Police group pulls Democratic endorsements after candidate destroys effigy of police union president


HUGO, MN- The Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association had been backing several Democrat state legislators for the general election. 

That is until one of them went on an expletive tirade in front of the Association President’s house and beat piñatas that were made to look like him and his wife. 

Minneapolis State House Candidate John Thompson thought it would be a good idea to publicly voice his displeasure with the law enforcement profession.  The group of people he was traveling with thought so as well, so they went to the home of Minneapolis Police Federation President Bob Kroll’s home to do so.

Thompson stood in Kroll’s driveway yelling:

“Blue lives ain’t [expletive]!” 

Thompson was also seen beating piñatas that depicted both Kroll and his wife.

The Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association had endorsed Thompson and other democrats for political seats until this occurred.  The Association’s main reason for withdrawing their endorsement was the lack of condemnation from the democratic leaders for Thompson’s actions.

The Executive Director of the Association, Brian Peters, drafted a letter which was presented to the Speaker of the House, Melissa Hortman.  In the letter, Peters advised that the Association is unhappy with the Democrat Farmer’s League caucus’ continued support. 

Due to the situation, Peters advised on September 10th that the Association, with roughly 10,000 members, has withdrawn several endorsements of DFL members.  Peters stated that he was hoping to see strong condemnation of Thompson after he had publicly gone after Kroll and his wife. 

Peters told the Star Tribune:

“The endorsements that we rescinded, my issue was those candidates did not stand up to their leadership and put pressure on and ask why are we supporting a candidate who did this in Hugo.  If this is the future of the Democratic Party, my organization is going to support elsewhere.”

Thompson was seen on video in front of a group of supporters from Black Lives Matter when he gave his rant in front of Kroll’s home.  In one of the incidents, Thompson said:

“Come on over here with your ‘Blue Lives Matter’ sign.  Blue lives ain’t [expletive], and if people in Hugo don’t support black people, [expletive] Hugo.”

Another video shows Thompson saying:

“You think we give a [expletive] about burning Hugo down?” 

After receiving criticism for his actions, Thompson issued an apology, saying:

“Inflammatory rhetoric is not how I want to address the important issues we’re facing, and I apologize.”

The DFL Chairman, Ken Martin, certainly did not apologize nor condemn Thompson’s actions, at least not completely.  Martin said that the DFL does not condone the language that Thompson used, but is happy with the work he has done against racism.

Not sure how someone can address what Thompson did in such a backhanded way.  Thompson is recorded on video making veiled threats of burning down an entire city, yet Martin did not condemn the rhetoric. 

If a Republican or any white person in general did that in front of a member of Black Lives Matter home, certainly the response would be drastically different. 

Two of the Republican challengers in state seats in Minnesota reported on September 10th that they had received the endorsements from the Association.  Susan Akland, who is running against democrat State Representative Jeff Brand said on Facebook:

I am the only MPPOA endorsed candidate in the race for House of Representatives from District 19A and I am honored to…

Posted by Susan Akland For House on Thursday, September 10, 2020

“I am the only MPPOA endorsed candidate in the race for House of Representatives from District 19A and I am honored to have their support.  I’m grateful to have the support of our law enforcement professionals who keep Minnesota safe. 

“Democrats have turned their backs on law enforcement and embraced radical ideas like disarming peace officers and defunding police departments – those ideas may be popular in Minneapolis, but here in Nicollet County and all of District 19A we have the greatest respect for our police officers.”

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Democrats across the country seem to be losing endorsements on a daily basis. One of the largest police unions recently announced their support for President Trump. 

Nearly a year ago, the International Union of Police Associations endorsed President Trump for re-election. In the 11 months since that endorsement, we have seen the COVID pandemic, violent protests and the rise of the “Defund” movement. 

We have seen officers targeted at an alarming rate, with many members of law enforcement being ambushed this year. Pro athletes have taken a stand…well, actually a knee to tell us what they think of law enforcement.

Hollywood elites and social media “blue-check” posters have absolutely declared their hatred for the men and women who make up the Thin Blue Line. And it was all tied to their hatred for this President. 

So, you have to wonder if all of this made the IUoPA pull their endorsement and give it to Joe Biden. 

No. It hasn’t. In fact, earlier this week, they doubled down on that endorsement. Here is a part of the the release that was shared with Law Enforcement Today.

“Almost immediately upon taking office, President Trump re-authorized the ability of Law Enforcement agencies to obtain surplus military equipment. This equipment saves lives.

While Democrats decry the ‘militarization’ of the police, we recognize that most of the equipment so obtained was protective gear – face masks, gas masks, shields, and even mundane office equipment.

The armored vehicles that have been used are not offensive weapons, but vehicles that allow officers to enter arenas where there are active gunmen. This allows them to protect themselves and the public they serve. Joe Biden will end that program and hamper our ability to protect our communities.

“Violent rioters have sabotaged protests across the nation.

We have watched as businesses were looted and burnt to the ground, many never to re-build. Public buildings and monuments have been defaced and destroyed. Officers have been injured by bricks, chunks of concrete, explosive devices, frozen water bottles, and eye damaging lasers.

There have been several murders. During all of this upheaval and destruction, there has been silence from the Democrats. None have stepped forward to condemn the anarchy, riotous behavior, and arson.

Joe Biden has even referred to the police as ‘the enemy’. 

“Finally, after months of devastation throughout many major cities, on August 31, Biden condemned the violence and looting.

This condemnation was not made due to a moral imperative or a vision of a better America, but rather because polling indicated it was a concern of the American voter.

If anyone needs a poll to tell them that rioting, looting, arson, property destruction, and murder are wrong, then they are morally bankrupt and not fit to be the president of the local fraternal organization, let alone the leader of this great nation.

“Joe Biden WAS a staunch advocate for us in the U.S. Senate. The years have not been kind.

We watched in concerned amusement as he spoke of shooting an ‘unarmed’ man with a knife in the legs. He apparently is no longer capable of an independent opinion or the ability to present that thought in a coherent manner.

Joe Biden has morphed into the avuncular character at the Christmas table – good for a few laughs, but not to be trusted alone; certainly not with the safety of our loved ones, or the security of our nation. 

“The endorsement of the International Union of Police Associations stands affirmed – America needs [deserves] the leadership of Donald J. Trump. “

And that was followed up on Friday September 4th, when the National Fraternal Order of Police issued a press release saying that the President has the “full and enthusiastic support” of its more than 355,000 members. 

“During his first four years, President Trump has made it crystal clear that he has our backs,” National President Patrick Yoes said.

“Our members know that he listens to the concerns of our brothers and sisters in uniform and is able to make tough decisions on the issues most important to law enforcement. President Trump is committed to keeping our communities and families safe.”

Of course, this endorsement brought out the critics on Twitter. 

“And this is why, as a former LEO, I have stopped donating to the FOP.”

“Endorsing a POTUS who disregards the rule of law is a shameful move on your part. He fans the flames of chaos. This is precisely what is wrong with police departments across the nation today.”

“Take me off your call list. I won’t be making anymore donations.”

“Enforcers of law endorsing a lawless man is a really bad look.”

And one of our personal favorites: 

“Trump has done nothing but make your jobs harder. I’m telling my Dad to drop his membership with you.”

Fox News reported that the FOP endorsement came:

“after more than 175 current and former law enforcement officers and officials endorsed Joe Biden for president on Friday, while slamming Trump as a ‘lawless’ president.”

Let’s take a look at some of those 175 people on that endorsement for the former Vice President. 

Janet Napolitano, who was Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary. 

Jenny Durkan, Seattle’s mayor that forced the police to stand down and withdraw form the area around the infamous “autonomous zone.” 

Mike Schmidt, the Portland area prosecutor that refuses to prosecute the violent rioters plaguing that city. Feel free to scroll up to the top of the page and enter either Durkan or Schmidt in the search bar. It won’t take long to find the number of times their names appear in articles detailing just how much they devalue the law enforcement community serving their cities. 

According to the Fox News article

“The crown jewels of Joe Biden’s ‘law enforcement coalition’ are the Portland prosecutor who won’t prosecute rioters and the Seattle mayor who withdrew police from the autonomous zone and abandoned a police precinct,” Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh told Fox News. “If you remove the current and former elected Democrats, he’s down to only a handful of real, actual cops.

“There’s a reason that all national police organizations, representing more than 900,000 police officers, have endorsed President Trump,” Murtaugh continued. “They know the President has their back and supports law enforcement against the mob.”

The President’s campaign highlighted that he has received the endorsements of more than a dozen law enforcement organizations.

There are just short of 900,000 law enforcement officers in this country. Six of those 12 organizations represent 750,000 officers. For the statisticians among us, that is 85%, just form those 6 groups. Is it safe to say that the other 6 represent the other 130,000 cops across the country? No, that would be an unfair assumption with the actual numbers. 

But what we do have to work with is that the overwhelming number of officers serving their cities, counties and states are backing the President. 

I am not sure what the actual line would be in Vegas, but 175 against 750,000+ is what most people would call a long shot.

The safer bet is that cops and the people who love, appreciate and support them, know that of the two candidates, President Trump is the one who has their six. 

And, just maybe, it’s because they can all see the game Biden is playing. 

Biden rejects that he wants to defund the police and claims to support them. 

Biden told KDKA

“Let’s get the facts straight, I not only don’t want to defund the police. I want to add $300 million to their local budgets to deal with community policing to get police and communities back together again,” 

This is the same man that was asked:

“do we agree that we can redirect some of the funding?”

Biden went on to say:

“Yes, absolutely.”

Umm, Joe. That would be defunding. 

Keep in mind, this is also the same man, who was asked what advice he would give to a young black woman, if she were his daughter and she got pulled over. 

His response was:

“If you were my daughter, you would be a Caucasian girl and you wouldn’t be pulled over.”

Umm, Joe. That would be you accusing every last cop of being a racist who only pulls over people of color. 

This just happens to be the same Joe Biden that said police do not need surplus military equipment, saying this helps police become “the enemy” in their communities. 

Umm, Joe. Did you just refer to the police as the enemy? 

Yes. That was three “Umm, Joe” responses in six sentences. Rest assured, there will be many Umm, Joe moments if he gets elected. And many of the people saying that are the very men and women that make up our law enforcement communities. 

Which candidate will do everything they can to allow police to do their jobs, safely, efficiently and effectively?  

The most telling thing we can close with is this: 175 against 750,000+.

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