Missing college student found alive – naked and covered in coal in basement after kidnapping


LOA, UT – A missing 19-year-old has been found alive after being kidnapped and raped while being held hostage in a basement in Utah.

The man who allegedly kidnapped her has been taken into custody.

Snow College Police frantically began their search for the missing student, Madelyn Allen, after she had been reported missing on December 14th.

She had been last seen leaving her dorm building in Ephraim in Utah on the 13th.

Police reported that they were able to locate Allen, alive, an hour and a half away from where she was last seen in Loa, Utah.

Allen was found naked and covered in coal in the basement of a 39-year-old man’s house.

The 39-year-old suspect, Brent Brown, was questioned and eventually taken into custody for obstruction of justice, aggravated kidnapping, and assault.

Snow College Police Chief Derek Walk said that they did not have much information on him as of yet, but the investigation is ongoing.

Walk said:

“We don’t have a lot of information about him [Brown]. We met him for the first time last night. We don’t know how extensive his relationship or her knowledge of him is thus far. This is an ongoing investigation. There are certain aspects we are still digging into and trying to understand fully.”

What investigators do know, at least according to the probable cause affidavit filed in court, is that Brown allegedly knew Allen through the social media app, Kik.

At some point on the 13th, Allen agreed to meet up with Brown and was then allegedly taken to his residence against her consent.

Allen told police that Brown allegedly allowed her to text her family once on the 14th, but that he kept control of her phone until he learned that she had been reported missing.

Brown then allegedly discarded the phone to prevent it from being tracked.

Allen alleges that Brown became violent with her as the days progressed and she was repeatedly raped. The affidavit alleges that Brown would keep Allen tied and locked up whenever he needed to leave the residence.

Police were able to use cell phone data that led several members of local, state, and federal law enforcement to the small town of Loa.

Police began looking through the area and were able to see someone they believed to be Allen through a basement window.

Officers knocked on the door and made contact with Brown who allegedly told them there was no one inside of the home. However, officers were able to search the house which led them to Allen’s discovery and rescue.

Allen’s father, Jonathan Allen, reported that Walk called him personally to inform him that they had located Allen alive. Jonathan said:

“We got the phone call and [Walk] said, ‘I have her.’ We dropped to our knees. We were so grateful, elated. We couldn’t describe the feeling that we had as we embraced each other.”

The President of Snow College, Bradley Cook, was thrilled to hear the news that Allen had been located alive.

At an event, Cook took the time to address not only the fact that she had been recovered but to warn anyone else of the dangers of engaging people through social media. He said:

“It [the kidnapping] remind us of some dangers, especially our young people who are online. You need to be careful…We just have to be ever vigilant about those kinds of interactions.”

Allen’s uncle, Jacob Allen, spoke about Allen’s recovery. He said:

“The ordeal that she has been through is dangerous and traumatic, the details of which we have only begun to understand. She is a fighter. She is now a survivor. We are grateful she is with us again so she can now recover.”

Got him: Suspect in horrific kidnapping incident caught on Ring camera arrested

Got him: Suspect in horrific kidnapping incident caught on Ring camera arrested

CHARLOTTE, NC- According to authorities, a man has been arrested and charged in a kidnapping that was recorded on a video doorbell early in the morning on Wednesday, December 15th. 

The arrest of 32-year-old Louis Lamontrez Meadows, comes after a doorbell camera video showed a violent kidnapping in Charlotte’s Sheffield Park neighborhood.

During a news conference on Wednesday, December 15th, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Captain Joel McNelly said in a statement:

“It is a violent attack. It is imperative that people see this and help identify the people.”


The video, recorded by a doorbell camera and shared by police, shows a person, who has not been publicly identified, banging on a door for help before being pulled down from behind and dragged away towards a waiting car.

The attack did not wake the homeowners or nearby neighbors, but police said it appears that the person was seriously injured. 

Police said the incident occurred around 3 a.m., but the owners of the camera, who live near the site if the incident did not see the video until 8:20 a.m. They immediately contacted authorities.

The homeowner, who did not want to be identified, said that when she opened her front door shortly before 7:30 a.m., she found a red wig and a black house slipper in the front yard. The woman recalled:

“And I said, ‘Hmm, let me check the cameras.”

She said she was horrified by what she saw when she checked the video on her Ring app, adding:

“[It’s] scary! Scary because I don’t know what’s going on.”

The video began with a woman running to the front door of the home yelling for help.

She got to the door and started to bang, but a second later, the man pursuing her caught up to her.

He grabbed the women, violently pulled her away from the door and hurled her to the ground.


The video then shows the suspect, Meadows, punching the victim at least 10 times in the head and face area, continuing to deliver blows even after he began dragging her away from the house.

In the video, the woman can be heard screaming, but police confirmed that none of the neighbors heard the incident.

The video showed the kidnapper drag the woman away from the house toward a car that was waiting at the curb. Police said the car appeared to be a silver Honda Fit.

Before finding and arresting the suspect, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) said in a statement:

“Detectives believe that the victim has sustained injuries that need immediate medical treatment due to this assault and kidnapping.”

The suspect, Meadows, and the victim were located on Thursday, December 16th. The female victim was transported by police to a safe location.

Investigators have determined Meadows and the victim knew each other and believe this was a domestic violence situation, however, there is no connection between the pair and the people who lived at the home where the video was captured.

Reportedly, at the time of the incident, Meadows had outstanding arrest warrants on other charges. Now, he has been charged with first-degree kidnapping and assault on a female. 

Investigators credit information from the North Carolina Department of Transportation and community assistance with helping both to identify and locate Meadows and the victim. 


Anti-domestic violence advocates say that in dangerous situations like this, oftentimes the hardest part is attempting to get away. Denise Davis, director of domestic violence services at Turning Point, Inc., said:

“The most serious time and lethal time is when victims are trying to leave. The abusers are losing that control and they don’t want to lose that control.”

The investigation remains ongoing. The public can leave information anonymously by contacting Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600.


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