Guilty: ‘Squad member’ Rep. Rashida Tlaib found to have violated campaign finance rules – gets no punishment


Michigan- In a ruling coming just three days after her victory, The House Committee on Ethics concluded on August 7th, that Democratic Michigan Republican Rashida Tlaib violated the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971. 

They ordered her to pay back $10,800 taken from her 2018 campaign.

This comes because of the fact that Tlaib was paying herself a salary from her campaign after winning the 2018 general election.

The committee wrote in a report:

“While the Committee recognizes that the campaign environment can at times lend itself to hurried decision-making, as a Member-Elect of Congress, Representative Tlaib had a greater duty to ensure that any funding she received from her Campaign after her general election was fully compliant with statutory requirements and fully transparent with the public,”

It continued:

 “Based on its review, the Committee determined that Representative Tlaib did not comply with the letter of the relevant laws and regulations governing her receipt of salary payments from her Campaign.”

The report concluded:

“In light of this, the Committee determined that no sanction was merited, provided Representative Tlaib returns the funds that she improperly received to her Campaign in full within a year of the date of this Report, with the understanding that she can make smaller payments over the course of the year,”

Despite the committees ruling, they also concluded that Tlaib did not attempt to “unjustly enrich herself.”

As a candidate for federal office, Tlaib is allowed to pull a salary from her campaign, as long as it is no more than the amount she made the prior year. She chose to do this during her 2018 election when she needed to pay her bills and the campaign trail was taking too much time away from her work. 

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LET Unity

This is not the first time Tlaib has come under fire. Here is a report Law Enforcement Today brought you about about Tlaib’s racist comments.

LANSING, MI– There’s nothing like scrolling through Twitter and landing on a United States Congresswoman pushing the spread of the racist, anit-cop narrative.

That’s exactly what happened last night.

Rashida Tlaib, a Michigan Congresswoman, took her “progressive’ anti-police rhetoric to a tweet Thursday and I happened to scroll past it.

At first, I didn’t believe it was her actual account, because there’s no way an elected official would publicly and so outwardly bash the police and say that the law enforcement community as a whole is racist.

I was wrong.

The account was, in fact, hers, and the post said this:

“Black people get executed by police just for existing, while white people dressed like militia members carrying assault weapons are allowed to threaten State Legislators and staff.”

Oh boy.

Black people get executed by police just for existing.

Are. You. Kidding. Me.

First of all, how is this comment helpful in any way? Clearly, she’s enraged because she’s upset that people aren’t taking the tyrannical orders of her and her crony, Governor Gretchen Whitmer, sitting down, which I’ll speak about in a minute since that’s what appeared to have “triggered” her comment.

But this is completely unacceptable no matter what the protests are about.

For her, an elected official, to stand up and speak those words, to slap the entire community of police officers across the collective face and say that we are executing people because of the color of their skin is not only a dangerous narrative to push, but it’s false.

It’s been proven false by multiple studies. The FBI. Harvard. University of Maryland. Michigan State University.

A university study in her OWN STATE disproved the very agenda she’s attempting to push.

In fact, the National Fraternal Order of Police put out a video regarding that very study in response to her hateful comments.

But that didn’t matter to her.

Meanwhile, police are still showing up every single day, virus or no virus, to protect anyone who needs it. This includes the same people who spit in their faces, sometimes figuratively and sometimes literally, no matter who they are.

Police are responsive to threats. You feel threatened, the police are there to help keep you safe. Including during a protest that involves law-abiding citizens carrying their legally owned firearms in a State Capitol building.

Yes, while Rashida Tlaib sat at her desk pretending to be working for the American people but actually talking trash on Twitter, the police were there. Guarding her precious chambers. Making sure those politicians wearing bullet proof vests for photo ops to help push their racist and anti-gun agenda were safe.

And yet, she has the audacity to slam those very people willing to take a bullet for her. The very people who would STILL take a bullet for her even after she made those comments. The very people who would take a bullet for her WHILE she made those comments.

It’s disgusting.

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