“I still want to serve”: More and more Boston cops leaving police force for fire department, citing ‘very low morale’


Boston, MA: More and more Boston Police officers are turning in their department handguns and replacing it with an axe- the axe of a Boston firefighter.

The switch in careers from law enforcement to firefighting gives young recruits the ability to still serve the community while staying in a public position.

Who can blame them?

Philadelphia Firefighters and Paramedics Union endorses Trump - here's why it's so important
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This year alone has seen 24 police officers leave the department to become firefighters.


Boston, like many other liberal cities across America, has been ostracizing its own police officers and continue to push the anti-police rhetoric.

This troubling new dynamic has been adding to the plummeting morale in the Boston Police Department.

According to the Boston 25 News column covering the story, it stated:

“‘Morale, this is the worst that I have seen it in my 28 odd years,’ says Larry Calderone, a BPD Officer & president of Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association. Calderone says officers are tired of working double and triple shifts along with working on their days off.’”

It continued:

“‘The ramifications of that just become more detrimental to the men and women on the streets that are answering the calls every day. Police officers are leaving as quickly as they can and joining the fire department which still enables them to serve the citizens of Boston and still be able to help people’, says Calderone.”

Working overtime is a part of the job. Whether its voluntary to earn extra money or extra days off, or mandatory overtime to cover missing posts, it is a reality every officer is prepared for when they first don that badge.

"I still want to serve": More and more Boston cops leaving police force for fire department, citing 'very low morale'
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Many other cities in America are facing critical staffing shortages in their police departments- and Boston is no exception.

They are currently at only 80% staffing in its ranks, with 1600 officers, but require 2000.

In Boston, when a post is unfilled, police management must force an officer to work a second shift, or another eight hours, for a total of 16 hour shift.

Things were so bad over the summer, that several officers were forced to work triple shifts- that’s 24 hours straight!

According to a local article covering the story, it stated:

The Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association said the Boston Police Department had 120 officers working overtime on Saturday to cover the city’s Open Streets festival in Jamaica Plain, a Red Sox-Yankees matchup at Fenway, and a festival in the Seaport District.

The ‘vast majority’ of officers, according to BPPA, were ordered to work for at least 16 hours, ‘which is physically and psychologically draining.’”

It continued:

“‘However, a number of officers were actually ordered to work three shifts in a row — or 24 hours straight,’ the union said in a statement. ‘This is simply unsafe and cannot be allowed to occur. Officers simply cannot work for that many hours and still be expected to make split-second decisions in life-threatening situations.’”

"I still want to serve": More and more Boston cops leaving police force for fire department, citing 'very low morale'
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When officers are forced to work overtime, it often wreaks havoc in the personal life. Many families become strained from the frequent absence of the parent because they are stuck working a double shift… again.

It is virtually impossible to be productive on a personal side after working a 16-hour shift and expected to be back on duty in 8 hours.

These strains lead to added stress, familial challenges, and a terrible work-life balance. This all amounts to sagging individual and departmental morale.

No Political or Public Support

Boston city council approves mayor's bill to stop protests at people's homes (namely the mayor's house)
Boston Mayor Wu has been a ‘defund the police’ advocate. YouTube screenshot of Boston Mayor Michelle Wu -courtesy of WCVB Channel 5

Another major reason for the sharp rise in Boston police officers turning in their police badge for a firefighter badge is because of the simple lack of public and political support.

The ‘defund the police’ movement has found local, state and even federal politicians villainizing the entire police profession.

Far too many liberal politicians are quick to target an officer of wrongdoing well before all the facts are out. These politicians want to appease the public and the media simply for votes and are willing to push a cop into a fire at any cost.

Police union organizations, even non-profit organizations like the Pipe Hitter Foundation advocate for the elimination of baseless charges against law enforcement officers.

"I still want to serve": More and more Boston cops leaving police force for fire department, citing 'very low morale'
Screenshot of the homepage of the Pipe Hitter Foundation

Their noble cause isn’t yet enough to keep officers from leaving departments across the country in droves, but it’s a start.

Hopefully, the anti-police sentiment continues to fade away and the law enforcement profession goes back to being a respectable career.

For those going into fire departments, good luck. For those still walking the beat, hang in there, the glory of being a cop will return.

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"I still want to serve": More and more Boston cops leaving police force for fire department, citing 'very low morale'

This is why cops are leaving the job.

Democrat-run tourist city sees violent crime increase while police force rapidly shrinks thanks to anti-cop attitudes

Posted September 15, 2022

ASHEVILLE, NC – Following the death of George Floyd, liberal activists, and even some Democratic leaders called for the nationwide defunding of the police claiming that it would enhance public safety.

Fast forward to 2022, many of these cities which heeded the call, including Asheville, North Carolina, have seen their police agencies shrink while violent crime continues to increase.

Asheville Police Chief David Zack recently spoke about the rising violent crime that his city has been enduring as of late.

According to Chief Zack, the latest reports show that the city has had an increase in violent crime of 31 percent in the last five years, nearly double that of the national average.

The city has seen 11 homicides so far this year, should the numbers increase through December 31st, it will pass the homicide rate of 2020 and 2021.

While there could be many explanations as to why violent crime has increased in the area, Fox News Digital alleges multiple law enforcement sources in the area attribute it to a lack of policing and prosecutors refusing to pursue criminal cases.

The lack of policing is for two different reasons. One is the lack of law enforcement officers available to Asheville as well as Buncombe County. The second reason is the fear that officers have of doing their jobs and being judged in the media regardless if they are right or wrong.

As far as the first is concerned, the Asheville Police Department and the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office have seen numerous law enforcement officers leave the profession either through retirement or simply leaving the career altogether.

Asheville’s manning problem was such a significant issue after Floyd’s death that they had to stop responding to 911 calls regarding burglaries, thefts, frauds, or trespassing calls.

The second part of the reason policing is lacking in Asheville and many other cities like it stems from how mainstream media, Hollywood actors, politicians, and activists have demonized police. Following Floyd’s death, it was the cool and acceptable thing to stand for defunding the police which created a role reversal of sorts.

Chief Zack spoke about the lack of “support” for officers and blamed that as one of the many reasons why people have left the profession. The Chief said:

“There certainly have been questions about support [for police] from elected officials, from the President of the United States right on down, so it’s not just local leaders. It’s just been like a perfect storm of events and circumstances that are driving officers out of the profession who have a significant amount of time and experience invested.”

Instead of the cops being the good guys catching the criminals, criminals were hailed as heroes while the cops, regardless of their actions, were said to be the bad guys.

It is because of this that many in law enforcement throughout the country have held back on doing enforcement, being placed in fear that even if they do their job right, they could still lose everything.

Duncan, a former Democrat, agrees and said that officers are afraid of doing their jobs:

“Because they can be right, but it can be the wrong set of facts, and they can still wind up in trouble.”

Officers being fearful of doing their jobs and those who have left the profession of course would lead to a rise in crime regardless of where the city is located. Then add in liberally minded prosecutors who seemingly drop more charges than they prosecute, it is a recipe for disaster.

According to one officer, who wished not to be identified, lack of prosecutions and dropping of felony charges to misdemeanors is part of what is adding to the increase in violent crime in Asheville.

The person specifically called out Democrat District Attorney Todd Williams, saying:

“Crime will continue to rise when there is no accountability for subjects of a crime. Officers overlook so many things because they know that it will go nowhere in court.”

"I still want to serve": More and more Boston cops leaving police force for fire department, citing 'very low morale'

A must read.

Vital voter education: American Police Officers Alliance exposes the anti-police movement in series of videos

Posted July 2, 2022

ARLINGTON, VA – With the midterm elections fast approaching, it is vital that voters are well-versed on issues so that they can make informed decisions about who they want to represent them.

American Police Officers Alliance has crafted a set of brief and informative videos to provide voters with extensive information on the anti-police movement.

APOA is a political organization dedicated to fighting for the rights of police officers nationwide, working diligently to elect leaders who will stand up to anti-police pressure and stand strong for law enforcement.

Its mission statement reads:

“Our mission is to fight for those who protect our nation’s citizens.

“We will ensure that police officers maintain their benefits such as retirement pensions and protect their rights from government and politicians that are blatantly anti-police.

“We will work to ensure that our officers have the best local leadership possible.

“This means that we will work to defend strong police leadership and interests in our nation’s cities and work to elect officials who will stand up for our police force.”

In keeping with their stated goals, APOA has taken on the scourge of the anti-police movement, which has especially gained significant momentum, as well media and political support, during the last two years.

One way the organization has chosen to combat the anti-police movement is via a recently released docuseries entitled “Exposing the Anti-Police Agenda.

According to an APOA press release, this collection of videos will be a:

“timely and informative docu-series that chronicles, critically examines, and dissects the anti-police movement.”

The press release continues:

“The newly released ‘Exposing the Anti-Police Agenda’ video series will be an invaluable tool for those concerned with issues of crime prevention, law enforcement, support of our nation’s police officers, and opposition to the ‘defund the police’ movement.”

These videos will help educate voters who are committed to the support of public safety, and the support of those who protect and defend, to make their own informed decisions regarding the anti- or pro-police stance of candidates.

The videos are only a few minutes in length, with easily digested information, facts, and statistics accompanied by compelling video footage.

The first docuseries video, embedded below, is entitled “The Truth About the Anti-Police Movement.”

It seeks to educate viewers on the origins and influence of the anti-police agenda, describing how the anti-police movement has successfully influenced legislators on the defunding of police and the tying of police hands when it comes to enforcing the law.

As the narrator notes:

“crime is increasing, and criminals are becoming bold and more violent.  From Antifa’s point of view, this is a great success. 

“After all, crime, violence, and lawlessness weaken the fabric of society. 

“And for the anti-police extremists like Antifa and its allies, breaking down society and weakening our nation is the ultimate goal.”

The second video, “The Truth About Antifa,” delves into the history of Antifa’s rise and its prominent, “outsized” role in the anti-police movement, noting that “upon close examination, Antifa actually quite closely resembles the fascists they claim to oppose.”

It can be viewed below:

The third video,“The Occupation of Seattle in 2020,” digs deeper into Antifa’s history, chronicling how Antifa and other extremist groups occupied a Seattle neighborhood for several months during the so-called “Summer of Love.”

The area, which included a Seattle Police precinct, became a “veritable war zone” known as CHOP or CHAZ.

Succumbing to pressure from violent radicals, Seattle officials moved for an 18 percent cut in the police budget, and unsurprisingly, crime subsequently “soared throughout the city” and Seattle police officers left in droves.

The narrator notes:

“In city after city, the story is familiar:

“Politicians cave to Antifa and other extremist groups, cutting funding for law enforcement and stopping police from doing their jobs.”

The third video can be seen below:

The fourth video, to be released soon, will examine “the tactics and goals of the anti-police movement.”

Additional videos are planned for release throughout the summer.

To be notified about the release of future videos, interested viewers can sign up for a newsletter at this link.

Daniel Stuebs, Executive Director of APOA, commented in the APOA press release on the docuseries:

“There are many anti-police groups and politicians in the United States that are actively trying to turn society against the police.

“It is important that we expose their anti-police agenda and raise awareness of their tactics before the midterm elections.

“Their rhetoric will continue to pose a danger to our country and our people if we don’t elect more politicians that support law enforcement.

“Please vote for law and order this Fall!”

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