Mexico deploys more than 8,700 troops to stifle border traffic of migrants. That’s right, Mexico.


MEXICO – According to a recent report from Breitbart News, Mexican officials were said to have deployed 8,715 soldiers to help stifle the flow of migrants crossing into the United States. 

Secretary of Defense Luis Cresencio Sandoval recently announced during a press conference, that the Mexican military had established 347 immigration checkpoints in the country along three main routes – specifically the Gulf, Center, and Pacific. 

According to Sandoval, the Mexican military forces have already “rescued” nearly 13,000 migrants in March, so far. However, it’s unclear whether these migrants were willing travelers that were simply apprehended, or if they were being held captive by human smugglers. 

This deployment of troops comes around the same time that President Joe Biden put into motion a U.S. diplomatic delegation to visit Mexico City and discuss the issues impacting the U.S.-Mexico border with officials. 

Mexico has been rather diligent with addressing the surge in migrants towards their own country, too. 

Back in January, Mexican officials deployed roughly 800 Mexican National Guard members to the country’s border with Guatemala, in an effort to combat the likes of migrant caravans. 

The efforts that were made in January obviously serve as a de facto benefit to the United States in curbing illegal immigration. 

To the credit of Mexican officials, their continued efforts are helping to not make the issues impacting the U.S.-Mexico border worse than what they already are. 

For instance, in February, Mexican authorities initiated a raid of the Palacio Hotel in downtown Monterrey where they found a group of 135 Central Americans that were trying to make their way to Texas

Just one week prior to that effort, Mexican authorities in the state of Veracruz managed to thwart human smugglers that were trying to traffic over 200 Central Americans across the border to Texas. 

Meanwhile, back in the United States, Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facilities are showing some of the lowest numbers of detainees. 

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We at Law Enforcement Today recently shared a report regarding this phenomenon regarding ICE facilities. Here’s that previous report. 


WASHINGTON, DC – According to reports, the total number of illegal immigrants being held inside of Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facilities in February of 2021 has hit a “record low” according to research conducted by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University. 

According to a study conducted by Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, or TRAC for short, showed that while detention facility bookings have increased with regard to Border Patrol, ICE bookings into detention facilities has dwindled considerably. 

The study notes the following initially: 

“As of the end of President Biden’s first full month in office, the number of individuals arrested by ICE and booked into civil immigrant detention fell sharply from 5,119 ICE book-in arrests during January 2021 to just 1,970 during February 2021. According to the latest ICE figures, this was a drop of 62 percent just in a single month.”

After noting that there was a considerable drop in ICE-enacted bookings, the study showcased the increase in bookings enacted by Border Patrol: 

“In contrast, those turned over to ICE for detention from arrests by the Border Patrol and at ports of entry climbed, from 3,024 to 4,696 in February after the Biden administration began allowing a limited numbers of families and adults, particularly those seeking asylum, to enter the United States.”

These numbers in question don’t showcase any data regarding unaccompanied minors taken into custody at the border, namely because unaccompanied minors are turned over to  the Department of Health and Human Services, as opposed to being held at ICE detention centers. 

When reviewing the data regarding detainees within ICE facilities by the end of February, the report noted that there were only 13,529 people actively in ICE detention.

It should be noted that ICE detention facilities have collectively booked a lower number of detainees since the end of March, 2020 – and that can be deduced for logical reasons due to the pandemic, which the study also pointed out: 

“Those remaining in ICE custody from ICE interior arrests changed only modestly between October 2018 when they were 21,368 and March 2020 when they were 19,174, before falling more sharply after the pandemic hit.”

But the more interesting data point that makes February, 2021 so unique is that detainees actually booked by ICE fell below the number of detainees booked by Border Patrol when compared to recent months. 

From April, 2020 up until January of 2021, detainees arrested by ICE and booked into facilities ranged between 5,103-6,805 per month. Looking at the same period, detainees arrested by Border Patrol and booked into facilities ranged between 1,585-3,024. 

But in February, 2021, detainees arrested by ICE were only at 1,970; and Border Patrol arrests booked into detention centers were at 4,696 (the first time Border Patrol bookings overcame ICE bookings since December, 2019). 

While any number of things could be impacting ICE activities and arrest numbers, it is a rather bizarre drop in bookings by the agency. 

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