First they said that cartel criminals were in our backyards before carrying out a deadly attack. Then they changed their story. What’s really going on here?


There seems to be something a bit fishy going on with Coahuila Governor Miguel Angel Riquelme and what he’s been telling local news outlets in Mexico.

In a matter of hours, a narrative completely changed from ‘armed cartel members illegally entering Texas’to something along the lines of ‘well maybe they got close to the border, but they didn’t cross it’.

But this isn’t a case of new evidence coming to the table to contradict the original press release; this is someone claiming that they just misspoke hours later.


(The Guardian Broadcast Screenshot)


In the early hours of Tuesday morning this week, Coahuila Governor Miguel Angel Riquelme was saying that a group of roughly 150 cartel gunmen had illegally made their way into Texas through a number of primitive roads and crossing the border river before they entered back into Mexico.

Riquelme labeled this group of gunmen to be involved with the attack of a rural community, where their destination played host to a firefight that killed at least 23 people. Now Riquelme is backpedaling on his earlier summary, claiming that the armed cartel members never actually made their way into the United States.

There’s quite a bit of difference between slightly misspeaking, and outright just changing what you said. When Riquelme opted to reverse his verbal accounts issued hours earlier, it seemed like a move to subdue the warranted concerns from citizens within Texas when they heard that gunmen from the Cartel Del Noreste faction of Los Zetas entered Texas as they made their way from Nuevo Laredo to Coahuila.


Riquelme revised his take on what the transient cartel members were actually doing.

“What I said was that our territory is vast in our borders with Texas, Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon, a part where there is nothing but desert, where it is unknown whose limits they are, that is where they tried to go around to enter the ranches and enter directly to Villa Union. It doesn’t mean that they crossed the river or that they entered the U.S.”

One of the reasons there’s heavy speculation that the changing in the narrative is reactionary and possibly devoid of the truth was that the reversal comes after his statements caused an uproar about cartel gunmen temporarily crossing into Texas.

When local media outlets like El Norte and Reforma news agency published the original statement where Riquelme said, “They go around through the U.S. part and they enter directly to the ranches in Coahuila towards Villa Union,” Texas residents were getting very worried.

Here’s more on the original report.

According to the original report that was furnished Tuesday morning, Riquelme had announced that state authorities had arrested two gunmen from the Cartel Del Noreste who revealed key details about their convoy, which allegedly consisted of approximately 25 SUVs carrying at least six shooters apiece.

The gunmen took various dirt roads as they made their way to Villa Union, where they fired repeatedly at the city hall building, torched police cars, and then engaged authorities in a fierce gun battle.

El Norte, which was the publication that broke the story about the crossing of the border, had gotten in touch with a government spokesman who confirmed the information from the captured gunmen who said the convoy briefly crossed into Texas before engaging in targets back in Mexico.

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With the initial confirmation from officials detailing how armed cartel members en route to terrorize their state made their way in and out of the U.S., it showcases a first-of-its-kind aspect and would also show Mexico’s inability to keep their cartel problems contained.

Various areas about the Rio Grande are shallow enough to accommodate a four-wheel drive vehicle to cross, eliminating the need for a makeshift bridge.

So, taking that into consideration makes many of folks skeptical if the new narrative is something that was used to put out a proverbial fire.

Yesterday LET brought you the story about a hostile abduction from a hospital, allegedly carried out by cartel hitmen. 

Newly released video footage from a Mexican hospital appears to show a heavily armed cartel hit squad dragging a patient out of the building.

Police say the patient was later found dismembered.

This is just one of many incidents in a string of horrific incidents that involve the Mexican drug cartels.

The incident, which took place on November 21, occurred at the General Hospital of Salvatierra, which is located about 160 miles northwest of Mexico City.


According to Fox News,

“in video footage obtained by Mexican news agency Aristegui Noticias, more than a half-dozen armed men can be seen entering a wing of the hospital and searching rooms while a member of the crew holds a security guard at gunpoint.”

In the  footage the armed hitmen can be seen moving from room to room with the security guard held at gun point until they finally find the man they were in search of.

After finding their victim, they pulled the victim from his room and carried him out of the building.


One of the armed men can be seen pulling the security guard backwards towards the door when the man trips and falls into the doorway. The gunman releases him and follows after the others.

Sources have indicated that the hit squad also took the cell phones of others working in the hospital in order to prevent them from calling the authorities.

Security Guard_Screen Shot_El Sol del Bajio

Security Guard_Screen Shot_El Sol del Bajio


According to the Daily Mail,

“just hours later, police were summoned to a roundabout on Torress Landa where [parts of] the dismembered body of a man was found placed on white sheet, along with a message written on a cardboard square. What the message specifically said hasn’t been released by authorities, but the man was confirmed to be the patient taken from the hospital in Salvatierra.”

Screen Shot_ Daily Mail_ El Sol del Bajio

Screen Shot_ Daily Mail_ El Sol del Bajio


The man’s identity has yet to be released by authorities. It is also unknown why he may have been targeted and slaughtered in such a manner- reports indicate the mans body parts were strewn along the roadside. It is also unknown who the armed men are, but this is not the first incident of armed men storming hospitals in Mexico.

As reported by Fox News, “armed men stormed two other hospitals last month in Juventino Rosas and Apaseo el Grande, where they kidnapped and killed male patients who had been admitted with gunshot wounds.”

In these incidents, sources say that the armed gunmen entered those hospitals and opened fire. A man was also kidnapped and later killed in one of these attacks, another by the name of Julio Cesar was critically injured, but did survive the attacks.

In a statement released by State Security Commissioner, Sophia Huett explained

“that no medical staff were injured in any of the incidents, as the attacks were ‘very targeted’.”


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