Michael Moore, the documentary filmmaker and author, has long been known for his controversial and often political works. His films have focused on heated issues such as gun violence, healthcare, capitalism, the Iraq war and the leadership of several American presidents.

In a 2016 interview with Rolling Stone, Michael Moore commented:

“And one thing that I think we’ve learned in this post-9/11 world is that politicians manipulating the public with fear is never a good thing. Even if it’s being done on our side, I don’t think it’s a good thing.”

Moore, who is an outspoken political advocate of left-wing politicians and was actually named one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People, must believe that fear mongering is alright… so long as he does it.

In a video interview published by Rolling Stone this week, Moore says:

“Two-thirds of all white guys voted for Trump. That means anytime you see three white guys walking at you, down the street towards you, two of them voted for Trump.

You need to move over to the other sidewalk because these are not good people that are walking toward you. You should be afraid of them.”

Moore then continues to say that the last of the 2 out of 3 white guys are men like himself. Self-righteously, he claims:

“I refuse to participate in post-racial America. I refuse to say because we elected Obama that suddenly that means everything is ok, white people have changed. White people have not changed.”

Moore’s loathing of the President and the American people who support him is certainly not new, nor has it been discrete. In an article titled Michael Moore to Donald Trump Voters: You’re Legal Terrorists, the filmmaker was quoted about the now-President:

“But he’s not a well person and he needs help. And once you realize that he has a mental illness, at that point, if you’re a human being with a soul and a conscience, you want him to get help.

At the same time, you have to protect the population from him like you do with a pedophile. A pedophile doesn’t need to be in prison; they’re sick. They have to be separated from us so they don’t hurt children.

But you have to treat it that way.”

Moore proudly shared with his nearly 6 million Twitter followers earlier this week that he was attending the impeachment hearings of President Trump. He tweeted:


However, the hypocrisy of Moore to condemn fear mongering amongst those with political influence, yet suggest that people need to fear white, male Trump supporters is staggering but unsurprising.

Moore’s record of duplicity has been established for more than a decade. The Washington Times published an opinion piece by Kuhner in 2011 called the Hypocrisy of Michael Moore laid out numerous examples of the differences between Moore’s public statements versus his own behaviors.

Moore lives in an upscale, predominantly white neighborhood. He lives a lavish lifestyle surrounded by affluent friends and travels regularly by private planes and an entourage of SUV’s.

He also sued for $2.7M in profits yet has made his livelihood on scathing attacks on capitalism.

It’s attacks from elitist, washed-up celebrities like Moore that are spreading into the classrooms now.  Look no further than what happened in Michigan this week.

A 16-year-old Michigan high school student says that she was attacked by her male teacher for displaying a badge labeled “Women For Trump”.

Sadie Earegood, a junior at Mason High School, told FOX 47 that her teacher angrily confronted her during the alleged assault last Thursday, saying that he didn’t like the button.

Michael Moore says white guys who voted for Trump are bad people and you should "be afraid of them"

Sadie Earegood was allegedly assaulted by a male teacher for wearing a “Women for Trump” pin to school. (Fox 47 Broadcast Screenshot)


When the young student was called out by her teacher, she recalled stating:

“That’s fine, you don’t have to like it, we can have our opinions.”

Apparently difference of opinion isn’t tolerated amid the educator’s presence, as Earegood said the man then grabbed her pin, leading to a struggle between the two before he got a hold of it and pinned it upside down on his own shirt.

Earegood elaborated on the confrontation saying:

“He grabbed it and I pulled and I tried to push his hand away and he grabbed my shoulder.”

Whether or not a teacher “liked” the adorned pin or not sported by the student, according to the school’s own handbook, there’s nothing prohibiting them being worn.

When the Mason High School dress code was reviewed for any possible infractions associated with the politically-tinged pin, there was no mention of fully or semi-political garments being unallowed. In fact, the dress code specifically states:

“Students may distribute or display, at appropriate times, non-sponsored, non-commercial written material and petitions; buttons, badges, or other insignia; clothing, insignia, and banners; and audio and video materials.”

So, in this case, the teacher allegedly made a double-wrong move.

When the student spoke with a local news crew, WILX 10, she conveyed that she wants the educator to know that what they allegedly did was explicitly wrong:

“I just want him to know that it’s not okay to do that. I want this to be a learning experience for other teachers, and I’m not going to stop wearing my political stuff.”

The teacher alleged to have committed the assault against the minor was identified as Paul Kato, according to the student in question.



Kato is the media technology teacher at the high school. Students from the school stated that Kato has not been in school since the alleged incident that happened on December 5, but Mason Schools has not confirmed that. It should be noted that the teacher is still listed as an employee of the school on their website.

Any parent would rightly be furious at the thought of a teacher thinking they can forcefully yank at their children’s clothing within a school environment. Capi Earegood, Sadie’s mother, spoke with the local news station, fuming about the alleged incident. She detailed that they filed a police report, accusing the teacher of criminal assault and larceny.

Capi Earegood stated:

“He had no right to put his hands on my child over a pin or anything else. The first amendment gives everyone the right to express their freedom of speech. No one should get that upset about someone wearing a political pin.”

The school is aware of the accusations, and school superintendent Ronald Drzewicki provided the following statement regarding the accusations:

“Once we have a complete understanding of the situation, we will take appropriate action.”

When reporters had attempted to reach out to the accused teacher Kato, they were met with a response by his attorney saying that Kato has no comment to provide while the school and the police investigate the allegation.

This is exactly the kind of nonsense plaguing educational institutions. This isn’t some kind of thought-policing confined to college campuses, but a widespread notion that emboldens those politically left-of-center to harass, demean, and even assault those who are either conservative or support the president.

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Michael Moore says white guys who voted for Trump are bad people and you should "be afraid of them"


In order for trust to be regained by the public regarding the conduct of educators in schools, officials must take a firm stance against this kind of behavior and oust the bad apples immediately and permanently.

Attacks against people showing their support for the president have occurred more over the last few years than any time in notable history.

Police in California recently arrested a man in connection with an assault in September against another man donning the infamous Make America Great Again hat.  It happened in the bathroom of a restaurant.

According to the Hermosa Beach Police department, 32-year-old David Delgado was arrested at his home in Winnetka, California.

He’s accused of robbery and battery with serious injury after an attack that took place around 6:40 p.m. on Sept. 2.

It happened inside a restaurant in downtown Hermosa Beach.

According to police, the victim was wearing a red hat with white Russian writing on it, which translated “Make America Great Again”.

Apparently Delgado walked up to the victim as he was using the restroom.

“The suspect approached the victim in the restroom and questioned him about the meaning of the hat, after which the suspect repeatedly punched the victim in the face causing the victim to fall to the ground,” police said.

Police went on to say that Delgado continuing punching the victim after he fell to the ground, eventually stealing the hat and running.

It took a month, but police said thanks to “investigative resources and surveillance footage”, they were able to identify Delgado and arrest him at his home.

And in August, another American sporting his Make America Great Again Hat was attacked for donning the symbolic red icon.

According to KPTV’s Zach Anders, Luke Lenzner and his wife were out in Portland when they headed into Growler’s Taproom for a late night date.

Hawthorne MAGA Assault

However, the couple had just missed last call and the establishment was closing. As Lenzner and his wife went to leave, they encountered 22-year old Leopold A. Hauser and 23-year old Abedisi A. Okuneye.

Lenzner reports to KPTV that the patrons were:

“Surrounding me, like literally surrounding me, pushing me. I’m just trying to get through, trying to stop the person from hitting me, from taking my hat, and then I get sucker punched.”

When police arrived at the scene, they found Lenzner with lacerations to his face. Both Okuneye and Hauser had left the scene by the time police responded.

22-year old Leopold A. Hauser

22-year old Leopold A. Hauser


However, Lenzner recalled their license plate of the van that the pair had fled in and they were eventually located nearby. They were charged with third degree assault and taken to the Multnomah County Detention Center, Anders reports.

23-year old Abedisi A. Okuneye.

23-year old Abedisi A. Okuneye.

Lenzner recalls:

“I got mobbed by everybody that was in that bar outside. People came from the inside out – just circled me and my wife.”

Several witnesses, including the bartender, felt that Lenzner initiated the conflict by pointing to his hat and making comments, however video footage shows that Lenzner did not make any physical contact with any other patrons.

Hawthorne MAGA Assault

According to the Oregonian’s Jayati Ramakrishnan, Lenzner’s wife had asked him to wear the hat in order to see how people in the Portland area would respond to it. The couple had solicited several establishments that night with the hat without significant incident.


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