totally on board with making this a federal crime.  My question is simply this.  Why aren’t we doing the same for attacks on law enforcement officers?  Why can we get bipartisan support to treat animals better than we treat police?

The physical assaults on members of our law enforcement communities are at an all-time high.

Those intent on the extermination of officers have ushered in an unprecedented level of lawlessness, disregard for human life and moral depravity.

And for those of us looking for an end to this violent display of hatred towards the men and women the serve and protect us, it has not appeared that help was on the way.

Then Senate Bill 1480, also known as the “Back the Blue Act,” was introduced and the United Coalition of Public Safety (UCOPS) championed the effort of seeing that this legislation becomes law.

Allow me a moment to recap what we have seen over the past few years. This is not an exhaustive list; it is merely a reminder of exactly what we are dealing with.

While it shows that many assaults of our LEOs are merely spur of the moment actions to avoid arrest, it also provides evidence that numerous attacks are premeditated and carried out with malice and a malicious pre-meditated strategy.

A man drove up the east coast to New York City for the sole purpose of assassinating members of the NYPD. And he did exactly that. While two officers were sitting in their patrol vehicle, he walked to the window of the vehicle and shot both officers at point blank range before they had time to react or respond.

The Dallas Five

The Dallas Five


Another man positioned himself in a high-rise building in Dallas and started targeting cops. By the time he was eliminated, he had murdered five Dallas area cops from his sniper position.

A California patrol officer responding to a vehicle accident, was gunned down by a passing cyclist as she tried to speak with the accident victims.

Six officers were shot in an ambush in Baton Rouge. Three of those officers died of their injuries.

It’s time we send a clear message to the men and women who are supposed to be working to keep bad people behind bars and good people safe.

It’s no wonder no one wants to be a police officer in America anymore. 

Do us a favor and share this article everywhere. It’s time we take a stand for our nation’s heroes.


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