Montana Sheriff switches parties, blasts Dems for lack of police support and for supporting Antifa


CASCADE COUNTY, MT – Cascade County Sheriff Jesse Slaughter recently announced that he will be changing his political affiliation to Republican to run for office, while calling out the Democrats for favoring “terrorist organization” Antifa, and for “ignor[ing]” law enforcement.

The sheriff made these assertions in a Facebook video he posted on Tuesday, June 15, calling the production a “live campaign update.”

Standing on his front porch in front of an American flag, Slaughter read from a written statement, saying he did so in order to be clear and so that his words could be taken in context.

He began:

“When I ran for sheriff in 2018, I committed to serve you with integrity and honor.  I stood right here on my front porch and I promised each resident of Cascade County that I would always fight for your rights.

“I’m proud to say that I’ve kept these promises, even if it wasn’t popular or pleasing to other elected officials.”

He then remarked on Democrat behavior toward his pro-Constitution principles, saying:

“From the very beginning, I’ve made it no secret that I’m a Constitutionalist, that I believe in the Constitution, and that I believe it’s concrete, and not up to a progressive interpretation.

“Unfortunately, throughout my term so far, I have repeatedly come under fire for my pro-Constitution beliefs.  

“Twice in public meetings, Democrat elected officials have tried to censor my words and opinions because they did not agree with me.

“I’ve been chastised publicly and privately for standing up for people’s individual rights and your Second Amendment rights.”

Pointing to some very specific lack of support for policing matters, he added:

“In one instance, I was completely ignored by the state’s Democrat leader when I sought help for our jail overcrowding issues.”

Slaughter then turned his attention to pro-Antifa activity by Democrats, saying:

“Recently, an outspoken former Democratic candidate shared a controversial post on her official campaign page.  

“The post clearly aligned her, and those that believe in her, with the terrorist organization, Antifa.”

The post to which he refers was a Facebook post created by Democratic HD 22 candidate Jasmine Taylor, who posted the heroic picture of the flag raising at Iwo Jima, accompanied by the words:

“Thank you, antifa.”


Slaughter continued:

“I asked the Democrat Central Committee if the candidate had gone too far, and would the party tell her to stop.

“As of this video, I have received no response, from the Democrat party and their leadership.”

In fact, the public response from Taylor has been to double down on her blatant support for Antifa.

On June 16, in a Facebook post criticizing Slaughter’s video and accusing Slaughter of sexism, she asserted:

“Antifa is not a terrorist organization. Antifa is not an organization at all. A law enforcement official should know this, and should not be knowingly spreading misinformation. 

“If you do not understand that our soldiers have fought against Fascism, then I suggest you review the basics of both World Wars.”

Slaughter continued his Facebook video by announcing his switch to the Republican party, saying:

“I do understand that the leaders of the Democrat Party do not represent all Democrats in Cascade County, but as your sheriff, I do.

“It is my duty to serve all people of Cascade County, regardless of your political beliefs.

“To do this effectively, I have to know that I have the support of the party I’ve aligned myself with.

“So I’m officially kicking off my re-election campaign to remain your sheriff…. I hope I can count on your support as I move my name to the Republican ticket.”

Slaughter continued by explaining that support has consistently come from the Republicans, saying:

“This is not a decision I take lightly, but it is the right decision.  

“I have continually found support from the leaders of the Republican Party.

“More importantly, they have shown unwavering support for the profession of law enforcement.  

“They have demonstrated, over and over, that they believe in your rights, and they believe in our Constitution.”

Slaughter elaborated on his positive relationship with the Republicans in a statement to the Great Falls Tribune.

He told the publication:

“It just seems like every time I need law enforcement support the Republicans are always right there.” 

Slaughter continued:

“Both Senator (Steve) Daines and Governor (Greg) Gianforte texted and called me last night, and both of them said ‘you know we never cared about your party, we just back what you do and who you are.’ 

“They never cared about the party, they just cared about the mission that law enforcement is conducting every day. I don’t get that from the Democratic Party. I get ignored, basically.”

Slaughter’s Facebook video has been well received by supporters, garnering over 400 “likes” or “loves” as of this writing.

One commenter wrote:

“Thank you for defending the Constitution and the rights of all Americans. You have our support and prayers.”

Another said:

“I’ve always wondered why you ran as a Democrat. Thanks for switching and doing all you do to support us and the constitution!”

As one might imagine, however, Democrats have not responded positively to Slaughter’s announcement.

According to KXLH News, the Cascade County Democratic Central Committee has called for Slaughter’s resignation.

In addition, committee chairman Ron Szabo pushed back in a statement, saying:

“Once elected, Cascade County Democrats have seen little of Jesse Slaughter. He never contacted us to learn more about or weigh in on the positions and planks of our party platform. 

“We witnessed statements and actions that were not only inconsistent with the values and positions of Cascade County Democrats, but with the Rule of Law itself.”

Without addressing specific points made by Slaughter, Szabo also claimed:

“As citizens of Cascade County, Democrats support for our local law enforcement officers is unwavering.”

In addition, Szabo asserted that the Democrats did respond to the pro-Antifa post by Taylor, by refusing to act as “Facebook police.”  

Suggesting that Slaughter’s objections to a pro-Antifa stance were actually somehow dangerous for Taylor, he added:

“By making political “hay” of an individual’s Facebook post, he put a target on the back of a citizen of Cascade County whose protection is in his care.”

Szabo concluded by saying:

“Jesse Slaughter has betrayed the trust voters placed in him for the sake of a contrived political maneuver. 

“The CCDCC calls on him to resign his position, allow the Democrats who elected him to replace him as provided by law, and give the voters an honest choice in the next election.”

Szabo had some additional specific objections to Slaughter’s stances, such as Slaughter’s support of Montana’s campus carry bill.

According to the Great Falls Tribune, Szabo stated that Slaughter’s support of the bill was one of many “questionable” stances, at least “from the [Democratic] Party’s point of view.”

In addition, Szabo pointed to Slaughter’s objection to enforcing mask mandates as “evidence of the sheriff’s questionable adherence to Democratic policies.”

Presumably, Slaughter has no plans to resign, so it will be up to the citizens of Cascade County to decide if they want a pro-Constitution, pro Second Amendment, newly minted Republican sheriff, or a new Democrat sheriff who has no objection to Democrat leaders in agreement with supporting Antifa.

Cyndi Baker, chair of the Cascade County Republican Central Committee, appears to believe that Slaughter will win this election.

She said in a statement:

“I would like to welcome Sheriff Jesse Slaughter to the party of common sense and American values. He has the support of every republican legislator in Cascade County. 

“As the most recent election showed, our county is now solidly red and there is no reason to think that this switch will do anything but enhance his future election prospects….

“We are the ‘big tent’ party and we welcome any other Democrat office holder or constituent who feels that their voice is not being heard or their concerns are not being addressed.”

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Democrat Rep. Slotkin proclaims Antifa are ‘boogeymen who aren’t there’ – ignores cities that burned

April 2, 2021

WASHINGTON, DC – During a recent radio interview, Rep. Elissa Slotkin, who serves as the chair of the Subcommittee on Intelligence and Counterterrorism in the House, proclaimed that Antifa is nothing more than “boogeymen who aren’t there.”

While the Democratic representative was mirroring technically accurate talking points that play on the semantics revolving around whether Antifa is a group consisting of a hierarchy, such rhetoric is still a point of contention as it has a propensity to downplay the threat posed by this loosely organized group.

On March 30th, Rep. Slotkin made an appearance on Detroit’s WDET-FM where she honed in on the rhetorical fixation on semantics to somehow dispel the notion that Antifa is a group:

“What you will hear, both in private and in public, the FBI will tell you right now there is not one open case of domestic terrorism, of violent extremism, against the group called Antifa.

“It’s an ideology. It’s not an organized group with leaders and money and organization. It’s very very different, and there’s no equivalence between Antifa and a group like the Proud Boys or the Oath Keepers who were instrumental in coming into the Capitol on the sixth.”

If one simply latches on to the semantics regarding what is or is not technically a “group,” then yes, Rep. Slotkin is correct in that Antifa (as many know it) isn’t a “group” when it pertains to structure that exists in outfits like the Proud Boys.

She continued from there, being so bold as to allege that Antifa is akin to some sort of “boogeymen” that are non-existent:

“I spend a lot of time trying to make sure my colleagues have full access to that data, and I’ve been clear with them that we’re not going to have a circus in this committee and focus on boogeymen who aren’t there. I understand it’s a political talking point for people, but you cannot misstate facts.”

So, while Rep. Slotkin proclaims that there is no official group simply called “Antifa” which she is correct on in a technical stance – her statements are also misleading because she refuses to acknowledge that there are groups that bear the name Antifa: such as “Rose City Antifa,” in Portland, Oregon.

When going down the rabbit hole with respect to Rose City Antifa, which was founded in 2007, one finds that RCA is one of nine chapters of what’s known as the Torch Network/Torch Antifa Network which is a continuation of the Anti-Racist Action Network that was founded in the 1980s.

And when you look at the history of the Anti-Racist Action Network, which was founded by Kieran Frazier Knutson in 1988, one finds that it started as a hodgepodge of self-aggrandizing “anti-fascists” bearing an ideological mix of Anarchism, Trotskyism and Maoism.

It’s also hardly surprising that the Anti-Racist Action Network started within the hardcore punk rock scene in Minneapolis, Minnesota and then eventually spread to cities like Chicago, Columbus and then none other than Portland.

Ironically, the Anti-Racist Action Network still has their old website up, which hasn’t been updated since 2014, that details their previous exploits and even names some of the leadership that was instilled in the hierarchy at the time before rebranding as the Torch Network/Torch Antifa Network.

And in case one was curious, yes, Torch Network/Torch Antifa Network also has a current up and running website.

The sole purpose of the current Torch Network/Torch Antifa Network website is to highlight and dox perceived political enemies and serve as a hub where individuals can receive their de facto rallying cry of where and when to amass in coordinated protests/riots.

So, while the Democratic representative is technically correct that there’s no group simply called “Antifa,” there certainly are a lot of groups with the name “Antifa” embedded into their official monikers or reiterated throughout their calls to action.  


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