Minneapolis: Black Lives Matter protesters, candidate for office destroy effigy of cop’s wife outside home


MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Earlier in August, Law Enforcement Today brought you a report about a disgusting display by the likes of Democratic candidate John Thompson at a residential area in Minneapolis, who is running for the 67A District seat in the Minnesota State House.

Well, it turns out that the ire directed by Thompson and his Black Lives Matter cohorts on August 15 did more than target the police union chief who resided in the neighborhood where Thompson went on a profanity-laced tirade and suggested that the proverbial mob could burn down the residential area.

These “protesters” also erected and destroyed an effigy of Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis President Bob Kroll’s wife, Liz Collin.

The rationale for such a disgusting display against Collin is that she’s married to Kroll – the violent mob doesn’t care for police – and she’s a news anchor at the local CBS affiliate station, WCCO.

Collin hasn’t even done anything to earn the typical scourge of the angry leftists, aside from just being a police officer’s wife and a news anchor – which to the mob means that she sheds a positive light on police.

The real kicker, though, is that Collin hasn’t even reported on anything Minneapolis Police Department-related since 2017, because of her marriage.

Furthermore, WCCO confirmed that reality as well.

The statement from the station, released in June after protesters arrived at WCCO demanding that Collin be fired for being married to Kroll, made reference to a November 2019 statement that Collin shared when she was getting heat back then for being married to Kroll:

“I’d like to speak to the question some are posing: Is it a conflict of interest for me to be a journalist married to the Minneapolis police union boss? My answer: No. I haven’t reported on stories about the Minneapolis Police or the police union during the last two years.”

This further demonstrates that the protesters wanted to harass Collin simply because she’s married to a police officer.

Here’s our original report on the display that took place in Minneapolis’ Hugo residential area.


A Democratic candidate running for the 67A District seat in the Minnesota State House terrorized a residential neighborhood on August 15, screaming at school-aged children numerous obscenities with an erected public address system of sorts – while these kids were standing in their front yard.

On August 11, John Thompson defeated fellow Democrat Huong Murphy during the Democratic primaries in an effort to fill the seat that will be fought for later this year in the Minnesota State House.

Then, just four days later, Thompson entered the residential neighborhood of Hugo in Minneapolis to scream at residents, due to the fact that Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis President Bob Kroll lives there.

Thompson hurled insult after insult, screaming “Blue lives don’t fucking matter” and that the “Grand Wizard” resides within the residential neighborhood of Hugo.

It was a particularly vile display, with Thompson directing his antagonistic rhetoric even against people simply standing on their front lawn with their children present.

Some commenters online were seemingly in support of the nonsense displayed by Thompson, leveraging arguments such as “what would you suggest that the frustrated masses do?”

At least one person online pointed out that perhaps yelling at “young kids” is likely not the best way for anyone to willingly digest whatever message Thompson is attempting to convey.

What was more dangerous in all this was how riled up Thompson was and the influence he bore over the crowd during his time speaking, which was several minutes at length during the lengthy demonstration in the residential area.

One Twitter used pointed out that if Thompson cheered on for the crowd to engage any of the houses present to further terrorize the residents – then they’ll likely have done just that:

“One word from this cretin and the mob would have stormed the house and burned it down. Screaming at/swearing at/terrorizing/threatening the families and neighbors of political adversaries is now a mainstream tactic. This will get bad. Arm up.”

While the Twitter user’s take on the matter may seem like a mischaracterization of things – we have seen more and more instances of BLM and Antifa invading residential neighborhoods.

While media outlets like NBC claimed in June that Antifa and protesters coming to residential areas were “false rumors,” here we are today.

All of a sudden, it’s not a “rumor” – it’s a reality that quietly slipped in via these protesters and agitators edging closer and closer to these areas while certain media outlets conveniently forgot that they said this wouldn’t happen and there’d be nothing to worry about.

There also comes the question of when the line is crossed between freedom of speech and assembly and targeted harassment.

This gathering wasn’t at a public park, a commercial district, a courthouse, or a state building – this was specifically brought to the home of someone called out by Thompson and numerous others present. Furthermore, signage was displayed referring to Kroll, the police union president, by name.

The irony of the display was that Thompson proclaimed that he was being “terrorized by this fucking Klansman”-  while being completely oblivious to him terrorizing an entire neighborhood with his hateful monologue.

During his rant, Thompson made reference to how Minneapolis was essentially “burned down” after George Floyd died, and mentioned that “burning Hugo down,” could be accomplished with little effort:

“This whole goddam state burned down for $20, you think we give a fuck about burning Hugo down?”

This is what it has come down to – someone running for public office who wants to terrorize residents in front of their homes and threaten that the proverbial mob could care less if they burned down their neighborhoods.

You can watch the entire video of the protest in Hugo below.

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