Sadiel Martinez entered Tropical Park located in Miami-Dade County and damaged the monument to fallen law enforcement officers located there.  Allegedly drunk driving, Martinez drove around the memorial a number of times, dislodging bricks from the foundation.  Martinez was arrested and charged with drunk driving, resisting arrest, and battery of the police officer who apprehended him.

Bob Haworth’s daughter, Officer Amanda Haworth is honored there, along with Officer Roger Castillo.  Both Miami detectives were killed attempting to execute a murder warrant on Johnny Simms, a career criminal, on January 20, 2011 in Miami’s dangerous Liberty City neighborhood.  The criminal opened fire, killing both of them.  Simms was taken down by another officer on scene.

“We consider this monument sacred ground, a place that we can come to remember Mandy in a special way, “said her stepmother said.  Her father added, “It is simply deplorable that the monument was damaged in this way.”

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