Find them: Miami Police release images of two men wanted for attacking police officers


Miami, Florida – Police in Miami have recently released photos of a suspect wanted for battery on a police officer, which authorities say the incident occurred on June 10th.

While police have released said images of the suspect, not much detail was provided with regard to the incident that involved the alleged battery on an officer. What was disclosed what that the incident was said to have taken place at the intersection of Biscayne Boulevard and Northeast 4th Street.

As for other at-large suspects accused of attacking officers in Miami, police also released an image of a man whom they say attacked a police officer with a skateboard on June 10th as well.

Officer Kiera Delva, a spokesman for the MPD, said that a police officer was struck in the head with a skateboard while trying to enact an arrest against another individual during a protest on Biscayne Boulevard and Northeast Fourth Street. Officials say the suspect ran up to the officer while he was on the ground and proceeded to hit him while occupied with the arrest.

According to Officer Delva, the officer injured suffered from severe head pain as a result of the attack.

Police are asking that anyone with information related to the suspects’ identities or whereabouts should contact Detective W. Toussaint from the Miami Police Department at 305-603-6415 or email at [email protected]

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Earlier in July, police in Miami also dealt with a rather violent and bizarre crime. 

A 36-year-old Florida man was said to have threatened to slice his own throat in court on July 8th while hoisting a knife. This came after appearing for charges related to allegedly holding his elderly mother captive inside of a house while trying to burn the house down.

Gamaliel Geronimo Pedraza is facing some serious charges based upon what police and the victim allege he did on July 5th.   Those charges are arson, attempted felony murder and false imprisonment.

Florida man arrested after police say he locked his elderly mother in the closet and lit the house on fire
Gamaliel Geronimo Pedraza – Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center

According to police, Pedraza arrived at his 72-year-old mother’s home located at Southwest 305th Terrace in Miami at about 4:00 a.m. on July 5th. The mother reportedly told police that her son entering the home woke her up, and she went to greet him.

Pedraza’s mother says that her son started to become agitated and by 6:00 a.m. that morning, started to get physically aggressive with her. Pedraza allegedly took his mother’s car keys and cell phone away from her, and proceeded to shove her into a bedroom closet and lock her in there.

The victim was reportedly trapped inside of the closet for about three hours, and by 9:00 a.m. she said she could hear items being broken throughout the home and could smell something burning. When she was finally able to free herself from the closet, she witnessed numerous possessions of hers set ablaze inside the hallway outside of her bedroom.

Apparently, the front door to the home was somehow either locked or compromised, and the woman was trapped inside of her home. Luckily, police were able to respond and free the woman from the home upon their arrival.

Police say that Pedraza had also exited the home, but made his way into the street and produced a knife.

The suspect reportedly brought the knife to his neck, and threatened to kill himself. Thereafter, Pedraza was said to have ran into an adjacent backyard while still keeping the knife to his throat, continuing to threaten to take his own life.

SWAT was able to respond to the scene to assist, and both they and police were able to bring Pedraza into custody.

Florida man arrested after police say he locked his elderly mother in the closet and lit the house on fire
Booking information for Gamaliel Geronimo Pedraza

The victim in the case was reportedly transferred over to Homestead Hospital where she was treated for a laceration on her arm and also smoke inhalation. She was later released from the hospital.

As for Pedraza, he was evaluated at Jackson Memorial Hospital after the incident and was later brought into custody at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. He’s currently being held without bail.


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