Sometimes you need to take a stand.

A mom in Missouri is not apologizing for backing up her son’s decision to fight back against a bully. Allison Davis’ son Drew has been suspended from school after he laid out a kid who had been bullying him since middle school.

Davis said that she was not upset with Drew’s behavior. “Not even a little bit,” she said. “I know as a parent I’m suppose[d] to be upset with him for resorting to violence or getting suspended but I’m not.”

In a Facebook post that has gone viral, Davis said that “for years the school has failed Drew.” She went on to give numerous examples of the conduct that the bully had engaged in over a few years.

She said that she had attempted to get the school to do something about the situation repeatedly, however “nothing happened.”

“When this kid has constantly threatened to beat Drew up along with several of his friends, the school did nothing,” she said. “When this kid followed Drew down the hall threatening him and making fun of him AND it was all captured on video, the school did nothing.”

Davis said that the bullying got worse over time, including threats on social media, voicemails and text messages. Nothing.

The bully also engaged others to partake in his bullying of Drew. “In middle school, Drew was afraid to walk down the halls because a swarm of this kid and his minions would make fun of and threaten Drew,” she said. “He quit talking to the adults about it because they never disciplined the bully and it just made the situation worse.”

Davis sent the school a “lengthy email’ earlier this school year and “begged” the school to get involved in the situation, however all the school suggested was a “no contact” contract, or basically to do nothing.

When things got to the point where Drew had simply had enough, he took matters into his own hands. The bully had moved on from threatening Drew to making fun of his dad, and then threatening his 11-year-old brother, Drew had enough. He realized that the school and others who were supposed to protect him were not going to do anything.

Sadly, over the years we have seen situations like this handled in one of two ways. Either the child who is bullied commits suicide or in extreme cases use bullying as motivation to carry out acts of violence.

In this case, Drew retaliated, although in a less extreme way. “Three punches and his bully screamed like a baby, his minion friends shut up, and this morning the bully wouldn’t even look at him,” she said. “Problem solved.”

While a few social justice warriors likely condemned Drew’s response, others were sympathetic to him.

“Well done. A human being will only take so much,” one Facebook user commented.

“Sometimes you just got to put your foot on someone’s back side,” said another. “That’s the only way to fix these kind of people. Refuse to be a victim.”

Luckily, in this case Drew only targeted the bully and used a reasonable response. Cases like this can turn out very badly for the victim, the bully, and innocent victims.


Earlier this year, one of our writers, James Lewis, posed a simple question: Are lousy parenting and zero tolerance to blame for bullying?  Here were his words:

As a victim of bullying… relentless, hateful bullying, I can understand what it feels like to be angry enough to want to strike out against someone.
“Zero tolerance” policies allow teachers, administrators, and business owners to walk around with a puffed out chest, relishing in self-righteous pride in the foolish notion that they’re doing the right thing.
The problem is that bullies will still find a way to bully. They will sneak around and punch or kick or dog a kid in a corner were cameras can’t pick it up and teachers can’t see… they still pull off their acts of hate. 
The only thing that zero tolerance policies allow teachers to do is to remain in total denial instead of actually addressing a problem that will exist despite their silly policies.
When you allow bullying to continue, as a parent, as an educator, as a classmate, or the person actually doing the bullying, you create a monster. My monster stabbed a guy multiple times. Nicholas Cruz shot 17 people.
As the liberal media uses all these young kids as pawns to do the Democrat’s bidding of managing total gun control, we aren’t fixing the problem that is causing these incidents.
Bad classmates, inept, uninvolved parents and educators, and the bullies themselves have created these monsters. 
No amount of gun control in the world is going to change that fact and change the notion that someone is going to attack someone else with a different style of weapon. 
And all the candlelight vigils in the world won’t change that.
Bullying a person until they break creates these incidents.  We can change this behavior.
Editor Note: Last month, Law Enforcement Today shared an article called “Your Lousy Parenting Makes Being A Cop A Nightmare”.  It makes us wonder… is lousy parenting what leads to bullying?  In case you missed it… here’s that article.

Author Note: Some of you will dismiss my rant about lousy parenting as me being a grouchy old cop.  That’s fair.  Others will read this and see me as a damn American who wants his country back.  

To you… I say “cheers”.  You’re one of “us”.

“Officer.  My 11-year-old stole a toy from a store last week. It’s the third time he’s done it. Can you yell at him and threaten to arrest him?”

Yes, mom.  That’s a great idea.  Make him hate cops because you’ve done a lousy job of parenting him.

What the hell is going on with this world?

I’ve got a few little boys. They don’t steal shit.  You want to know why?

Because they know that if they do, daddy’s going to whoop their little asses from Montana all the way to grandma’s house in Maine if they do.

I’m not sure when parents got so lousy at parenting.  But let me tell you something.  It’s creating a nightmare for police officers.

Sense of Entitlement

Kids these days have a sense of entitlement.  I swear to God, if one more 20-something-year-old that I pull over tries to tell me that he pays my salary, I’m lose my mind.  No, you don’t pay my salary.  Daddy bought your BMW and you’ve never worked a day in your life.

My parents instilled in me a sense of respect for others, especially my elders. 

“Yes, ma’am.”  “No, sir.”  (In fairness, that was back when we still recognized the biological difference between a man and a woman.)

“Yes, officer.  I’m sorry I was an idiot.”  (Idiot is now apparently a bullying work that triggers people and hurts their feelings.)

Mothers taught their girls how to braid their hair and fathers taught their boys to be men. Now, fathers teach their boys to braid their hair and mothers teach their girls that manliness is toxic.

This sense of entitlement can be directly attributed to helicopter parents and the pussification of America. $15 an hour minimum wage?  How about… “for your first job cooking fries, you get what I freaking give you and say ‘thank you’”. 

Nobody wants to work anymore.  They want to demand free college (hint: nothing in life is free).  They want open borders and then they want to complain that there are no jobs. 

So yes, mom and dad, your spoiled brat kid has a sense of entitlement and it’s your fault.

Right Vs. Wrong

I pulled over this 18-year-old last week.  She was going 48 in a 30, make a right on red despite the two signs that said “no right on red”, was tailgating the guy in front of her and then blew a light.  All in a half mile or so.

When I asked her if she knew why I pulled her over, she responded: “IDK, because you wanted to make me late for work?”

When I went through everything she did wrong, her response was: “Please.  Nobody got hurt.  I don’t know what the big deal is.”

Growing up, we were taught the difference between right and wrong.  (During the days where good and evil were crystal clear and the moral fabric of America wasn’t being destroyed.)

You steal stuff?  That’s bad.  You help someone out?  That’s good. 

But how do we instill a sense of right and wrong in our children when the family structure has been destroyed? When fathers are in the lives of their children? 

How do we teach them about obeying the law when the very politicians being elected to lead this great country are defying it?  When entire states are declaring that the law doesn’t apply anymore?  When you have people running for office who can nuke an entire email server, lie about it, and still win the popular vote?

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How do we teach kids that police are here to protect them, but then glorify football players and overpaid celebrities who take a knee to declare that police are bad guys?

How do we encourage our children go into a life of law enforcement when every day they see attacks on the very police we are encouraging them to follow in the footsteps of?

Everyone Is A Victim

Let me tell you something. When you’re going 110 in a 55 and have dark tinted windows, I don’t know what you look like. 

So when you play the, “you pulled me over ‘cause I’m black” card, it simply makes me want to punch you in the throat.  (Relax.  That moment of satisfaction isn’t worth my career.)

Why should I let you out of a ticket?  Allow me to list the lines that have been used on me lately:

“It seems like you’re targeting women by pulling me over.”

“You wouldn’t arrest a gay man, would you?  That’s discrimination.”

“You pulled me over because you saw my turban.”

“I’m black.  I’m black.  I’m black.  But you knew that, didn’t you?”

“Let me guess.  You’re targeting Muslims in this neighborhood.”

Let’s be clear about something.  I don’t care what you look like, who you sleep with, who you pray to or what you’re rocking (or not rocking) between your legs.  I hate everyone equally, these days.

But parents are teaching kids to have this victim mentality and it’s spilling over in society.

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Don’t believe me?  How about all of these “anti-bullying” programs?

We’re not teaching kids coping mechanisms for real life.  We’re teaching them that bullying doesn’t exist.  That if they see it, they should simply report it.  That they should play the victim card.

Know what you have to do in life sometimes when you face a bully?  Especially the biggest bully in the room?

You’ve got to make him taste his own blood.

That’s how it was for us on the playground.  That’s how we developed a fire.  That’s how we earned respect.  That’s also how we made friends with our enemies.

How Do We Fix It All

This is where I imagine I give words of advice.  Wisdom that’s going to fix the world.  Ideas that are going to somehow make parents start parenting again, bring fathers back into their kids’ lives and once again rebuild the moral fiber of America. 

But I’ve got nothing.

Actually, I lied.  I’ve got Jack Daniels.  And only about two years left.  The rest of you are screwed.


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