Michelle Obama defends Black Lives Matter protests: ‘taking to streets because they HAVE to’


The Black Lives Matter Movement began under the Obama administration, and both former president Barack and his wife Michelle have been defending the radical organization ever since. 

Recently, Law Enforcement Today reported on how former president Obama went on a tirade after the shooting of Daunte Wright, saying “we need to reimagine policing.”

Now, on Friday, May 7th, former first lady Michelle Obama gave an interview with CBS, where she had the audacity to defend the Black Lives Matter protests that have been destroying major cities across the country.

She made the claim that they are acting the way that they are out in the community because they have to. 

During the interview, Mrs. Obama was asked about her recent statement that “true justice is about much more than a single verdict in a single trial,” following the guilty verdict of Derek Chauvin in the George Floyd case. 

She responded by saying:

“The goal is to let leaders lead. But in certain times, people, you know, look to us often. ‘Well, what do you think? How do you feel?’ We know that while we’re all breathing a sigh of relief over the verdict, there’s still work to be done. And so we, we can’t sort of say, ‘Great. That happened. Let’s move on.’

I know that people in the Black community don’t feel that way because many of us still live in fear as we go to the grocery store, or walking our dogs, or allowing our children to get a license.”

Within the interview, CBS host Gayle King asked Obama, “Aren’t your girls driving?”

Obama replied:

“They’re driving, but every time they get in a car by themselves, I worry about what assumption is being made by somebody who doesn’t know everything about them.

The fact that they are good students and polite girls, but maybe they’re playing their music a little loud, maybe somebody sees the back in their head and makes an assumption. I, like so many parents of black kids, have to — the innocent act of getting a license puts fear in our hearts.”

Obama then went on to say:

“So, I think we have to talk about it more, and we have to ask our fellow citizens to listen a bit more and to believe us and to know we don’t wanna be out there marching. I mean, all those Black Lives Matters kids, they’d rather not have to worry about this. They’re taking to the streets because they have to.

They’re trying to have people understand that we’re real folks, and the fear that many have of so many of us is irrational, and it’s based on a history that is just — it’s sad, and it’s dark, and it’s time for us to move beyond that.”

This is not the first time Michelle Obama has made inappropriate comments, and received no backlash from major media outlets. Back in November, Obama told the American people to reach out to Trump voters, after claiming they supported “lies, hate, chaos, and division”. Here is more on that story. 

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LET Unity

On Saturday, November 7th, just a few days after Election Day, former First Lady Michelle Obama tweeted that Democrats should reach out to Trump voters in the coming years, in an attempt to “unite” those that supported “lies, hate, chaos, and division.”

As Breitbart news reported, her message underscored the difficulties Americans will face coming together after a bruising campaign.

She tweeted:

“Let’s remember that tens of millions of people voted for the status quo, even when it meant supporting lies, hate, chaos, and division. We’ve got a lot of work to do to reach out to these folks in the years ahead and connect with them on what unites us.”

In response to the many news outlets who have called the election, stating that Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, won the 2020 presidential election with 290 electoral college votes, Michelle Obama tweeted:

“I’m beyond thrilled that my friend @JoeBiden and our first Black and Indian-American woman Vice President, @KamalaHariss, are headed to restore some dignity, competence, and heart in the White House. Our country sorely needs it.”

In another tweet she said:

“Thank you to all of you who poured every ounce of your hope and determination into this democracy over these past four years, registering voters, getting them into polls, keeping folks informed. More votes were cast in this election than ever before. It’s because of you.”

And again:

“And after we celebrate we should all take a moment to exhale after everything we’ve been through, let’s remember that this is just a beginning. It’s a first step. Voting in one election isn’t a magic wand and neither is winning one.”

Back in early October 2020, Michelle Obama released a video where she sharply criticized President Donald Trump’s record as president, particularly over the coronavirus pandemic, and his approach to racial injustice.

During this video, she described Trump as “not up to the job” and that the Trump presidency was accompanied by a “constant drumbeat of fear, division, and chaos that is threatening to spiral out of control.”

She also went on to compare Trump’s character unfavorably to that of her husband, Barack Obama, who was president from 2008 to 2016 and Joe Biden saying:

“After seeing the presidency up close for eight years, maybe the most important thing I’ve learned about the job is that how a president focuses their time and energy in office is a direct reflection of the life they’ve lived before entering the White House.”

She added:

“A president’s policies are a direct reflection of their values and we’re seeing that truth on display with our current president, who has devoted his life to enriching himself.”

In her video she urged all Americans to vote for the Democratic party nominee, telling the nation:

“If you think things cannot possibly get worse, trust me, they can and they will if we don’t make a change in this election. Search your hearts and your conscience and then vote for Joe Biden like your lives depend on it.”

In 2016, Michelle Obama famously told Democrats at their convention in Philadelphia:

“When they go low, we go high.”

Yet, in her video from October 2020, she accused Trump and his allies of:

“Stroking fears about black and brown Americans in order to distract him from his breathtaking failures by giving folks someone to blame other than them.”

Then she claimed that Trump’s approach was “morally wrong and racist, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work.” She also attacked Trump in personal terms, accusing him of taking the Secret Service, who guard him and who protected her family and the White House staff “for granted.”

She accused Trump of seeking to “enrich himself and his family,” free his friends from prison, and cut taxes and regulations for the rich with the “regular folks” paying the price.

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