Molotov cocktails launched at Seattle Police union building – anarchists suggest police need to ‘get over it’


SEATTLE, WA – Even though Kenosha has been the hotspot as of late regarding riots, it doesn’t mean areas like Seattle, Washington have calmed down.

On August 24th, the Seattle Police Officers Guild office building was attacked with Molotov cocktails, with security cameras catching the video of the incendiary device spreading the flames.

KTTH Radio host Jason Rantz described the arson attack as being perpetrated by “criminal activists” on Twitter.

Now, there seems to be a perfect word that accurately describes “criminal activists”. Considering that an activist aims for “political or social change and takes part in activities such as public protests” and that a criminal is…well, a criminal; perhaps the word he was looing for was “terrorists.”

You know, someone who engages in violent action, or the threat of, for political purposes.

According to the captured footage of the incident, two suspects approached the building at approximately 10:59 p.m. on August 24th while clad in dark clothing. The two suspects then appear to converse with each other briefly, before throwing the Molotov cocktails at the side of the building.

The fire burned for approximately two minutes before police arrived on the scene and subsequently extinguished the fire. At the time of the incident, there was no one inside of the building.

SPOG President Officer Mike Solan seems to think of the act as “domestic terrorism,” saying that this was an effort to “kill police officers”:

“What’s shown in the SPOG videos are two criminal actors determined to kill police officers by using Molotov cocktails to destroy private property that could possibly have people inside working.”

Officer Solan noted that the criminal element present within these types of violent malefactors shows their blatant disregard for others’ lives:

“These people have no fear. They do not adhere to law and order. They could care less about the human beings that could possibly be hurt or killed by their criminal, domestic terrorism actions.”

The SPOG president wants elected officials to address the attack launched against the building:

“I’ve called on our elected officials to profoundly condemn these domestic terrorist’s actions, whom are hurting our community.”

In an unsurprising turn, those who adore the anarchy enacted by these types of folks are acting as though trying to burn down a building is no big deal.

Alycia Ramirez, who considers herself some kind of online activist, had the following to say about incidents akin to this attack on the SPOG building, specifically commenting on an SPD precinct building being targeted by an arson attack the same evening:

“Let’s not forget that precinct and most others have multiple exits. So where is the proof that their intent was [to burn] officers alive?  Or is this just more fantastical reporting from you?”

It’s a fairly common tactic as of late for these Twitter users who adore the violence being brought by their comrades in the streets to act as though every documented attack is a conspiracy theory or not that big of a deal.

Basically, what these efforts are is an attempt at gaslighting people.

Also, while Ramirez is among those who acts as though crimes caught on camera are being sensationalized, she was also among those sending out calls to not film any possible crimes that rioters commit.

Also, it is with little surprise that days before the arson attack against the SPOG building on August 24th, Ramirez was spreading anti-police sentiments online and directly mentioning SPOG and their president, Officer Solan.

This is the anti-police rhetoric that our men and women in blue are faced up against.

People that clearly hold a severe disdain for policing, pretend like what they’re doing is “activism” and when things turn criminal, they act as though you’re crazy for thinking the actions are criminal.

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LET Unity

Here’s another recent article about Seattle from Law Enforcement Today.
While some peaceful protest groups in Seattle have filtered out many of the violent activists and rioters, Seattle Police Officer Adam Fowler explained the more violent combatants continue to reign terror on the community.

Nearly three month after protests first began in Seattle, Fowler believes a separate group of 50 to 200 vicious and violent activists is not there to protest. Instead, the lawbreakers just want to “damage … something.”

Fowler said:

Those people are very violent, very destructive. They are ruining things. They want to harm businesses, harm things in Seattle.”

Fowler added that this group blames their illegal and divisive actions on law enforcement professionals.

Fowler continued:

“They want to harm us [police], and quickly try to turn the story on us like we have created something bad. They are going out and seeking us out every night to try to cause these issues.”

Fowler has experienced first hand the physical injuries caused to law enforcement, as three weeks ago he was one of a law enforcement group who arrested 18 unruly fighters. Unfortunately, he was also one of three officers that night who were injured.

According to, Fowler was rushed to the hospital after a mortar went off near his eye.

In an interview with local station KING, Fowler described the moment he was hit, by the illegal explosive, before help arrived:

“The only thing I could see was a bright flash and then a loud bang and what felt like a hammer hitting me in the face… I lost my vision momentarily … probably anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute. My first initial thought was ‘I’m going to lose my left eye.”

The mortar had been launched behind Fowler, and when the explosive detonated it hit the officer in the back. When he turned back toward his patrol bicycle, another explosive ignited, causing the damage to his eye socket.

The mortar shells fired by the assaulting crowd are not merely firecrackers. Instead, they are commercial grade explosive devices using a mortar, or a portable, muzzle-loaded weapon consisting of a tube that launches explosive shells, or technically, bombs, in “high-arcing ballistic trajectories.”

The explosives that go into the tubes, the “bombs,” require a license to buy and detonate. They are commercial-grade explosives that must be configured by a licensed professional, in a display that many patriots might view with their families at their local city park on the Fourth of July.

Seattle combatants are not alone in their ongoing assault on law enforcement officers. As stories are published across the country, from Chicago’s July 17th ambush of police in an attack that left 49 officers injured to police cars set afire in Minneapolis, Washington DC and Boston, to a slashed officer’s neck in Jacksonville, FL, out-of-control rioting lawbreakers continue to target the police.


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