MLB is the new NFL, and I’m out. If I wanted to be force fed a political agenda, I’d watch CNN (Op-ed)


This editorial is brought to you by a United States military veteran and current staff writer at Law Enforcement Today.


In 2011, The Texas Rangers were coming back off a horrible World Series loss tho the San Francisco Giants. They were favored to win the AL pennant again. They were returning practically everyone and would have Cliff Lee for the entire season. 

All 162 of the Ranger’s regular season games were televised in the DFW area. I watched everyone of them on TV, except 10 or 20. I was at Globe Life Park to watch those games in person. There were some amazing moments that season. 

Josh Hamilton’s 5-5 night in Baltimore, which included four home runs and a double that missed clearing the wall by inches. Craig Gentry hit his first career home run. It was an inside the park homer. That dude could fly. 

The Rangers wound up losing to the Cardinals in seven games in the World Series. But, as a baseball fan and a Rangers, it was an amazing season. 

My, how times have changed.

Not just with the Rangers, but with baseball in its entirety. 

We have players who makes millions of dollars a year opting to sit out this shortened season, albeit without pay for some, over fear of COVID-19. It must be nice to opt out and still be able to provide for your family. 

According to the Sporting News:

“Baseball is allowing players who are deemed ‘high-risk’ to opt out of playing and not lose their prorated season salaries or service time. Players who are not considered high-risk can also opt out, but then they would forfeit their salaries and not accrue service time.”

Meanwhile, regular people are struggling to understand why they are not allowed to go to work and do not know how to pay their bills or feed their families. 

Mike Trout is one of the highest paid players in baseball. His mom and wife both recently tweeted/retweeted the following:

Actually Debbie…some of us can’t.

See, there is thing called PTSD. And many Americans have been diagnosed with it.

It prevents us from wearing a freaking mask. So, more power to Mike for his ability to run around the bases in a mask, but stop telling us that we should be able to wear one in public. 

Please continue to lecture us from the comfort of a $9 million mansion about wearing masks in public, as I go into a restaurant or grocery store to get food for my family, only to be told, “no mask, no service.”

MLB is the new NFL, and I'm out.  If I wanted to be force fed a political agenda, I'd watch CNN (Op-ed)
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Now baseball, a sport that was able to avoid the backlash the NFL saw in 2016 and 2017 with the anthem kneeling saga, has decided to make up for lost time. 

The League itself, as well as many players, have gone all in on supporting Black Lives Matter, which at this point, is nothing but a money-grabbing political organization. 

Don’t believe that?

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When you have Bill de Blasio and race-bating Al Sharpton painting Black Lives Matter on the street in the middle of Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower…it is political. 


The street, which is believed to be one of the most elegant in the world, stretches 6.2 miles from Greenwich Village to Harlem. the 37 blocks between 59th Street and 96th Street has been nicknamed “Millionaire’s Row.”

The section of 5th Avenue that houses President Trumps skyscraper in 232 feet long. In it’s entirety, the street is 32,736 feet long. Yet, they chose to put the street mural on the 232 feet that sits in front of the President’s personal residence.

They also oriented it so that it is legible form the Trump Tower side of the street. 

How is that anything but political?

MLB’s Twitter account was working full blast over the past few days, as was that of some players. 

Isn’t ironic that the message reads, “We go further together,” when the image is singling out a specific group? 

But, it doesn’t just stop at COVID-19, masks or Black Lives Matter.  On Thursday, MLB retweeted Jack Flaherty’s comments regarding kneeling for the anthem. 

Hey Jack, MLB and everyone else that agrees with Jack’s statement: 

No one has an issue with advocating for human rights. 

What many of us have an issue with is people kneeling for the anthem and kneeling in front of our flag. 

You want to see a reason why it is offensive to kneel for the flag? Here is one reason off of a list of thousands of reasons. 

MLB is the new NFL, and I'm out.  If I wanted to be force fed a political agenda, I'd watch CNN (Op-ed)
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I get it. Most athletes, including baseball players, never served in the military. So, maybe you don’t quite grasp what this photo above represents to many of us veterans and patriots.

But we have said time and time again why we are bothered by it. But please, continue not to care. 

I have heard it said by many athletes and celebrities, that they mean no offense to the military, veterans and family members of the fallen.

You may mean no offense, but it is a punch in the gut every time we see it. 

But that doesn’t matter. As long as the agenda is served and the narrative advanced…so be it. 

Right, Jack? 


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