Mom robbed at gunpoint inside her own garage while kids were in the car – welcome to police-defunded San Fran


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – A family that had just come home from having dinner out were robbed at gunpoint inside their own garage earlier in June, as their two children were sitting inside the backseat of the vehicle. 

The incident happened at a residence located along 24th Street and Florida Avenue at approximately 9:30 p.m. on June 5th. Maggie Wong, one of the victims, recently spoke to a local news outlet about the harrowing experience: 

“We just pulled into the driveway. It all happened within 50 seconds.”

Wong stated that her husband Jason had fallen asleep in the passenger seat when they pulled into their garage, and she’d went to the trunk of the vehicle to get some items out. 

When Wong made her way to the trunk, a man wearing a surgical mask walked into her garage and pointed a gun to her face: 

“I freaked out and started shaking. He said you must have a wallet, where’s your wallet?”

Wong stated that she’d screamed upon seeing the gun held to her face, and she recounted quickly rummaging through the diaper bag in her hands to find her wallet: 

“I gave it to him as fast as I could.”

Wong’s husband Jason wound up being awoken from the scream let out by his wife, which then he saw the gun turned on him through the window. 

Jason said that he handed over the cash on his person over to the assailant: 

“I opened the door hand him $400 cash because I had just been to the bank.”

The assailant also ran off with Jason’s phone. 

When Jason attempted to close the garage door, he said that it must have scared the robber since he took off right after the fact.

While the family is grateful to be alive, Wong feels saddened by the state of affairs that is San Francisco:

“It’s so sad this is the San Francisco we are living in. Are we just going to continue living in fear?”

It turns out that San Francisco Police data shows that robberies have actually decreased by 14% since this time in 2020, but SFPD Deputy Chief David Lazar noted that some specific areas in the city are seeing increases in crime: 

“We do see these pockets of crime increasing in some areas.”

“We’re seeing robberies happen in heavily populated areas as we come out of this pandemic and the city starts to get more populated…We’re seeing a lot more people here on the weekends and at night there’s more traffic.”

Deputy Chief Lazar says that the department is trying to focus on higher-traffic areas that seem to be the most adversely impacted with crime, increasing overall patrols and visibility: 

“What we’re doing is really working to have high visible coverage at all times in the main corridors, the downtown areas, areas where people are coming out post-COVID.”

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Back in May, we at Law Enforcement Today reported on another incident stemming from San Francisco where a police officer was attacked – on camera – by a man when she was doing a quick pat down. 

Here’s that previous report. 


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Surveillance footage captured the moments where a female San Francisco Police officer was attacked by a male suspect earlier in May.

Video footage also showed that witnesses nearby stepped in to help the officer being attacked by the suspect.

On May 28th, a female San Francisco Police officer had responded to a call about a male subject making racially motivated threats in Chinatown.

The suspect, later identified as Geraldo Contreras, had been spotted in the area the day prior allegedly saying that he “specializes in killing Asian people.”

Video shows the officer approaching the suspect, telling Contreras to turn around and place his hands on the back of his head.

The suspect initially obliged the officer’s orders, but as the officer approached Contreras from the rear and began to search his waistband while asking if he had any weapons, the suspect turned around and began attacking the officer.

Contreras wound up wrestling the officer to the ground, being in a mounted position over her. Witnesses nearby inserted themselves into the situation, trying to get the suspect off of the officer.

One of the witnesses who helped the officer, identified as Michael Waldorf, spoke about the physical altercation between the suspect and the officer:

“He’s a big guy, he was not letting go. He had a death grip on her. And he was not letting go… I saw it as an emergency. She needed our help and she needed it right away.”

Bystanders seen in the footage from the incident employed a combination of strikes and attempts to pry the suspect off of the officer. Soon after the witnesses got involved, backup had arrived on the scene and Contreras was taken into custody.

According to reports, Contreras has a history of previous arrests that include aggravated assault, assaulting police officers, and elder abuse throughout various areas of California.

Waldorf, upon learning of the suspect’s arrest history, believes that Contreras shouldn’t be let out of jail with such a history:

“He should not be let out. Some people are not safe for society and he clearly is not. I know this is just a snapshot of a person’s life, but you have to look at someone’s record and make a judgement.”

The officer that was assaulted during the encounter with the suspect was said to have suffered a bloody nose and other minor injuries.

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