Middle school forces kids to remove pro-Trump hats on sanctioned “hat day”


Fauquier County, Virginia – A middle school in Virginia decided to tell students adorning the Make American Great Again hat that they had to remove them.

Students in the school were authorized to wear hats on the day they asked students to take off their MAGA caps.  Most folks remember something akin to a “hat day” at school, and Marshall Middle School is no different in that regard.

Apparently, just not those hats.

On February 27th, the school had authorized for students who donated a dollar toward a fundraiser could wear a hat on said day.

Yet, when school officials caught wind of the MAGA hats being worn by students who supported the president, suddenly “hat day” was cancelled for them.

Joe Teague, the father of one of the students who was asked to lose the hat, stated:

“I just think that whenever President Trump comes into the equation, it just explodes and people, it triggers them somehow.”

Well, we are living in a world where people screamed at the sky because Trump won the presidency.

Middle school forces kids to remove pro-Trump hats on sanctioned "hat day"

Teague’s 14-year-old son Logan, and a handful of other students, were all singled out that day for the MAGA hats by lunchtime. Officials from the school district stated it was because the hats were causing a “substantial disruption” and “tensions between students.”

One of the students who was asked to remove his hat, 13-year-old David Moore, stated:

“I’m supporting our president. If that were to be a George Washington hat, I’m supporting that president. She wouldn’t tell us to take that off.”

Apparently, a confidential source with “intimate knowledge” of the incident reached out to Fox 5 claiming that the MAGA-hat wearing kids were being bullies.

Not just any kind of bullies either, but ones targeting Latino students.

This source said the kids sporting that fashionable red cap were telling the Latino kids in school to “go back to your country.”

The only way this could seem less likely the case is if the “source” accused these students of also saying “this is MAGA country.”

When Teague was asked whether his son was being rude or bullying anyone, he stated:

“No bullying. My son didn’t say one word to anybody. He wore his hat in support of the President of the United States. I felt that they were just targeted.”

The children involved in the hat debacle also denied any kind of bullying as well. Logan added:

“I think it was just excuses made because they wanted to see us get in trouble because we were wearing Trump hats.”

Now that is a more believable theory than the one posed by that clandestine source.

Logan and David decided to ditch that popsicle stand they call school early that day. Their parents were in full support of that move.

Teague added:

“I want my son, as well other students, to be able to go to that school and support President Trump, the President of the United States. There’s no reason they should not be able to do that.”

The school district spokesperson noted that while students were asked to remove the MAGA hats, there wasn’t any discipline administered. Which is interesting, because if there was real bullying going on, as alleged by that sneaky source, then certainly SOME discipline would have been doled out.

Aside from that, school administrators think they handled the matter appropriately. I think we’re going to have to disagree with that.

It would be completely reasonable if there was a hat emblazoned with graphic images depicting violence, or nudity, or even expletives. But Make America Great Again? Sounds like some officials at Marshall Middle School might have screamed at the sky in 2016.

If anything, I’d be willing to bet these kids were harassed for their MAGA hats more so than any other students were.

I mean, take a look at what happened to Jahangir “John” Turan last year.

According to NBC 4 New York, Turan, a fan of the President, had taken a trip to Trump Tower on Tuesday, even recording his exciting afternoon. He visited the gift shop where he purchased the iconic red Make America Great Again hat.

However, his excitement was short lived.

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Colorado woman uses red flag law against officer who shot and killed her knife-wielding son

Turan was walking on Canal Street when a group of adolescents approached him.

“They were saying ‘Why are you wearing that?’ One girl flipped the hat off my head, and I tried to grab it. Then they came after me. One guy grabbed me from behind and slammed my head against a metal post.”

Turan recalls to the Daily News. He states they were shouting “F Trump” as the assault endured.

Turan suffered a fractured bone in his face and significant contusions. He was not able to identify his attackers and no arrests have been made yet. Turan says to NBC 4 New York he “felt sad because I feel the president is trying to do a good job and society just doesn’t understand.”

Atsu Nable Attacked for wearing MAGA hat
Atsu Nable Attacked for wearing MAGA hat – screenshot: Fox 5 interview.

Just this past April, another victim of MAGA-assault, Atsu Mable had a very similar encounter.

Mable, a native of Togo in West Africa, was in the Germantown neighborhood of Maryland when two men called to him asking why he was wearing the red hat.

Mable attempted to ignore the men and focused on getting to his apartment complex. However, the men were determined not to let him make it that far, according to ABC 7’s Kevin Lewis.

“All of a sudden, I got a punch on my head. Boom!” Mable said. “They took my headphones and smashed it to the ground and tried to take my phone… I was falling back onto the ground… They were punching me on my head. Suddenly I thank God for that bystander that came by and called the police.”

Jovan Crawford and Scott Roberson were found by police hiding amongst children playing basketball nearby, Lewis reports. They were charged with assault, robbery, attempted theft and destruction of property.

Mable, a native French speaker, has mastered English since immigrating and told ABC 7 that he has previously been cussed at and berated for the hat but this was the first time he was assaulted.

He remains steadfast in his support of the President saying:

“I like everything that he does. Like, I came here legally… Why can’t all people come here legally then? I went through the right process, the proper channels and I’m here, so why can’t they do the same thing?”

Just weeks before Mable’s attack, Massachusetts woman Rosiane Santos was captured in a viral video knocking the red hat off of a patron in a Mexican restaurant. According to USA Today’s, Joey Garrison, Santos justified her actions saying the customer “shouldn’t be allowed in a Mexican restaurant with that hat.”

The heavily intoxicated Santos was charged with assault and battery as well as disorderly conduct. However, the charges were the least of her troubles.

US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement determined that Santos was living in Massachusetts illegally. She has been released from ICE and is pending an immigration hearing.

Only a week after Santos’ assault came a horrifying encounter between a New Jersey teen and an 81-year old senior citizen.

According to the New York Post’s Joe Tacopino, Ryan Salvagno began harassing the elderly man who was donning the red hat outside of a local grocery store. The man attempted to get away from the 19 year old but was unable to out-maneuver him.

The teen grabbed the man, throwing him down on the pavement, knocked over his cart of groceries and threw the hat. Salvagno faced charges of harassment and assault.

Since the attack, John Turan is not eager to wear his Make America Great Again hat saying:

“It’s dangerous to wear a hat like this in New York City.”

However, Atsu Mable has only greater conviction since his assault.  According to Lewis, he says:

“They felt like a black man should not be wearing a Trump hat because it’s like when you are black, you have to be a Democrat… I’ll wear it again. The movement is still going on, Trump is still in power and in 2020 we will win again.”

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