Report: Mexican Cartel terrorist arrested in elaborate, well-connected plot to blow up government building


Monterrey, Nuevo Leon – A recent arrest in Mexico that involved a terroristic plot to blow up a government building had resulted in a domino effect within the state of Nuevo Leon that has led to the arrest of allegedly crooked police officers and corrupt officials, according to Breitbart news.

Once again, it lays credence to the stereotype the Mexican government is synonymous with corruption.

Things all kicked off with the arrest of Adrián Alfonso “El Trailer” Castillo Miguel.  Authorities in Mexico claim that he was attempting to orchestrate a plot to have a government building bombed within the Mexican state.

Officials in Mexico believe that this foiled terrorist plot allegedly ordered by El Trailer was some sort of revenge related to gang or cartel rivals in concurrence with presumably corrupt government officials.

El Trailer is noted as being a former member of the Los Zetas cartel, but had left the criminal organization to branch off and create his own empire of sorts.

Following the arrest of El Trailer, members of the Nuevo Leon’s State Investigations Agency and the Mexican Army began conducting several raids, one of which was at the Hidalgo Police Department.

The resulting raid found six police officers and a transit officer arrested, as well as the discovery of unregistered weapons. During said raid of the Hidalgo Police Department, Department Chief Sigifredo Nuñez Altamirano was nowhere to be found.

It’s believed that Chief Altamirano had gone into hiding to avoid having to answer some tough questions with regards to numerous allegedly crooked cops on the force.

Authorities believe that the officers that were arrested were engaged in illegal activities like extortion in furtherance of organized crime within Mexico.

If police officers on the take weren’t enough alleged corruption, a member of Mexico’s Green Party, Councilman Manuel Ramiro Lozano Cardenas, was also tangled within the recent raids.

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Armed men believed to be cartel members abduct six from restaurant in broad daylight

Tarimas LC, a business connected to the councilman, was raided and authorities found drugs, stored cash, and a handgun. Councilman Cardenas is now being held in custody on charges related to organized crime.

When authorities subsequently searched the councilman’s house, they found an additional $150,000 in cash, some gold coins, some ammunition, and also more drugs.

During the sweeps, police also arrested Osiel Abdiel “La Borrega” Garza Rivera, who happens to have strong ties with Councilman Cardenas.

If what authorities in Mexico allege is true with some of these accusations, then it appears these arrests at least made a dent into the corruption that often plagues the country.

The brazenness of violent crime in Mexico even extends to touristic hot spots, as in late marched armed men in Cancun stormed into a local eatery and abducted six individuals in broad daylight. While police were able to rescue those who were kidnapped some time later, the disturbing moments the armed men raided the restaurant was caught on video.

The kidnapping transpired on March 26th some time in the afternoon. Surveillance video shows the men rushing inside of a Buzos restaurant and filing people out by gunpoint.

The video was posted to Twitter with the following caption (translated from Spanish):

“Kidnapping in action. The moment when the armed-outfit enters the restaurant ‘Buzos’ in the tourist area of ​​Cancun to abduct 6 people, which resulted in a shootout later that night to rescue them (security camera footage)”

The identities of those who were kidnapped were never released. The evening of the kidnapping, Alberto Capella from the state police had warned people to avoid the area where the incident took place.

(Translated from Spanish):

“We have a fierce confrontation ongoing with suspected criminals on SM 69 in Benito Juárez. PLEASE!!! Take precaution and avoid the area.”

During the rescue operation, police killed one of the gunmen, shot another, and arrested the other three involved. One of the police commanders involved was injured by a bullet fragment reportedly. All six victims were recovered by police.

And in January, in Midland County, Texas, a man with known affiliations to a Mexican drug cartel was apprehended. He’s been wanted by federal authorities for nearly eight years.

While the individual experienced a traumatic youth, experienced hardships don’t excuse or negate trafficking in the poison that is affecting America’s streets.

Benjamin Valeriano, Jr. is currently being held at the Midland County Jail without bond after being on the lamb for nearly a decade. He was arrested in Midland County on charges connected to a 2012 drug trafficking case, according to reports.

The indictment that was originally issued for Valeriano years back also named 16 other individuals via the efforts of a DEA drug operation back in January of 2012.

Months after the original indictment was issued, the number of those implicated in the crimes discovered by the sting grew to 26 in total by May of the same year.

Court documents allege that those indicted were collaborating within a relatively large drug trafficking operation. The operations consisted of manufacturing, transporting and distributing cocaine and marijuana throughout the West Texas area between 2009 to 2012.

Of course, when there’s ill gotten gains, there’s bound to be some washing of funds. Other documents stated that the group was also attached to various money laundering operations.

This was in concurrence with also alleged illegal firearms possession. The result of the operation and subsequent indictments in 2012 saw the forfeiture of several vehicles and weapons.

Yet, the background of the now-apprehended Valeriano, Jr. is one that is rather intriguing. The man was born in Pecos, Texas back in 1980 and has gone by many names prior to his arrest.

Pseudonyms of the accused have been listed as Mario Hernández Cázares and “El Cachitas” – which the latter is typically a slang title describing someone who is bulky or someone who might be described as a “jock”.

Valeriano witnessed tragedy at a relatively young age. When he was only 15-years-old, Valeriano’s mother was killed from a car accident in 1995. Although, this wasn’t just some ordinary car accident.

Valeriano’s father had been assaulting his mother that day, and she decided to flee in a car from her spouse. Benjamin Valeriano, Sr. chased Valeriano Jr’s mother in another vehicle, during which she lost control of her car and crashed into a concrete signpost at a high speed.

Valeriano’s father found himself originally charged for murder following the death of his mother in 1995.

During the proceedings, his father had plead no contest to a lesser charge of criminally negligent homicide. During that time, the then-15-year-old’s father was given five years of probation and was collectively fined $664.50.

Flash forward three years from his mother’s death, and Valeriano found himself allegedly involved in the drug trade. Federal authorities believed that he was the leader of the Ojinaga Plaza for the La Línea Drug Trafficking Organization.

This being the same La Línea that has been in the center of cartel violence in Mexico throughout 2019. According to news outlet Televisa, it was believed that Valeriano started as early as 1998 when it came to drug dealing days within the United States.

Sometime after 1998, Valeriano had eventually moved to Ojinaga, Chihuahua to get himself allegedly nestled into the La Línea leadership, which reports indicate was around 2005. After years of alleged ties to one of the most violent cartels in Mexico, and having been avoiding authorities for years – he was finally caught.

In the meantime, as we reported earlier this week, Mexican cartel and MS-13 members were just arrested sneaking drugs across the border in Del Rio, Texas.

In Del Rio, TX last week in a 24-hour period, Border Patrol Agents assigned to the Del Rio sector apprehended a number of illegal aliens, including Bangladeshi, Chinese, and Haitian nationals.

To round out the international criminal pie, they also arrested a member of MS-13 and a wounded member of a Mexican cartel, who fled across the border.

Out of 107 illegal aliens captured during the period on January 9, it included five Chinese, three Bangladeshi, five Haitians plus the cartel member. They also seized 90 pounds of narcotics.

The cartel member was wounded in a shootout near Guerrero, Coahuila that killed eight Los Zetas cartel gunmen. Border patrol agents working near Carrizo Springs, TX apprehended the wounded cartel member who crossed into Texas trying to escape Mexican police.

Using helicopters, multiple agents and a special unit called BORTAC, border patrol agents were able to track down the cartel member. The evil (according to Democrats) border patrol agents provided medical assistance and transported him to a medical facility for treatment of multiple gunshot wounds.

The shootout started when gunmen in several vehicles drove up to a police checkpoint near the border in Mexico and started shooting at officers. They fought off the attack and called for backup. Dozens of state police and soldiers rushed to the scene and took down the attackers.

Chief Patrol Agent Raul L. Ortiz said:

“These multiple events marked just one busy day in Del Rio Sector. I would like to thank the agents who worked with each other and our law enforcement partners to bring each of these events to a safe and successful resolution.”

The MS-13 gang member, who had a violent criminal history, was arrested by Eagle Pass Station agents on Jan.3, when 43-year-old Jose Guatalupe Cantarero Reyes, a Honduran national, illegally re-entered the U.S. near a populated area.

He was convicted in Forth Worth, TX in a family violence assault causing bodily injury in 2008. He was deported in 2011. Sounds like someone worthy of living in the United States, if you’re a liberal.

“MS-13 members are dangerous individuals and thrive on creating chaos,” Ortiz said in a written statement. “Thanks to the hard work and vigilance of our agents, we were able to arrest this individual before he could infiltrate our communities.”

Agent Ortiz, maybe Reyes was coming to America to “do the jobs Americans won’t do.” Like kill people.

Meanwhile, last week a Mexican to tried to enter the United States at the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge between Pharr and Reynosa drew a knife and cut his throat when he was denied access. The man was not identified.

Two Mexican security officials, who weren’t authorized to speak publicly said the man was seeking asylum in the United States.

“He committed suicide,” one of the officials said.

He was on the Mexican side of the bridge close to the international dividing line, the other official said.

The man, in a blue shirt, approached U.S. officials on the bridge and raised his hand to his neck. The source who spoke to Reuters also provided a photo of a man’s body lying in a pool of blood with his throat cut. The sources said the man was in his 30’s.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection did not respond to Reuters for comment. The attorney general’s office in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas is investigating the death.

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