Moments after young officer killed, neighbors tell police: “All cops need to be shot”.


In an incredibly disgusting, disrespectful, and ignorant display, people in the neighborhood where Sacramento PD Officer Tara O’Sullivan was shot and killed mocked and harassed other officers on scene, saying “all cops need to be shot.”

This one made my blood boil, and apparently, a ranking member of the FOP had the same feelings as he interviewed on television.

The vice president of the National Fraternal Order of Police expressed his disgust towards Sacramento locals who mocked police as one of their own lay dying nearby.  FOP Vice President Jay McDonald spoke of the incident on Fox & Friends, denouncing the citizens who heckled police attempting to set up a perimeter.

“Quite frankly, it’s disgusting,” he said. “Officer O’Sullivan was still…had not gotten the medical attention that she needed and deserved. The law enforcement officers had to devote their attention and their resources to containing an unruly crowd, who was heckling and taunting them while one of their own lie mortally wounded.”

According to Fox News, McDonald said it was all too common for police to be expected to put up with violence and hate while doing their jobs.

The two minute and ten second video taken at the scene shows an amazingly horrible attitude and lack of tolerance.  People can be heard shouting “get your s&*( in order” and “get your lies together.”  One woman repeatedly shouts “y’all all need to be shot!” and then repeats
y’all all need to be!” several times.


Another woman calls two male officers “cowards,” “bastards,” and “f*&^s.”  Another woman shouts a threat that she will “whoop their little butts.”  As officers place crime scene tape around a perimeter, a woman verbally assaults them, calling them “cowards” many times. 

As rifle shots can be heard nearby, several women make fun of police for “scrambling.”  One man says they’re “already overreacting,” although the bystanders aren’t near enough to the scene to even see what is happening.

A Sacramento Police Officer was already paying with her life, and a large number of officers who responded to the initial scene were still under fire. 

The man behind all of this ambushed Officer O’Sullivan and others after they searched for him during the investigation of the domestic dispute. 

To have people in the neighborhood shout obscenities and argue with police while the officers were trying to set up a cordon – aimed at protecting the neighborhood – is insanely ridiculous.  I, for one, can’t understand why people like that wouldn’t be immediately prosecuted. 

I realize the police really had their hands full, but respectful people in the neighborhood could have stopped the disrespectful harassment and interference.

During the Fox interview, Jay McDonald made a couple of great additional points. 

“We’ve had too long of an example where it is perfectly acceptable to use violence towards the police – ambush killings are on the rise across America,” McDonald said.

For McDonald, enough is enough. 

“We shouldn’t be asking them to, to experience this kind of attack from people they’re trying to serve.”

I have long said that once a neighborhood is lost to violence, gangs, drugs, or hostile ignorance like in this scenario, police efforts are too little too late.  It is up to the more law-abiding citizens to govern their own and control their neighborhoods. 

If your fellow citizens have no respect for the police – especially during a violent shootout – these same people surely don’t care about the lives and property of others.  It’s time to take back the streets in your neighborhood and make people like this realize that these actions won’t be tolerated.

Politicians, for quite some time, have taken proverbial potshots at police. 

One of the most notable was when then-President Obama said the police acted “stupidly” while stopping a man breaking into a home and trying to gain access through a window.  It turned out the person was the homeowner and he’d lost or forgotten his keys, but who on Earth wouldn’t want the police to stop someone from going into a home through a window? 

That started a horrible chain of events that led to total meltdowns like Ferguson, Missouri and others. 

These politicians have used their microphones to vilify the police, and especially the more ignorant in our midst have latched onto the concept created by these “leaders” – they feel it’s ok to harass, disrespect, assault and murder our officers, mainly because officers have been made out to be less than human and not worthy of respect.

People see things like this situation, or like drug deals on the street corner, prostitution, gang recruiting, or outright violence and death and they say, “Someone should do something about that.” 

They’re right.  But that “someone” is you and the time is now.

On Friday, body cam footage was released in the brutal slaying of Sacramento PD Officer Tara O’Sullivan.

People who oppose the police continually complain about lack of “de-escalation procedures,” excessive force, and the “militarization” of police. This officer and her partners and coworkers responded to a domestic call and were in the process of helping a woman gather her things so she could escape a bad situation. 

In the explosive scenario that rapidly developed, Officer Tara O’Sullivan of the Sacramento Police Department was killed.  Her death is being investigated as a homicide.

Officer Tara O'Sullivan
Officer Tara O’Sullivan

According to the Sacramento PD press release:

“On June 19, 2019, the Sacramento Police Department received a call regarding a disturbance between a male and a female. Officers made contact with the involved female at a residence in the 3700 block of Esperanza Drive. Officers then responded to a residence in the 200 block of Redwood Avenue to standby while the involved female gathered some belongings from a residence.

At approximately 6:10 p.m., officers on scene reported shots had been fired, and an officer was struck by gun fire. The officer who was shot, Tara Christina O’Sullivan succumbed to her injuries after being transported to the hospital. The suspect, 45-year old Adel Sambrano Ramos, was booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail on charges relating to the murder of Officer O’Sullivan.”

Moments after young officer killed, neighbors tell police: "All cops need to be shot".
Adel Sambrano Ramos was booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail on charges relating to the murder of Officer O’Sullivan. (Sacramento PD)


Ironically, as par the course, the Sacramento PD faces criticism because it took 45 minutes to get to Officer O’Sullivan.  Obviously, no one can walk through a hail of bullets, and the misguided person handing out such criticism clearly doesn’t understand that concept.  This is typical of knee-jerk reactions by Monday Morning Quarterbacks who have no idea what officers on the scene were facing. 

Moments after young officer killed, neighbors tell police: "All cops need to be shot".
Officers were responding to the scene of a domestic to try and assist a woman when a gunman opened fire. (Screenshot – YouTube)

Body cam footage shows the reason(s) why that delay occurred and shows the moments before and during the ambush.  The fear is real and evident.  The reactions are real. 

You can tell that the officer with the bodycam had no idea, initially, where the shots were coming from.  I’m sure they just wanted to avoid being shot and get to cover so they could assess the situation.

Moments after young officer killed, neighbors tell police: "All cops need to be shot".
Officers can be seen approaching the residence with guns drawn. (Sacramento PD)

The footage also showed that the officers were non-confrontational and trying to solve the mystery of the missing man and figure out why the doors were blocked and barricaded. 

This man was ready and watching and attacked the group of officers from behind. As the original officer reaches the door, he can be heard identifying himself and announcing that no one was in trouble or being arrested. 

As one officer steps inside the home, gunshots begin ringing out. The body worn camera of the officer shows as he ducks for cover, running into the backyard, unsure of where the rounds were coming from.

“It’s a high caliber rifle,” the officer says as he takes cover. That’s when he calls over the radio that officer O’Sullivan was down. Units scramble to try and figure out where the hidden gunman was hiding.

Moments after young officer killed, neighbors tell police: "All cops need to be shot".
The officer is able to scramble to cover in the back of the yard, but O’Sullivan had already been ambushed. (Sacramento PD)


The photographs in the press release indicate highly modified and custom weapons.  These weren’t weapons you buy off the shelf.  The AR-15 had a custom trigger group, stock, and slide/bolt assembly. 

The sniper rifle was built on a custom chassis much like Surgeon or McMillan specialty rifles.  This man was prepared to assault these officers, and one paid with her life. 

The man was also armed with a handgun and a shotgun, and he used all four weapons during his four-hour assault on police – this was evident by the shell casings from all four weapons being present in the house, found on the floor.

Moments after young officer killed, neighbors tell police: "All cops need to be shot".
The officer took cover before calling out “officer down!” over the radio. (Sacramento PD)


Once again, we are reminded that there are no “routine” calls. A police officer, deputy, border patrol agent, or anyone else in the police community may truly be ambushed at any minute during seemingly normal operations. 

The escalation of violence against the police community, largely encouraged and instigated by many of our more liberal leaders has led to the deaths and injuries of numerous officers. 

People are emboldened to kill or injure the police because our leaders no longer instruct us to respect authority or the person with a badge. Respect and concern for life and welfare must come from the top down, and city leaders, and even some police administrators have actively impacted officer safety through lax policies and attitudes, or outright disdain for our police.

A full version of the events that unfolded can be viewed below. WARNING – this footage is graphic and may not be suitable for all viewers. Discretion is advised.


Although we have lost Officer O’Sullivan and given the amount of firepower and this man’s obvious intentions, it’s an incredible job to have officers on scene and crisis handlers to limit further bloodshed in the residential neighborhood.

Our hearts go out to this officer’s family and friends, and those coworkers she left behind with the Sacramento PD.

Ramos is set to appear Monday for his first court appearance.

Moments after young officer killed, neighbors tell police: "All cops need to be shot".
(From Sacramento P.D.)



Moments after young officer killed, neighbors tell police: "All cops need to be shot".



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