Moms for Liberty continues the battle to save America by fighting a major institution- the public school system


Nationwide: Moms for Liberty (MFL) is an organization of not only moms but dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles- anyone who is committed to standing up for the rights of parents at every level of government.

Their mission is ‘dedicated to fighting for the survival of America by unifying, educating and empowering parents to defend their parental rights.’

Tiffany Justice, a founding member of MFL, saw firsthand what was going on in our public school system during her four years on Florida’s Indian River County School Board.

Moms for Liberty continues the battle to save America by fighting a major institution- the public school system
Moms for Liberty Logo

Tiffany noticed teachers’ unions were the ‘boots on the ground’ for the progressive far left and how government bureaucracy was keeping innovation and parental influence out of the schools.

During COVID, the American people started to realize how important local elections are in facilitating change.  People began to see that they had elected politicians, even at the local level, who were heavily involved with the establishment.

These politicians were enacting policies that were hurting good people and their families.

Moms for Liberty knows the American government doesn’t work without parents actively participating. MFL started local chapters to combat the lack of parental involvement in public schools.

They are seeing parents disrupting the progressive agenda and bringing in a whole new class of politicians.

Tiffany told LET about the movement and stated:

“It’s a parent revolution and we are building an army of parents.  School choice is great, but we MUST re-claim public education.”

Moms for Liberty continues the battle to save America by fighting a major institution- the public school system
Co-founder Tiffany Justice speaks with Fox News about their mission.

While public schools are focused on woke policies like CRT and transgenderism, they are not addressing the fact that the class of 2022 produced the lowest ACT scores in over 30 years!

Tiffany told LET:

“Only 1/3 of Americans are reading on level!”

Tiffany also noted there is a link between illiteracy and crime.  According to, over 70% of American inmates can’t read past a fourth-grade level. *

Tiffany exclaimed:

 “This is the greatest threat to national security,”

Tiffany believes this is good news in that it’s a wake-up call and the progressive left is up against the ropes.

She said:

“I always tell my chapter leaders, ‘The fight is hardest fought before it’s won.’”

Moms for Liberty continues the battle to save America by fighting a major institution- the public school system
Fl. Gov. DeSantis supports the MOL mission.

The progressive far left is smart and strategic as they undermine parental authority.

Even if in November we see a “red wave”, we mustn’t assume the fight is over. There needs to be a fundamental change that goes beyond elections.

Mothers for Liberty partners up with other like minded conservative organizations to help push their cause. Charitable organization like Mammoth Nation also look to bring America back and actively push to fight the liberal agenda that is infiltrating the deepest parts of American values.

Both organizations, and many others like them, are reminding patriots everywhere that there are still people out there fighting hard to reclaim America and bring it back to a foundation of freedom.

And it’s a worthy cause worth fighting for as America needs it, especially now.

Tiffany ended with a call for more dads, granddads, and men everywhere to stand up in their community.

Her message to concerned Americans everywhere:

“Don’t be scared or shamed.  Stand in large numbers and help us fight!”

Go to and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Moms for Liberty continues the battle to save America by fighting a major institution- the public school system


Another great non-profit.

Retired Nashville Cop starts Hero Hunt Inc., a non-profit meant to help injured heroes relive camaraderie

Posted September 2, 2022

Nashville, TN: The law enforcement, first responder and military profession share a lot of the same characteristics. The people who enlist in those professions require intense training and a willingness to serve their country and community.

The choice to serve goes well beyond just getting a paycheck.

One of the other characteristics that these services have in common is the amount of stress and tension that go with the job.

Whether law enforcement is dealing with the decay of society day in and day out, first responders showing up to a gruesome scene that includes death and destruction or the military men and women who prepare for a year long deployment to fight our nation’s enemies- it is all stressful.

Moms for Liberty continues the battle to save America by fighting a major institution- the public school system
Click to visit.

But it is this same stress that bring us closer together, that strengthens our bond and gives each one of us an identity that lasts forever.

Unlike the business environment where people are typically in competition with one another; ours require a much different approach.

For us to survive in these challenging environments, we must learn to work together as one cohesive unit. Failure to do so can lead to certainly lead to danger, including death.

Moms for Liberty continues the battle to save America by fighting a major institution- the public school system
Sgt. Marjorie Jordan risked everything entering the line of fire to pull her partner to safety after he was shot in the shoulder. (Social Media Screenshot)

It is for these reasons that a strong level of camaraderie is built among the law enforcement, first responder and military community. We understand what each other goes through; the challenges, adversity and daily fight to grind on.

No one in the civilian sector can understand what we go through. Our tales of struggles and complications on our last tour of duty typically falls on deaf ears when trying to explain it to civilian friends.

But a law enforcement officer, first responder and servicemen and women get it every time.

That is the reason why we reserve our work-related stories for our work friends. And whenever civilian friends ask how our job is going, we typically limit our response to it’s fine or the same as usual despite it being anything but that.

The Dreaded Line-of- Duty Injury

Another reality of the job is the constant threat of personal injury.

Unlike our businessmen and women counterparts whose primary concern for on- the- job injury is tripping on an extension cord- ours go way beyond that- up to and including death.

Whether it is a fireman running onto the second floor of a blazing inferno, a cop who must handle a violent suspect high on drugs or a soldier who’s on patrol in an enemy held territory- the dangers are constantly all around us.

Injuries occur all the time. Some are serious, others are minor – and every once in a while, it is career ending.

Moms for Liberty continues the battle to save America by fighting a major institution- the public school system
Image courtesy of Hero Hunt IG page.

When a career ending injury occurs, it not only impacts your daily life physically, but it strips away your identity.

Prior to the injury, your career and life revolved around being on the job and caring for those you work with- it’s who you are.

In an instant, all that can disappear.

When that happens and you lose your identity, your world can turn upside down. You have trouble adapting to a ‘new life’, you become unsure of who you are as a person, and depression sometimes settles in.

The Man Who Wants to Change That

This unfortunate reality didn’t get past one man- Joe Towers.

Joe is a retired Nashville Police Department Lieutenant. He recognizes that law enforcement officers, first responders and military personnel can have their life flipped upside down with a serious injury.

Moms for Liberty continues the battle to save America by fighting a major institution- the public school system
Joe and his team pose for LET at the Red Phone Booth, Nashville, TN.

So he created Hero Hunt Inc.

Hero Hunt affords the opportunity to those injured in the line of duty a chance to get back some of that precious camaraderie that comes with public service.

According to the ‘about page’ on their website,

“Hero Hunt, Inc. organizes exciting and therapeutic game hunts for disabled veterans and first responders from across the country throughout the year.”

It continues:

Moms for Liberty continues the battle to save America by fighting a major institution- the public school system
Another successful hunt.

“But more than the hunt, we offer healing, understanding, and camaraderie to those who have served our country and our citizenry so valiantly.”

Hero Hunt wraps up their mission beautifully:

“The mission of Hero Hunt, Inc., is to bring our line of duty injured heroes, military, police, firefighters and other first responders back into the fold of camaraderie they left when leaving the service to our nation due to those injuries.”

Joe and his team have great working relationships with landowners throughout the country. They work together to organize trips for the injured to relive that unique camaraderie only found in service to others.

They go on fishing trips, hunt a wide variety of animals, hold fundraising event and much more- all in an effort to help the injured.

Hero Hunt Inc. is always in need of donations as there is no shortage of injured personnel.

If you want to donate, get more information or apply to hunt, go to their website at and follow them on Instagram @herohuntinc

Moms for Liberty continues the battle to save America by fighting a major institution- the public school system

More on non-profit organizations.

She started a non-profit organization to support veterans. Now it turns out they’re all backing the blue – along with her.

Posted May 14, 2022

If there isn’t the sound of trumpets heralding Jeannie Miller’s entrance to a room, there probably should be. She has the kind of energy that, if bottled and sold, would make her millions.

But it’s where she directs all that energy that makes her so impressive: helping Wounded Veterans and Backing the Blue. In between her busy schedule, Jeannie sits down with the Elsa Kurt Show to share.

Elsa Kurt: I know how busy you are you are with all of your goings on, so we’ll get right into it. Tell me about the Wounded Veterans Project and how it all started.

Jeannie Miller: So, a few years ago my husband and I belonged to a combat Veteran motorcycle association- a great association- they do a lot of great things to help Veterans. I then joined their committee to find Veterans in need.

It was it was really great; we were able to help some Veterans, but the only problem that I had with it is that it’s such a large organization that it became difficult to timely help Veterans who needed it quickly.

So, after some consideration I just thought, ‘you know, how can I make this better?’ I talked with my husband, and we decided, you know, let’s go for it. Let’s try to have our own nonprofit, and we’ll be able to do turnarounds a lot quicker and help Veterans a lot faster. So, that’s how it began.

EK: Amazing. When did you start this?

JM: Well, we’re going on our 4th annual event, and I think- we switched over non officially because it took us some time to get the paperwork for the 501C3 due to COVID- but it’s been about 3-4 years now.

EK: And you’ve done some really amazing things in that short period of time. I’ve gotten to first-hand witness what a powerhouse you are, and how you get people together for these events.

JM: Well, you know, my ultimate goal would be to for me to be able to do this full time. It’s tough when you have a full-time job- and everything else in life- to be able to be on top of all of this, but fortunately, with the help of my board members and our amazing volunteers, we’re able to get stuff done.

We have not ever gotten any funding or any grants at this point- we’re trying- but, right now, all of our funding has come from the community. They’ve been a huge support of our fundraisers, which has been amazing, and thanks to all of them. We really couldn’t do this without them.

EK: Tell me some of the events that you guys have done & have coming up.

JM: Sure. We have our annual Veterans Appreciation Dinner, which is actually coming up in May. I believe it’s May 22nd that’s at the VFW here in Windsor Locks, Connecticut. We just decided that we wanted to be able to put on something that cost Veterans nothing, cost the community nothing, and just to come in so that we can really show our appreciation to our Vets.

We have music going on that day, we’ve got great food catered, and sometimes we do different things during the event as well, but we’re really happy to give thanks and have the community come in and thank our Veterans as well.

We’ve been doing that every year. It’s been really great. Thankfully, people are very happy to give some donations so we can have some help for that, and we do have sponsors as well which is great. So, that’s been awesome. Our biggest fundraiser that we do every year is called Dunk for A Vet. This is our 4th year.

We’ll be doing it in September. It’s really a huge event. We’ve got a poker run going on that day and the Scramble Run. So, they can go anytime throughout certain hours and then they come back, too. We’re holding it at Four Seasons by the Lake in Stafford Springs this year. When we come back there, we’ll have a dunk tank where we have a lot of fun dunking people.

We’ve got vendors, we’ve got great food, we’ve got a Mötley Crüe cover band this year, which is gonna be pretty fun. So, that’s our biggest event that we do each year that really helps us to be able to forward those funds and help Veterans throughout the year.

EK: What you’re doing is such a huge undertaking, and you obviously have such a great crew around you that are committed to this and doing all these things for our veterans and for our law enforcement. So, huge thank you for that.

Our pleasure. We’ve got a pretty small board; it’s just me and two other people. One is my husband, who’s a combat Veteran Marine, and then we’ve got our other third member, Rosie Courtney, who does amazing things for us, too, but again it’s really a lot in the volunteer work because if it wasn’t for them we’d be having a really hard time pulling it together.

EK: Tell me a little bit more on how people can help you. what’s the website and Facebook pages and everything that we can direct people towards to help?

JM: Great. So, my website is, not to be mistaken for Wounded Warriors -it is a great organization- but they are huge and we are nowhere near that.

We are based out of Connecticut, a small nonprofit, but we really do some great things for Veterans. So, you would go to, I’ve got all of our events up there, a lot of our pictures from previous events, we’ve got testimonials from Veterans who either want to remain anonymous or would like to say what we’ve done to be able to help them so that other Veterans can feel like they can reach out as well.

One of the toughest things for us, is just getting Veterans to say, ‘I need help.’ They are very proud people. It’s tough for them to admit that, so it’s important that we let them know.

It’s not just about us financially helping them but thanking them for everything that they’ve done for us, and we wanna be here to help them. We’ve got our website we’ve got Facebook pages- one is Wounded Veterans Project, and one is Back the Blue by Wounded Veterans Project. We kind of do a little side thing for our police officers, too. We’ve got Twitter, we’ve got Telegram… all that good stuff.

EK: So great. Now let’s talk a little bit about that Back the Blue rally you have coming up. What is going on? Tell us the date, how people can register- right, they need to register to be a part of the ride? Go ahead and give us all the details on that.

JM: They don’t necessarily have to register; we can do that the day of, because we’re not charging for this. We’re just asking for a donation of $10 per bike or vehicle whatever you have. Last year people were very generous and gave more than that, so, obviously we’d love that. But we’re just asking for 10 bucks.

So, basically this started this will be our third year it was really in the thick of things when law enforcement were really getting a hard time and I really couldn’t stand sitting back and doing nothing about it.

So, we decided that we would put together this motorcycle, car, truck, whatever you wanna drive parade and go by a couple of the local police stations here, in a line, and show appreciation- wave our American flags and Blue Line flags. The first two years that we did it we went by the same police stations. We had police officers and their families outside standing at attention, welcoming us, thanking us… it was really awesome.

We probably had about 130 bikes and maybe about 30-40 cars and trucks all decorated with flags. People on the side of the road were stopping, cars were pulling over… it was beautiful.

A couple state troopers in Connecticut gave us an escort one year. We had the local police departments giving us escorts the next year. This year, we’re just changing it up a little bit we’d like to go to a couple different police departments and show them our gratitude as well.

EK: You know, the negative voices have always been so loud and that’s all we hear on mainstream media. The truth is in the people that turn out for things like this, and show their support. And that is one of the most gratifying things that I’ve ever witnessed. So, it’s a big deal. For anybody who doesn’t realize how much of a big deal what you’re doing is, just ask a law enforcement spouse. It means the world it truly does.

JM: Just to be in the front of that motorcycle line with the police officers in front of me escorting, and I’ve got my huge Thin Blue Line flag on the back of my husband’s bike, and just to see the gratitude- to see the officers standing there at attention- it’s very emotional. I’m a huge supporter of law enforcement, so I really want them to know that we are out here.

There might be times where we’re the silent majority, but on this day, we wanna show them that we’re here and we support them and we’re totally behind them, backing the Blue.

EK: I thank you as a spouse. I thank you on their behalf- I’m taking the initiative to thank you on their behalf- I think they won’t mind.

JM: Actually, the first year that we did it, I opened it up to other people who might want to do the same parade the same day, the same time as us, and they did that out in New London and since then, the woman who organized that has become a nonprofit specifically for law enforcement officers. She does hers every year, too. So, if we could spread this around it would be amazing.

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